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Photo TR: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Opens!

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I am so glad I've got a disability so i can cut the lines and not have to wait in any ridiculously long lines btw great photo tr!




1) The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage queue is wide enough to accomodate wheel chairs. If you are in a wheel chair, you will have to wait with everyone else.


If you are unable to wait in this line or unable to walk down the small spiral staircase into the ride, you will not be allowed to ride, but rather be given an "alternative experience" by essentially sitting in a room and watching a video-version of the ride on a TV screen.




2) I appreciate your reading and enjoying my PTR. I really do. But I'm going to have to say that I dissagree with the idea that one could "use" their disablity to essentially cut lines. It's unfortunate that there are disablities out there. Parks should do everything in their power to see to it that disabled guests get an experience equal to that of a non-disabled guest--but not a "better" experience. One should not be able to cut lines for having a handicap. More and more parks are coming to this conclusion and that's a good thing in my opinion.


Sorry if I sounded rude, but I cant help expressing the slightest bit of distaste for the idea that some people are waiting hours for attractions and you intended on simply using a handicap as an excuse to not have to wait like everyone else.



Again, thank you all for reading my PTR. Glad you enjoyed the ride Brent! I agree about the pacing! For such slow-moving subs, it felt like the story was rushed!


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that kind of sucks because I can't stand in any long lines because I've got this thing with my legs where if I stand in one place to long they'll just collapse under my weight. So I'll probably just skip this ride if that's the way they'd do things because I'd want to experience it inside the actual submarine rather than on a small screen.

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The spiral staircase isn't all that bad. I'm pretty sure you can make it honey!!! Besides, you can think of it this way:

While everyone else has to stand and not swing on the ropes, you'll have a comfy wheelchair to sit in and be pushed around...



Also Jahan, I totally agree with you about the whole "using a disability to skip line" deal. I've had many people with disabled passes tell me how wonderful it is that we've made a ramp for wheelchairs and that they can go through the regular queue and enjoy the same theming as everyone else. Just because you have a disability doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy what the others are.

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Well technically I don't have a real physical disability I just got a couple of bones taken out of my legs and got them replaced with screws and no they're not metal screws so they don't set off metal detectors but a side effect is about once or twice a week I have these terrible leg spasms and I can't walk for about 3-4 hours. Also I wouldn't feel good about renting a wheelchair because I can walk just fine and I love using my Heely shoes whenever I goto the parks that I visit. But I can't stand in one place for more than 10 minutes without my legs giving out, but moving and walking is just fine I could do that for hours on end.

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lotsa people have really fond nostalgic memories of the submarines.

My pessimistic side makes me wonder "Perhaps they should be just memories?"


I say that because I have yet to hear anyone go "Wow! It was so awesome to be back in the subs!!!" And it kind of makes me wonder if people in the back of their mind are going "oh....yeah.....hmmm.....I guess now I remember why I never really went on these things before and why they closed to begin with...."


It's interesting how something can be perceived to be "so cool" mainly because it's been missing for so long.


Makes me wonder if Episode 1 would be considered cool if all of a sudden it disappeared for 10 years and people were told by Lucas how cool it was to have it back......




I think that's basically what happened with Episode 1-they forgot what crappy dialog Lucas writes....

I remember the old Subs-although it is nice to see that space in the park filled in again, it's true that after the first couple of minutes, the old ride was kind of boring.


Now if they turned Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy into a ride, that would be SOMETHING.


Here's a relatively unobstructed view of Mickey's loop from this spring...


Disney did the Hitchhiker's movie....

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People are just mad because they waited too long for it. Nemo is the best dark ride in the park (Indiana Jones is on it's own level), so I don't know why people are complaining. After riding it and every other dark ride in the park in one day, I really think it is the best. It's a great ride, but just like every other dark ride, it isn't worth a long wait.

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Nemo IS a great dark ride....but on it's OWN level....Just like Indy is on it's own level. Nemo is a CUTE dark ride, and Indy is just...an awesome dark ride. All of them are great on their own level. I do have to say though, Nemo is MUCH better at night. I went to Disneyland yesterday and made sure Nemo was the last thing I went on. I only waited for 45 minutes, and the effects played out much nicer than in the daylight(mainly because you can see the surface during the day). If you are willing to stay in Disneyland till about 1:15ish in the morning, them go on Nemo at night.

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Waited 2.75 hours for it yesterday. Insane, I know, but I really wanted to get a ride since I had never been on them.


It was really neat, and nice and long. I think it's a great ride, and I'll gladly wait in line for it, once the lines die down. I think my threshold for it will be in the 30-45 min range. Hopefully the lines eventually get to that point by fall.


The next ride will have to be at night.

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