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Three 12yr olds attack 14yr old at Drayton Manor

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Three 12 year old girls attack a 14 year old girl who accused the three of line jumping.


THREE 12-year-old girls who launched a savage attack on a teenager at a popular Midland theme park have been suspended from their Birmingham school.


The three classmates were said to have viciously assaulted a 14-year-old girl after she accused them of jumping the queue at a Drayton Manor ride.


The flashpoint happened after the trio, on a school trip with Bishop Challoner Catholic School in Kings Heath, had finished the G-Force ride.


The victim, a pupil at Faringdon Community College in Swindon, Wiltshire, was so badly beaten she needed a brain scan.


Witnesses told teachers who investigated the attack that she was knocked to the ground and repeatedly kicked by the Birmingham schoolgirls.


Kevin McEvoy, deputy head of Bishop Challoner, said: "We are absolutely appalled by the behaviour of these three girls and have dealt with them very severely.


"This incident was totally unacceptable and we have dealt with it as a serious assault. They have been dealt with very, very seriously."


The girls, who were apparently suspended from the classroom for at least two weeks, were part of an end of term school trip on May 25 organised by Bishop Challoner.


"It was a well supervised trip but there was an incident involving three of our girls aged 12," added Mr McEvoy. "We were on the scene virtually straight away."


He said police were involved in the incident, but had decided not to take any further action due to their swift response in dealing with the culprits.


The incident apparently occurred when a group of pupils from Bishop Challoner jumped the queue for the G-Force ride.


Victim Amber-Leigh Horsfall said the other children confronted her and her two friends after finishing their ride.


She claimed one girl hit her in the face without warning, and that led to further blows which knocked her to the ground.


She said she was then repeatedly kicked before a security guard intervened.


Drayton Manor Fight

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This is why I dont 'grass' on queue jumpers (especially when there much taller than me), I feel quite sorry for the fourteen year old.


(G-Force isnt really ride worth Q-Jumping for anyway or attacking someone for that matter)

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Those darn Catholic School girls!!


It's an unfortunate incident, and unfortunate that there are continually line jumpers everywhere you go. Some people just don't have good manners.

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This reminds me of an incident that happened at an amusement park I went to. A girl I would say about 18 line jumped and the girl behind her grabbed her by the hair, dragged her to the side of the Himalaya building and repeatedly banged her head on the wall. Park officials took swift action and were able to stop it. It was pretty scary though seeing this at an amusement park. It wasn't the parks fault for what happened but seeing something like that at an amusement park freaks me out.

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Typical "English" kiddies, no-one has any manners anymore.


I saw some Q jumpers when I visited the park in March, some even tried to go past when waiting for "Shockwave". I said "wait your turn otherwise I will photo u and report u".


Even worse I saw some guys holding on to a moving train and jumping off.


I don't stand for anyone trying to Q-jump me. Everyone waits their turn.

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Thats what us west midlanders are like in birmingham!

The 12 year olds were probably gypsies any way!

Wonder what the 14 year old girl will get in return from Drayton manor?

Bet she wished she had of gone to alton towers now!

Poor 14 year old!

Jonny x

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Wow all over an accusation over line jumping. I know that line jumping is wrong and it's important to stand up for yourself, but what the girl should have done is reported the 12 year olds to the park and that way they could be ejected out of the park and no harm would have been done. It's certainly better than a brain injury.

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Goliath513 is right. Let the park handle them. No harm is done to you. You might even get a little chuckle out of it.


Does anybody remember the incident of line jumping that happened at valleyfair a few years ago? It was almost the same incident as this incident, except security didn't reach the scene to break it up fast enough.

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