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Mall of America/Camp Snoopy?

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I'm flying Northwest to Spokane, Washington for my cousin's graduation. However, we have about a five hour layover. We're planning to use the light rail system to get to the Mall of America and Camp Snoopy. However, we're only going to have about 2 to 2 1/2 hours at the mall and Camp Snoopy.


So, I have a few questions.

- What should we do at the mall?

- How are the rides at Camp Snoopy?

- What rides should I hit considering our limited time?


All comments are welcome- you don't have to answer the questions! I'm just looking for information!

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Timberland Twister is pretty fun, but its nothing amazing. Same for Ripsaw, but Ripsaw is really smooth and it feels like your just gliding around. TT was actually not as smooth as I thought it would be when I went last summer. And if you are a really big coaster credit whore (like myself) then you can do the Lil' Shaver coaster. The log ride and the Mighty Axe ride are both pretty fun as well. All in all, Camp Snoopy is as fun as you could have at a mall, but geared more towards families rather than thrill seekers.

Oh and in the mall, try to visit the "As Seen On TV" store. Its kind of fun.

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I happen to work at the park. There is one thing that makes all the difference at CS, what day of the week will you be visiting. You will definately want to ride Timberland Twister, and Ripsaw. If you have the time, you can get the credit on Lil' Shaver, and ride Log Chute.


Also, the light rail is pretty nice, just remember to buy the ticket BEFORE you get on the train it is good for 2.5 hours. Also, don't buy the 6 hour pass if it is a weekend, it is more expensive than buying 2 tickets .

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^ I'm going Wednesday, June 1st. I don't think it'll be too busy.


The rides we want to ride are:

- Timberland Twister

- Ripsaw

- Paul Bunyan's Log Ride

- Ghost Blasters


Given our time and the rides we want to ride, would it be a better deal just to get two wristbands or buy tickets individually?

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I'd probably get a wristband if you plan on riding any ride more than once. On wed. log chute might only be open Noon-8pm and Ghost Blasters might be running "on schedule" with Mystery Mine Ride. Ripsaw and Twister will be open all day baring any sort of mechanical dificulties. I'd expect to wait about 10-20 mins for twister, and walk on everything else. If you REALLY want the credit, Lil' Shaver will probably be on schedule as well .

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