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Photo TR: Duinrell, Wassenaar (Netherlands)

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Doe eens een duinrell een duinrell een duinrell dag daar kikker je van op!


free translation:

Do a duinrell a duinrell a duinrell day, it'll frog you up!


That's their commercial, mhehe.


About 11 or so years ago (maybe longer) we went to Duinrell in Wassenaar, Netherlands every year. Together with friends from my parents and their two children (Yvette, one year younger than me and Vincent, 3 years younger than my sister, Jocelin) we visited this park (which is about 1.5 hour drive from my hometown, which in the Netherlands is quite far away).


We loved this! But after 4 years of fun, we didn't go anymore. We even stopped seeing our friends. This year, only 3 weeks ago, Yvette contacted me as she found my mail address on a contactsite. We decided to meet up and talk (I'm 22 now). We had dinner the next weekend with her parents and mine. And that's when it happened: we decided to go to Duinrell. Yvette and I both have our drivers license now so our parents didn't have to come (they didn't want to).


The park was going to open at 10 a.m. so we tried to get away from home 8:30 a.m. (which became 9 a.m.). 10:30 we arrived at the park, and the ticketbooths were packed with people.. omg. We should've bought our tickets online. When we were at the front of the line, a teacher from Jocelin showed up and gave us 40% discount coupons on the ticketprice. So I was happy we didn't buy online. I think the tickets set us back about 10 euros (which included 2 hours in their 'Tikibad' which is their indoor waterpark/swimmingpool/slidebuilding).


After we got in, I started remembering things from ten years ago (so did Yvette). This park is really weird, it's like a bungalowpark//campsite and all the guests are paying guests or they walk around like campingguests.


We skipped the kiddie-park (which according to my parents we liked the most.. hehe) and went straight to the back of the park to the Toboggan (Rodelbaan). 10 years ago I was to small to ride this (Yvette wasn't and I used to cry about that, hehehe). But now, woohoo, I got to ride! It was quite funny how a small kid stood before me in line, and when he didn't get to ride, he started crying.. I told him, don't be afraid, you'll get your revenge.. I'm taking mine now! *which wasn't very nice I guess. The set up is very basic, and no safety stuff at all. The sign basically says, get in, watch out, and you're responsible, goodbye. On the 2nd ride we got Vincent's coat got stuck between the cart and the toboggan in a corner so he fell half out. Pretty scary, but he thought it was 'exciting', lol. Oh I got a picture of me owning the height-limit-pole, right back at ya stupid Duinrell.


Next up was the kiddie-coaster (and the only coaster in the park). No need to bring a kid on this one! I found the track to be unique to other kiddie-coasters, and scary too: Vincent (yes again) nearly bumped his head to the track above! I'm sure something like this wouldn't be allowed in America, or anywhere else for that matter. Also, the points where the G's were pretty high, they enforced the track with stone plates - weird.


After that we went to the 'Splash' which is a boat ride (open or closed) that goes up, takes a corner and goes down again, creating a big... splash. It's an okay ride. A spectacular splash, and when you go in the closed boat I think you get wetter than you get in the open boat (it leaks EVERYWHERE).


I'm going to leave you with the photos now. This is a park we won't be coming back to. It basically has no rides.. for small children it's fun (except when theyre not allowed on the Toboggan). We (Jocelin, Yvette, Vincent and I) decided to go to MoviePark Germany next time. Or a park with some 'adult' rides. This chapter is closed.


Oh we went to the Tikibad as well: way to busy, way to long waiting for the slides, way to dirty, way to old. Bah! I did get to splash down my first Cyclone ride though.


I've included just about every ride, so you don't have to visit this park yourself. That's also why there are so many pictures I want to make sure you don't go! Better go to the Efteling or Walibi World!


Thanks for reading!


The pictures:


Our last stop of the day: The Tikipool (Tikibad). Bad!


Random ride 3 (are you noticing how many rides don't have ride ops and are self powered?


Random ride 2


Random ride 1


Vincent almost threw up from the food. Well at least it was a very green park (soon to turn a little bit orange with brown bits).


If they only knew..


Oh god... the food.. it was Aweful, Cold, and there was birdpoop on our table. :(


Except me and my sis fell out


Last ride of the day. I enjoyed it, they did 2 runs for us :D


Hence the name of the ride. In the openboat, you get a big poncho so only your head gets wet. In the closed boat, everything gets wet (and it smells real bad too..)




is really a huge... well, see for yourself:


Which is what they think :)


and then what seems like a small fall,


Up some more (by this time you're really wet from the leaks in the boat...)


It goes up...


So this is the closed boat...



Closed :(



And you don't need a kid to ride it! Credit!


With random cartoon animals or people riding it!! I don't understand this! W00t!!


