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There will come a time, I don't know when, maybe this year, or next or in 5 more years. Dragster will be all good and will run the way it's suppose to. It's a very advanced coaster. After a couple more of them are built, someone will be like, "Hey, why arern't we doing this" or "Why is the bolt to loose" or "Maybe we should change the filters more often" and Dragster will run for years to come.


But if they tear it down... oh well. They'll always be something better on the horizon.

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IMO... i would tell Intamin to give me my 25 million dollars back :shock: .. but thats just me.. no im not being a brat.. just a concerned person .. Im concerned Dragster is a waist of space.. and maybe time, because the lines were so long.. yet it didnt work.. :shock:


Man, you'll need to understand the complex amounts of time and work it takes to run coasters over 200 feet tall, MF may run smooth but that's the only Giga Intamin ever built. CP knows by heart how MF works, give Dragster some TLC and some time with Mechanics and they will have it running smoothly in no time.


Trust the Park's Ride Repair Department, also i've gone 2 years without riding Dragster and that's when I thought "Dragster is Stupid" but I got on it this spring and LOVED it, MAXAIR kicked ASS too. I agree maXair is great too, i feel the same way.


Chris "Needs to ride WT, SOB, Beast, Delirium" Benvenuto

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Wow you really have your priorities mixed up. You think because the one day your at CP dragster is broken down, that you need to come over here and tell everyone why CP should "kill dragster" because you did not get to ride it. Does anyone elso see the irony is this? Your at a park with 16 coasters, 16 GD'ING COASTERS!!!! Ride another one of them!!! How many of those other 15 coaster broke down during the day? Thats what coasters do, they break down. CP does not want to send a train of 18 people down an unsafe ride at 120+ MPH (it varies sometimes) only to injur some of them and have a lawsuit against them. Take the accident last year for example. CP is closing dragster so people like you and I don't get hit in between the eyes with a piece of metal at 120 MPH and die. My adive to you, think about what you want....To ride the second tallest and fastest coaster in the world, or get hurt on an unsafe ride. If you really want to ride it that bad, go back to the park on a day its open and ride it.


Colin"Can't stand people like this sometimes"C

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Here check this out coasterlicious. Dragster is the 2nd oldest Rocket or "Accelerator Coaster" as Intamin calls it, TTD was the 2nd Coaster intamin ever built with a launch faster then 100 MPH!


does this proof make you understand or cause something to click in your head? Understand it's complex quality now?

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I knew Dragster would close sometime that day, because when does it not close?.. Im just mad that when Im all happy to go ride the thing it has to shut down when im about to get in line.. and then they dont even bother to fix it more than once?,. ..


Obviously people disagree with me, but I still think that unless Dragster works better, it needs to go..


Im not mad about CP at all.. It was a great park and has more coasters then I could ride in a day .. but still.. when your coaster is THAT famous and you cant even make it work right?.

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It sounds like you jinx the rides at CP when you visit.


MF now TTD.




I am planning a trip sometime in July, so I hope I wont be jinxing any rides. Cedar Point beats any other park ive been to.. and I HAVE to get on MF and TTD.. I just hope things go well.. and if not I can just ride MAXAIR and Wicked Twister a couple times because they were my favorite rides..

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