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Legoland California Discussion Thread

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I'm excited to hear about this, and willl have a video report of the construction of the re-models and miniland/model builders activity up tomorrow!


If I had to guess, the new area is going in on the site of the old Miniland FL NASA Discovery Center, which was removed several years ago (anyone know why?) and has been barren every since. This is much better than a pile of woodchips, as many others probably agree!


I'm sad to hear the only remanents of Bionicle are going to be on the spinning ride (Being a fan of the series for all ten years has that effect on you), and I have a feeling that is going to be next year's, rehab/retheme to the new Hero Factory series that replaced Bionicle this year, since the Imagination Zone building area is getting re-themed as we speak.


The Fire Academy retheme I saw coming months ago, as the attraction was beining to look very worn out (paint fading, effects not working, cars moving slower), and am happy to see them put in the effort to remodel this attraction, being so unique to the park, I hope it never leaves!


The new waterpark area is most likely going behind the current kiddie area, which is currently the staging area for plants to be placed throughout the park. It doesn't appear it will take up all the space, so I expect little expansions to the area over the next few years. (Giant eyesore mound of dirt behind Pirate Shores anyone?)


Now with 2012 on the horizon and most CA parks adding something big, I believe Legoland will too....


With the Legoland Hotel Scheduled to open next year, it would make sense that the park would add something big along with it...



The Cancled Wooden Coaster Project Maybe?


`SoCal-can't wait for 2012-Coasters

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I am also very happy of the news. Although there are not any "New" attractions they should be a cool addition to the park. The current Fire academy building was nearly rotten from the inside and smelled like a sewer if you walked into it. When you shoot the water at the fire and not into the hole its supposed to go into, it just drops into the structure and it all adds up. Also another reason for the remodel were the amount of injuries that were happening on the rides abrupt stops. I was told the Bionicle Blaster was also supposed to receive a remodel into the new HERO factory sets when the ride goes DFAM but i guess not. I will also be ontop of getting pictures of progress for you guys.

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I asked about the Bionicle Blaster Retheme, and was told no one had asked about it before, and that they didn't know.


Though, the sign said the attraction was down for annual matanence, and would return. I find it highly unlikely that Daytona will return due to the fact that the site has been totally razed, not just pieces taken for a rehab.


I will have construction vids up tomorrow for everyone!

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Know one seems to know about Bionicle Blasters re-theme, I mean i operate the damn ride and cant get a damn answer from anyone. I know the Bionicle Evolotuion room is being transfered into the new HERO factory. My guess with Daytona is that its just going to Florida.

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Here is a small update on the HERO factory and miniland. The hero factory seemed to be done as i was inside building Hero's. The area were Star Wars is being added is now fenced off. These photos were taken on January 14th


Well it seems as if the new HERO Factory is finished.


Decal running along the inside wall.


The whole room, which is fairly small.


Cut outs


Hero alter?


w00t i figured out how to build a Hero after 15 minutes.


The area for Star Wars is now fenced off.



No visible progress as of yet.


This photo was taken on Jan 14.



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Stopped by to today to see if i could find some new figures and i certainly did! As for fun town fire academy i am pretty sure they are refurbishing the old fire trucks to put in the new one.


This thing was pretty big


WTF how did it turn the other way!?





The side gates to Fire academy were removed and the bushes were being trimmed.



Not to much work here since


Except this Bobcat


The water sprayer posts were removed from this side.


No visible difference since last post.


I stopped over by Technic Coaster and i found this Technic chain laying around! They were putting on a new one.

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Hmm you brought up a question that could likely be a possibility in 2012 *wink


What was your favorite part of the interview?


Getting to be in the park when it was closed, and backstage...really interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes at Legoland!


The strangest thing she told me is that the miniland models only last about 2-3 years, and then are replaced by indentical models!


Also, when models loose their sheen, they sandblast them...with almond shells!

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Very well thought out Questions!


This was a great interview.


One tips

-Get in closer to your subject....Zoom in....While the background was nice it takes away from what your attention should be on...


Great Job!



Yeah, it was the first time I've done something like that and we were short on time...plus I forgot the wireless mic at home so you couldn't hear us as well...

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Outstanding job with the interview- Well worth the view and interesting to get some perspectives into the future and beyond with LL California.



Great questions from you and great answers from her! Thanks for posting.
Awesome interview, SoCal!


Thanks everyone! It really was a cool experience!


I can't wait to see what Legoland has in store for us next year!

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Here are some photos put into a slideshow of the grand opening of the Hero Factory and the amazing mural that you can take part of. Star Wars miniland area has finally began to break some ground, and Some of the Fire tucks have been transformed into Police trucks! I also took a walk into the water park and the construction of the Splash zoo has not even began yet and will probably not be done in time for opening. I also got some photos of Bionicle Blaster and am finally happy to see that when the ride reopens on saturday that it will have a animation through out the ride most likely playing Bionicle-ish music. And also the Dragon Coaster has a new sign that you practically have to squeeze past to get into the line.


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This isn't the best picture because I just had my cell phone with me, but they were making some big progress on the Star Wars zone in miniland today. The park was crowded, but not horrible. Rode a few things, walked through the aquarium and called it a day after a couple of hours.


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Legoland California has sent us an update regarding the latest progress on Star Wars Miniland!


Stormtroopers, a snowtrooper and a biker scout were all on deck today at LEGOLAND® California helping unload more than one thousand LEGO® models for the new STAR WARS™ Miniland opening March 31 at the family theme park in Carlsbad.


Master Model Builders unloaded crates containing several models including a crystal tower from Christophsis in The Clone Wars, the clone turbo tank from Revenge of the Sith, and the Naboo hangar. The models are part of 2,000 that are arriving to be installed in STAR WARS Miniland.


LEGOLAND California will be the first of three LEGOLAND Parks to launch a new STAR WARS Miniland area. The area includes seven scenes – six of the most famous scenes from the six live-action STAR WARS movies, as well as one from the animated series STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS™ all made out of 1.5 million LEGO bricks and built in 1:20 scale.






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