Frog Kiddiecoaster!!!!


The imprissonned....


It's ....


This is a fun ride, you go very fast, and the fact that you CAN fly out the corner makes it even better, hehe. They won't come and help you though, cause by riding it you agreed to their policy.


So I had time enough to get my camera from my bag, which I was allowed to bring on the ride and shoot this interesting picture. Right? I was allowed to bring it on, don't ban me! :)


Riding up took like 5 minutes!


Check out those instructions. This IS a scary ride. If you go full speed, you will sling out.


Yes, we did our part.


The greatest docking station in the world (of Duinrell).


Me owning the height limit pole for the Toboggan.


Me too!



Vincent seemed to enjoy himself as well.. hehe.


Next up.


As you can see, everything has moved. Picture was taken from the same spot.


Two meters from the Troll Train there was a Western train. Weird thing, the train is riding on a twisted track, while the whole track and mountain is also turning around! I've never seen such a ride before.


or is it.. :s it's named the troll hole train ride :S


Western themed kiddie train ride


This came right out of the Efteling, Kaatsheuvel.



Looks very safe like this, heh.


Bumperboats are very boring with electrical motors.


Bumperboats. It seemed like people weren't enjoying themselves. As if they were punished or something.


Our second 'ride'.. Jocelin got sent away because she was to old :(


I do love how they theme the Cash machines in parks nowadays.


Smallest que area ever?


This small ferriswheel had a lookout over the campsite. I bet the people there loved how they were being watched.


I wasn't sure about the theme (the whole time).



They had a nice play-park for the children. Big covered slide (but the kids grabbed trays from the restaurant and slided with 60mph down, a lot of fun to watch them fly out into the sand, hehe).


I've never seen a phonebooth in a park. But maybe that's just me. There's that scary frog again.


So here you have the toilets, where people leave Fun Gifts for you to buy in the next store. You think that's a fake turd?


2 seconds later I failed.


But not for the Great AJ. I'm going to do it!


They put a 50 euro bill on top of the ladder, and you need to go up without touching the ground. It's really hard.


This is where you can practice before you try it out for money at your local carnival (not sure if you have those, but we have em).


Pure magic! Well, that's what I used to think all those years ago.. heh.


We recieved a voucher for cheap food. Good! (will come back to this later)


'Welcome to the Themepark' (themepark in Dutch is: Rides-Park, they just forget to mention they only have 4 (and running 3)).


Only a few more untill we can get in this boring park! Aaah!


Warning: Waiting in line to buy your ticket will make you go crazy, Yvette.


Warning: Waiting in line to buy your ticket will make you go crazy, Jocelin.


Best combo ever!


Clowns and frogs. Isn't that cute? No.


More and more people joined the que to buy a ticket. After one day I ask you: Why?


2 ticketbooths. Soo many people.

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Wow, nice pictures from a random little park!!


I've only ever seen those covered boat rides in Japan trip reports and the Alveys' videos, I didn't know there were any in Europe... Are there many others?!


This picture totally freaked me out, is that a bird flying across the picture?!?!

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Great Photos! That Flume ride looks insanely wet, do you have to wear a Poncho when your on the open boat?


The open boat has brown 4 people ponchos attached to it, you can slide them over your head, and then only your head gets wet. In summertime, people leave the 'multi'poncho hanging in the boat, so they can get totally wet.. and they are 100 percent soaked, the ride is designed to not splash away the water, but to get it in or on the boat!




Are those vending machines on the left??? If I ever went there, I would totally get food from the machines, so I wouldn't have to reveal that I only speak English...


Great TR!


Yeah, they are, the food is still bad though


Wow, nice pictures from a random little park!!


I've only ever seen those covered boat rides in Japan trip reports and the Alveys' videos, I didn't know there were any in Europe... Are there many others?!


This picture totally freaked me out, is that a bird flying across the picture?!?!


I don't know if there are many more, this is the only one I know of.. On another Europe trip with the Efteling in it, we could put this park in, only the bad thing is that the costs are way to high to get 2 rides from this park in


And yeah that's a bird, the park was flooded with crows, creepy.

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Are those vending machines on the left??? If I ever went there, I would totally get food from the machines, so I wouldn't have to reveal that I only speak English...


Great TR!


those things are everywhere in holland :D if you want a quick snack, just put in a euro (or more) and grab what you want no annoying people that don't understand you


how sorry for the dubblepost!!

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I've only ever seen those covered boat rides in Japan trip reports and the Alveys' videos, I didn't know there were any in Europe... Are there many others?!

I don't know if there are many more, this is the only one I know of..

Niagara in Bellewaerde also has a covered boat. After all, it is a clone of the one in Duinrell.

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