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Photo TR: Holiday World - 5/31/07

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This past Thursday (May 31, 2007) I finally took some time off work to start my first coaster riding mini-vacation of the summer. Since I was so impressed by GCI’s Kentucky Rumbler at Beech Bend a couple weeks ago (that Photo TR is posted as well), I was jonesing for more wooden coaster goodness. So I asked myself, “Where could I go to ride some good woodies?” Um… that didn’t come out the way I intended it to… Anyway, the obvious answer was Holiday World; a) I’ve never been there, b) I’ve heard SO much about Voyage, & c) I’m only about two hours away.


All of the coasters were about a two train wait with front and rear at a four train wait - Voyage was the only one operating two trains. The first time that I rode in the rear (my second overall ride on Voyage) I happened to ride with a kid that had a season pass and rode it over 45 times in 2006 - he was up to eight times that day by about noon. He said that he had never seen that short of a wait before - I guess I lucked out. I'm sure that the minimal wait had a lot to do with my infatuation with Voyage but you'll have to read the TR to see how that all played out.


If you’d like to see the videos I put together for the day, you can find them here:

Short Coaster-only version:

Long Coaster + Flats version:


If you don’t mind, let me know which one you like (if either).


Thanks for reading!


On to the pictures:


And just then, as I was driving away, my new love appeared as if to say "We haven't seen the last of each other. Goodbye - until next time." And my heart melted... I love you Voyage!


What?!? You want me to come back?!? I knew that Voyage couldn't live without me! But I've got somewhere else to be tomorrow. I'm sure it won't compare, but I promised I'd be there...


Goodbye Holiday World. You have been good to me today!


But first things first. With all the free drinks, my bladder was fixin' to explode. Where in god's name is the flusher on this darn thing?!? BTW: If anyone can enlighten me as to how this thing works exactly, please let me know.


With just about every ride under my belt and tons of wooden coaster goodness, I figured that the exit must be this-a-way.


I WAS nuts to ride coz the kids kept yelling "One more time, one more time..." and we completed eight (yes eight) circuits in a row. I walked off Howler more wobbly than Voyage!


Hooray! I waded through all the children to get to my final credit only to have the ride op kid look at me like I was nuts for wanting to ride.


Where oh where can my Howler be? I'm guessing that I'm getting a bit warmer what with the oversized dog striking a strange pose at little kids and all...


But not as silly as the nursery rhyme props they have positioned throughout the train ride, so you're all good.


"Yeah, I got this cool summer job at Holiday World - I'm a ride operator." If you happen to read this Mr. Freedom Train operator kid (or if any TPRers run {or ran} a mini train), sorry but you look(ed) kinda silly.


But before I track down Howler I noticed an adorable train station with Mother Goose... All together now, "awwww."


There's only one section of the park I haven't been to and I've yet to find that ever-elusive Howler credit.


For some reason, I thought that with the cool name, there'd be Holiday World-ish theming to the Spider/Octopus as well. I was sadly mistaken.


I dare you to find bumper cars that look like buffallo, horses & bulls. I'll tell ya, this Holiday World spared no expense with theming...


They actually had bumper boats that, until now, I had only seen in RCT. It was like seeing Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster.


I tried forever to get this pic with it at its peak but hand-eye coordination, unlike tummy muscles, DOES diminish with age.


Liberty Launch was a pretty good small tower - tons of G's as it hit the top & forced you back down.


Don't believe "them" when "they" say you can't do spinning rides after you reach a certain age coz the tummy muscles just don't work the same. It's a bunch of rubbish!


It's been so long since I've been on a RoundUp!


But there was no way in H.E.double hockey stick that I would pass up Revolution!


I skipped on Eagles Flight coz I was, well, feeling too old.


Although Ragings Rapids looked pretty cool, and lord knows I could've used a wet ride in the 90 degree heat, it just wasn't meant to be.


Oh, you seem to be missing that all-important aspect of a ride - riders.


Wait one second, what are you? I haven't seen you yet...


With my heated love affair with Voyage brought to an abrupt end, I headed over to the patriotic section of the park.


they parked a train on the lift so the stranded train could finally come to the station. It stayed down for a short while after that. Don't worry baby, I'll make it all better...


Well, actually, it's NOT over for these folks. They sat on the block for a good 5+ minutes while...


