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Here is Gravity Lake, an insanely fast and intense little Gravity Group style woodie. Its really fun and smooth so I hope you enjoy it! I should mention that there ARE some g-spikes, but I dont think that hurts the ride in anyway. Also, please leave some feedback so I know where I can improve!!!

I'm not sure how resize pictures (can anybody tell me?) so you can look at them here: http://www.nolimitsdevcenter.net/p3618

FUNNNNNNN 12.nltrack

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I totally agree with Steffen, really fast coaster (though it only run at 50 km/h at some points, it still looked fast)


some citicism: at some points the transition from 1 node to another wasn't really smooth, it wasn't as bad as a coaster from our national pride (Vekoma) but especially in the beginning there where some points


but overall good coaster, with nice speed

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THanks for the advice, I'll try smoothing it out some. I'll be honest though, I have trouble making it smoother than it already is. Does anyone have any smoothing tips?


if you have NL version 1.60 you can try the shortcut for smoothning (CTRL + G I believe) but it where only small spots, so you don't have to smooth this one

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