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Master Blaster incident, Tulsa Oklahoma

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A photo in this story


video report at this one



A slide at the Big Splash water park collapsed with one person on it. Police say part of the Master Blaster collapsed while a woman was on the slide. She was left suspended 25 feet in the air. They were able to get the woman down to safety. She suffered minor injuries.

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From looking at that picture, it seems like if the girl did fall off, she would of slid ontop the top of the other section of the slide, the she would of rolled off into the lazy river below it. That section did look pretty undersupported in the picture. I wonder if they will shut down the other Master Blasters to inspect them.



BTW, does anyone see the resemblence in that picture to the ones you see of the highway overpasses that collaspe?

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Wow, you'd never suspect something like this. Granted, this could be a freak accident, but it's ironic that one of the reasons Bell's was evicted was supposed problems with keeping up their rides, but the Murphys' have free reign.


It does just look like a free accident though, I've been on this slide many times myself and it's pretty solid.

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Ah, I thought about it now and I take back what I said before- it doesn't look so much like a freak accident but rather that caused by improper upkeep.

This slide has been around long enough that if this was something structural, it would have happened long before now. Besides, look at the aerial shot. You can see that the slide came apart at the slots where it's bolted together, maybe that implies that the screws just came loose or broke off.


Then again, I don't know much about water slides, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Murphy's be forced to hand out some serious cash to cover this up.

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This sort of reminds me of an incident, probably a decade or more ago, when a bunch of people all went on a waterslide all at once and an entire section of the slide broke off and they all died. My father told me about this every time we went to a water park, scared the crap out of me.


This looks like a mix of bad upkeep and flawed design, or maybe just flawed design altogether.

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Heh, looks like ProSlide versions just got a bit more popular!


Ya know I've noticed lately that NBGS International, the company that makes the original master blaster type slide doesn't really make too many slides any more. I mean this company was created to make rides for the Schlitterbahn parks and in the Galveston Island park, about half of the rides are relocated from other parks. Besides their version of the Master Blaster basically rips your pants off. I could have sworn that I lost my pants and that someone else had also lost their pants and they just came flying on to me. In other words I would much rather ride a normal slide than one of these any day. NBGS used to be a great one until about 5 or 6 years ago. Anyone agree with me?

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