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Legoland California Discussion Thread

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Chima is a new extension of the existing water park, and Legoland has not announced a price change for the water park at this time.


Also, the tree lighting ceremony this Thursday evening is going to feature Elizabeth Banks, the actor who plays Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games Movies.



And she's going to be in the Lego Movie. From the writers/directors of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street.

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^My old co-workers haven't really seen too much in terms of construction. Of course when they built the original waterpark section I think we were well into 2010 before we saw any vertical construction and they managed to open on time. Glad to see some nice theming going in as well!

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LEGOLAND California Update!



Hello TPR peoply people people, here's an update on this amazing park! If you don't like this park, why are you looking at this?





The Big Shop isn't open today.





Yeah, I don't think it's going to open tomorrow. (LEGOLAND's website said it will re-open in the Spring!)





No worries, you can still buy all your LEGOs here that can exceed the limits of the Six Flags lockers.





Poor Build & Test had to be evicted from Imagination Zone for the time being and is now living on top of the Model Shop. Don't stomp your feet too hard or the model builders will get really cranky!





Hooray! Star Warts! Home of the best movies in existence: Star Wars: Teh Phantom Menace, Star Wars: Attack of them Clones, & Star Wars: Revenge of the S***





I forgot the exact date its leaving, but it's leaving soon, REAL SOON. It's probably getting packaged up for Germany now.





Who cares about the world's largest LEGO model, when you have a Spellbreaker footer!





The Dragon received new restraints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry, I had to bring the news in a rather subtle fashion.





The new individual lap bars are a bit uncomfortable for taller people as it puts your legs in an awkward position, but it's not that big of a deal.





Through the treeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! I'm going to win TPR's "Officially Original Trip Report of Awesomeness" award from this caption. Robb, you should make this award!





TPR represent!





Here is the some construction photos of the Chima Waterpark. You can see the very dirty dirt with a fine brown color. The dirt came from Colombia, a world leader in producing the best dirt in the world. As you can see, this dirt will be tough enough to withstand the wait of an ACE member and there will only be a small sinkhole that will form from this great weight. (Sorry ACErs!)





Here is a wall. That feels, smells, and tastes like a wall. It's made of cinder blocks, I bet you they come from cinder cone volcanos.




Don't worry, there's only two more months left until you can run around in your Speedos at LEGOLAND.


End of thy trip report. Comments are, you know, appreciated!

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Today, Legoland has released info on the new LEGO Movie Experience:


Legoland Press


Quiet on the Set! LEGOLAND® California Resort Opens THE LEGO® MOVIE EXPERIENCE!

Explore the LEGO® Models that Inspired the Record-Breaking Release “The LEGO® Movie”


CARLSBAD, Calif. (Feb. 20, 2014)- Everything is awesome at LEGOLAND® California Resort as the family theme park opened the doors to its newest attraction featuring a behind-the-scenes look at “The LEGO® Movie” with THE LEGO® MOVIE EXPERIENCE. This off-spring from the hit movie gives guests a chance to step onto a LEGO® soundstage, see actual movie footage along with interviews with the cast and explore some of the awesome LEGO models which helped inspire the new and completely original 3D animated adventure that grossed more than $200 million in its first two weeks in the worldwide box office.


Actor Jadon Sand, who plays “Finn” and worked alongside Will Ferrell in “The LEGO Movie,” was the special guest at the grand opening ceremony where a giant curtain dropped to reveal THE LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE to Park guests for the first time. Sand and his family spent an entire day exploring LEGOLAND California then stayed over at LEGOLAND Hotel prior to the event. “I’m a big fan of LEGOLAND California so having the opportunity to come here and be the one to officially open THE LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE to you all is a big honor. I actually feel like I’m back on the set of the movie…this is awesome!” Sand continued, “It was really an incredible experience to work on such a cool movie, side-by-side with Will Ferrell and even more so, don’t tell Will, but side-by-side with these awesome LEGO models!” After answering some questions from the press, Sand sang a perfect rendition of the movie’s hit song, “Everything is awesome!”


THE LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE features more than 1200 LEGO models made out of more than three million LEGO bricks. It took a team of ten Model Builders more than 2000 hours to assemble and a team of four Model Builders six weeks to reassemble in Carlsbad. The new attraction offers guests an up-close look at the famous worlds featured in the film such as Bricksburg, Middle Zealand, Old West, Cloud Cuckooland and Octane Tower. Movie fans can stand in the same place as Finn and his father, “Lord Business,” played by Ferrell, and imagine themselves in the scene that has become famous in just weeks. THE LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE offers a unique thrill that can be enjoyed by LEGO fans of all ages.


