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Six Flags Great America Trip in July

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So basically, every summer we drive up to Michigan to visit family, and one way of punishment from my parents is to drive by Six Flags Great America, without actually going. But since we bought Six Flags season passes at Six Flags Over Texas when we went during Spring Break, we're actually getting to go! ( ). And I know atleast some of the members here have been, so I need some help!



1. What rides should I hit?

2. How long should I expect to wait in line for a major ride?

3. Since I am kind of short, I still get the awkward feeling on big drops. Do you get that on Raging Bull?

4. Food recommendations?




Thanks for the help! I might have some more questions later on.

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All depends on what day you go. If you go on a weekday, expect 10-30 min waits at the least. If you go on a weekend, you can expect 30+ for many rides.


You are better of going on the low capacity rides first. I like going on Raging Cajun, B:TR, and V2 first. Doing that will save you a lot of time. And if you are a fast runner, you can get re rides for those rides. Then go to American Eagle, if low lines, ride both sides or do re rides. Then do Demon, Whizzer, DeJa Vu if open. Then do Raging Bull and Viper because those lines are usually always the same. And if you must do Superman, make it either a after dinner ride, or your last ride of the day. That way you wont worry about wasting operation hours. If you get in the line for it at 9:59, you can get the last ride of the night around 11:00 pm. Its fun walking around the park when no one is in it!


Another thing, if you do see DeJa Vu testing and it not on the "will not operate" board, run to it first. Then after you get your ride, head on over the V2, raging cajun, and B:TR. The follow the rest of the plan.


Again, it all depends on the day. You will never know how the crowds will move around the park. Sometimes you will get on the rides with little rides. And other times it will seem like the crowd is following you.

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Well, for that feeling over that drop, Raging Bull always gives that. Especially when you sit in the back row. Also, if you do take a spin on Superman, sit in the back, otherwise it's just a really boring ride except for the pretzel loop. When you sit in the back, it increases the forces on S:UF by ALOT! Ok, food recomendations. Well, MOOSEBURGER LODGE, and it pretty much depends on your own tastes. Benzo covered most on times. Have a great time!




The crowd will seem to follow you
The last time I went to SFGAm, I saw the same group of people for at least 3 hours. It was kind of freaky!
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SFGA is my homepark-


Most of the above advice is good and on the money.


Here's what I usually do:

Visit on a Tuesday (I have been told repeatedly that Tues. and Weds. are the least crowded days at the park and usually it's very true)


I get on Deja Vu (if operational) first, then to Raging Bull ( a high capacity ride, but it's always more fun when there's only a ten min wait early in the day).


Head over to Viper (which is by far better than the American Eagle for airtime even though it's much smaller)


Hit whatever the heck else you want for awhile (though the best next stop would be a nostalgia trip on Whizzer and then Superman)


Then go hit the waterpark for a bit and cool off. It may be Illinois, but when it's hot here, it's also humid, very humid. If you go on a hot and humid day, expect a T-Storm or rain for at least a portion of the day.


Vertical Velocity WILL in fact break down at at least one or two points during the day. It ususally returns to operational status within 30 minutes or so.


Lines for Demon and American Eagle are usually not that terribly long.


Iron Wolf is fun, BUT expect to get your head bopped around a bit though.


Batman is Batman- no surprises except for the wait time, the queue is mostly hidden, and until you get into the main station, you don't know if the wait is 5 min or 25 min.


Rajun Cajun is not terribly enjoyable, the idea is fun but not especially smooth. Go on it once to say you did it, then get some aspirin.


If it's open by then, Giant Drop is fun, but that's another mystery queue where you can't tell how long the wait is because the line is hidden.


"Revolution" is a small Huss Frisbee- but it spins like there's no tomorrow, if you like that kind of thing. I've seen more people walk off this one turning green than I have at the larger versions like King's Island's Delirium.


Fiddler's Fling is really fun too if you like flat-spins.


Splashwater Falls is extremely unimaginative but wet, the two flumes are both okay, but you'll get wetter on Logger's Run than on Yankee Clipper.


The Space Shuttle simulator ride should be scrapped or sold to NASA. Don't Bother. In fact, don't even look at it.


"Hometown Fun Machine", "Triple Play" and "East River Crawler" are all Carnival rides, but for some reason the lines are usually short and I enjoy the heck out of them. I also like "Whirligig" too.


Whatever you do, have a good time. SFGA is fun.

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SFGAm is also my home park and I go every 1-2 weeks.


1. Go on all the coasters, the only good flat they really have is Giant Drop.

2. Assuming you go on a weekday, lines shouldn't be too bad. Some suggestions would be to go to Deja Vu first because of the atrocious capacity (its actually less than 400 per hour, while Bull is near 1200). Vertical Velocity and Ragin Cajun also have bad capacity so keep that in mind, go to those early in the day if possible. Go to Superman later in the day, the line should be near the station in the evening. Raging Bull's line is very fast, along with Batman's. Wait til Raging Bull has its 3rd train on. Demon, Wolf, Viper, and American Eagle usually do not have long waits. Basically do V2, Cajun and Deja Vu early in the day, Superman late and anything else whenever. I suggest getting in line just before closing for Deja Vu to close off the night.

3. YES. Especially in the back. Amazing first drop, although the rest of the ride is pretty weak.

4. I never eat in the park, but Burger King is walking distance so I would suggest going there.


Hope this helps.

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We're prolly gonna be there either next Sunday or Monday, if we leave Friday. If we leave then, we should get to Little Rock that night, then to Chicago Saturday. It's still undecided if we are going to the park from Chicago or staying at my Aunt's house in Milwaukee (it's about an hour drive down, while from Chicago it's about 45 minutes but we have nowhere to stay). Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but is it wise to get there before opening or right at opening?

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