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Photo TR: Derek and Nicole do Martin's Fantasy Island

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This past weekend I was up in the Buffalo area visiting with Nicole. After only getting one ride on Silver Comet the previous weekend (which she said was running great), when Nicole saw the coaster was operating again on Saturday as we were having lunch nearby, she really wanted to ride it, even though we were supposed to be having a "non-coaster weekend". Well, who am I to argue with heading back to the park I didn't spend much time at last year to ride a coaster I really couldn't ride much that day. With lite crowds and excellent weather, we headed to Martin's after 5pm for the evening discount price and rode the Silver Comet several times in the short 2 hours we were there. I knew I liked the coaster last year, but this year it really grew on me. Not sure what they did to it in the offseason, but it was running really smooth and fast, and delivering great pops of airtime all over the place. I would even say it's in my A-list ranking, whereas before it was in the B+ area last year. Definitely the best coaster in Western New York, wood or steel, and well worth a visit. Onto the pics:


Time to head home, until next time. HEEEY!


and Timbits, the best donut holes ever!


Home of awesome coffees that're cheaper than Starbucks and better tasting


No trip to the Buffalo area would be complete without some Tim Hortons, it's like legal crack


and since I've been pimped, I'll definitely keep rockin' it hardcore


Thanks for visiting Martin's with us, I hope to come back again soon!


Alright! I've officially been pimped! (I have no idea who this guy was!)


Derek and a waterfall, 2 of Micole's favorite things


It really just seemed like a smaller Huss Rainbow to me, but oh well, the Bubbaloians were digging it


Replacing the Chaos this year is Full Tilt


Yeah, we're definitely fans of Silver Comet. We'd rather ride this than drink any beer Southern Tier makes


which quickly straightens out into the final bunny hop before the station


The only really rough spot on the coaster is this lateral infested almost-on-the-ground turn


Lots of turnarounds on this coaster. I wish it was loaded with turnovers instead though, I just love those little pastries!


Only a few "slower" moments on the ride, but this ain't one of them. And even those slow moments are faster than anything on the Beast :)


From the station, you've got plenty of time to watch the sole train make its course with lots of screaming peeps aboard, probably all of them with "everyone loves Marineland" stuck in their heads.


The far turnaround is fast, poppy airfilled, and lateral packed.


Not quite as steep as El Toro, but definitely has some airtime in that drop


Silver Comet promotes intercontinental harmony, representing both Canada and the US on its lifthill


A trainful of happy riders returns in a very CCI-ish dip into the station


But we hit it at the right time and had our pick of rows. Front of course!


With only 1 train, the line can get pretty bad, I reckon


The whole reason we're here, to ride the Silver Comet, which took its station inspiration from the Crystal Beach Comet, which once stood almost-but-not-really nearby on the opposite shores of some stupid Great Lake


These Canadian geese had their babies in the states, thus making more Paul-like Canabians


No canoes for us today, too much work involved.


as the deputy ran away, we realized we had better do the same while the whole park was watching the show, we had rides to hit


Kinda cute, what we saw of it


We walked by the wild west area right as the show was starting


Today the train was running, but we didn't have time to ride it again :(


Of course, Nicole's first stop was the bathroom :p but better now than when we're in a queue


After 5pm, you can get into MFI for less than $12, definitely worth the price


and even though she can't handle her lactose, Nicole can't resist some custard


Of course, I had to get the native to Buffalo "Beef on Weck", a roast beef sandwich on a bun with sea salt and fennel seeds. Awesome stuff


The day started off outside of Fantasy Island at Adrians across the street, well known for their custard and beef

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^which is why I put "near", but to make you less confused, I shall change it. And you are correct, Crystal Beach was on the shores of Lake Erie, I'm sure many a coaster historian has suffered a heart attack after reading my lousy comment.

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^^No need for that. I just thought I had been bamboozled all these years.


I loved Silver Comet. Great air, great turns, fun all around. Is the mouse any good? Or did you skip it?


No, it's just really confusing. Crystal Beach was over on the Lake Erie side of Ontario, pretty much right across the Lake from Buffalo. I would have said "the only remaining Comet near Lake Erie," but Waldemeer still has theirs.


We probably could have ridden the crazy mouse, as it probably didn't have nearly the line it did when we were there last year, but after the lack of spinning it did, we weren't in much of a hurry to ride it again, Silver Comet was too good and too empty to pass up.


I think the problem with the newer Crazy Mice (with the lapbars instead of OTSRs) is that they are *too* balanced. In order to spin at all, you must have only 2 or 3 people to a car, not even 4 with 2 fatties on 1 side and the thinners on the other. We spun a bit more with only 3 people on Beech Bends as opposed to having our usual super spin technique on both Cypress Gardens' and Martins'. I'd blame Mark, but he no longer works for Zamperella* Elissa probably would like the new hardly spinning Crazy Mice.


*yes, I know the company's name is really Zamperla.

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Doesn't Nicole know about Lactaid? They are little pills you can buy that contain lactase enzyme, which when mixed with the lactose in your stomach gets rid of it. I am lactose intolerant as well and have had great success with these pills! Anyway, this review got me hungry, I want some custard!

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^^Don't feel bad, I didn't even know Waldameer had a Comet. I figured all their coasters were named "Ravine Flyer".


^Yeah, I used to take Lactaid. But then I kept forgetting to bring it with me, eh screw it. If I just eat a *little* dairy I'm fine. I got the "baby cone"; what you see there is pretty much how much custard I got. (Derek is lactose intolerant too, by the way.)

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Alright! I've officially been pimped! (I have no idea who this guy was!)

Pimpin' ain't easy, thats awsome...Great trip! Looks like you guys had a good time. Thanks for sharing.

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I sometimes forget to bring lactaid with me too, unless we plan ahead to go out to pizza etc. I always thought this was more of just a guy problem though since most women carry a purse with endless amounts of everything in them.

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