“The LEGO Movie” tells an original 3D computer animated story about Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. He is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant, a journey for which Emmet is hopelessly and hilariously unprepared, and turns out to be a lot more special than he ever imagined.










· More than 3 Million LEGO® elements are used to create THE LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE®

· It took 10 Model Builders 2,000 hours (roughly 5 weeks) to build at Warner Bros. Studios

· It took 4 Model Builders 6 weeks to reassemble at LEGOLAND® California

· The “worlds” seen at THE LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE include: Cloud Cuckooland, Old West, Bricksburg, Middle Zealand and Octane Tower

· There are 1200 LEGO models on the set including:

· 116 Buildings

· 165 Vehicles

· 61 Micro Managers

· 15 Spaceships

· 3 Dragons

· THE LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE uses 91 LEGO retail sets which include rare, discontinued, new and current sets

· There are 1423 minifigures on the set

· If you were to build the entire film with LEGO bricks, it would take 15,080,330 bricks!



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I spotted this on Crossings Drive this morning:




At the end of the day, it left, so I assumed it went into the park (since there was a crane in the Chima Waterpark area and the truck was right next to the employee entrance.)


I'll check tomorrow if it was installed in the water park.

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^ That's probably the most elaborate version of the floating faucet illusion I've seen.


You know, until Animal Kingdom opens Avatar land with the same type of construction, just on an even larger scale.

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CARLSBAD, Calif. (April 3, 2014) – Who says moving mountains isn’t possible? LEGOLAND® California Resort took on that challenge by bringing one of the largest features of the new LEGO® Legends of Chima Water Park presented by Cartoon Network to Carlsbad from Lake Elsinore. The 40-foot tall “floating” Mt. Cavora will be featured in the new interactive Lion Temple Wave Pool, one of the new areas in the Chima Water Park opening May 24, 2014.


This icon from the LEGO® Group’s newest hit product “Legends of Chima,” was created for the Resort by Storyland Studios in Lake Elsinore, CA and took a team of 20 builders more than four months to design and construct. A caravan of workers traveled in the early hours of the night moving power lines and other obstacles to ensure a safe journey for the colossal Water Park feature that was installed with the use of a heavy loading crane. The floating mountain, known for providing the great energy source “CHI” to the eight animal tribes, is 23-feet tall, 13-feet wide and weighs more than 11,000 pounds. Mt. Cavora can be seen from anywhere inside the Water Park as it “floats” 40-feet above the wave pool releasing 400 gallons of water every minute for guests to splash about and enjoy. An animal from each tribe is represented on Mt. Cavora: a lion, an eagle, a crocodile, a gorilla, a bear, a rhinoceros, a wolf and a raven.


Areas featured in the new LEGO Legends of Chima Water Park include: Lion Temple Wave Pool – The centerpiece of the new Water Park where guests make their way through a LEGO® archway and into an interactive wave pool designed for families with young children. Cragger’s Swamp - This hands-on water play area invites guests to ride water slides, blast water cannons and jets and slide through the head of a massive crocodile. More than 50 interactive water play features will delight young guests in water that is only one foot deep. Eglor’s Build-A-Boat - Following in the unique interactive play experience introduced with Build-A-Raft River at LEGOLAND® Water Park, Eglor’s Build-A-Boat gives children the opportunity to use their creativity and bring their imaginations to life. Young guests can build their own boat and race against their friends and also build their own LEGO scene in Chima on any of four base plates set in front of model scenes. Wolves’ Den – This is the place to grab a bite when guests get hungry! Enjoy tasty food surrounded by collectibles gathered by the clever wolf tribe. Explorers Forest- In this lush and tropical forest, guests will be greeted by Gorzan the Gorilla in his 15-foot tall mech suit. Rhino Beach - This sand filled oasis offers guests a place to get some shade, lounge and rest. Speedorz Arena- This interactive play area lets guests race their Speedorz through unique obstacles. Forever Rock- Featured just outside Cragger’s Swamp, the iconic rock contains a smaller rock acting as chalk board for kids to tally their achievements just as Cragger and Laval did. For those that want to kick back and stay awhile, 15 new cabanas surround the area for rent.


LEGO Legends of Chima Water Park is included in the cost of admission to LEGOLAND Water Park. For ticket prices, operating schedule and additional information, visit http://www.LEGOLAND.com or call 760-918-LEGO (5346).






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I'll be heading to Legoland on Tuesday. First time ever at a Legoland park, so I'm not sure what to expect aside from a lot of awesome models and screaming children.


I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures and vines, though! Aqua Racer, here I come!

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I'll be heading to Legoland on Tuesday. First time ever at a Legoland park, so I'm not sure what to expect aside from a lot of awesome models and screaming children.


I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures and vines, though! Aqua Racer, here I come!


All you need to know is "Everything is awesome!"

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