Is it over? I wish it could last forever even though it's anything but short.


Finishing up and around.


Heading out of previously-mentioned tunnel at break-neck speeds.


See previous description, only this time, closer.


Heading into the exhilarating overbanked tunnel dive.


Now that I've completely fallen in love with a steel structure and wood track, here's some sexy action pics. First, barreling toward the exit ramp.


Hey sexy, can I buy you a drink?


And it looks so beautiful standing there all alone.


But it sure does look good from here.


Voyage probably looks so big coz there's absolutly nothing near it (except trees) to gauge its true height with the naked eye.


My fear of heights was kicking in right about now although it's a pretty quick lift that looks a lot taller than it actually is.


There was so much unused queue that I couldn't believe that I was about to practically walk on.


The only people waiting to ride were on the platform so I took pictures at a leisurely pace.


Well, I guess since I'm here, I might as well try this new coaster that everyone's been raving about.


Perhaps I giggle coz it's a Tilt-A-Whirl with friggin' TURKEYS!?!?!


Something about Turkey Whirl made me giggle every time I saw it.


Actually, it was a pretty cool target shooting dark ride with tons of blacklights, florescents, turkeys (of course) and this creepy animatronic grandma in the queue.


Gobbler Getaway! Oh how I've longed for you!


Since my Halloween mission is complete, it's on to Thanksgiving for... drum roll please...


Now I understand what's up with all the netting...


And a little tunnel-helix action for those of you anti-first droppers.


Here's one last first drop photo for you collectors.


By the time the train made it to this point I had chiggers, poison ivy & a couple ticks - a small price to pay for a great pic IMO.


I was actually IN a bush to make this shot possible. Yes, I'm a trooper.


This one's for... aw, you know who you are...


I've read all the warnings and have just one question: why exactly can't I smoke on the ride?


If this isn't a signature shot already, it is now!


Time for Legend. Surely it has to be better than Raven...


Heading back into the woods. Never to be seen again. Oooh. Eerie.


Signature shot that seems to last a split second when you're actually on the ride.


I'm a sucker for Clearance Beam photos.


I said ARMS UP you pansies!!!


Arms up everyone!


Isn't that sign a bit out of date? Oh wait, there's fine print. Remember kids, always read the fine print.


Raven's lift through the... well, you know.


I know everyone's seen this shot, but I just had to have one that I could call my own. Pretty Edgar Allan Poe house.


Finally, there's no line. My coaster riding can commence.


This is REAL ride theming as opposed to Scarecrow Scrambler's lame Halloween-ish paint job.


On to HallowSwings. It's got to be the coolest looking Swing ride ever!


I guess, in the meantime, Scarecrow Scrambler will have to do.


I've been waiting 12 years to ride this coaster. But I won't be riding it now coz everyone and their brother seems to have headed here first.


That's more like it! First stop Halloween. It's Raven time!


Okay, I'm taking pictures of a friggin' water tower through the trees. Open the walkways already!


For some reason I always take pictures of Skee Ball when I run out of things to take pictures of.


I had to wait about 5 minutes for a not-so-pleasant-on-the-eyes family to walk away from this "perfect" shot.


The almost-obligatory dancing fountain pic. The braggers!


What the ____?!? I don't know about you, but I'm all for separation of church & parks.


It took me a couple trips around to even realize that there was a 50 foot Christmas tree in the midway. D'oh!


Since they hadn't opened access to any sections yet, I decided to wander around like everyone else.


So much easier on the eyes than SF's entrances IMO.


For those who wondered, this is what HW's parking lot looks like about two hours before opening. OK, I was just a little excited to get there...


Holy Mary mother of god! What have I gotten myself into?!? (Please excuse the bird poop on the windshield)


What is that I see in the distance? That's Millennium Force, right?!?

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Good Work- I just went to Holiday World for the first time a couple weeks ago with my girlfriend and her Coaster-Loving daughter. We had very very minimal waits for all the rides, and the waterpark lines as well. Raven, The Legend, and Voyage (especially) are absolute great ride credits for yours truly. The Voyage is just unreal-so many great elements.


The people at Holiday World are fantastic (except the dour operator of their version of the "Octopus" and the "Oh, Hey, I'm the ride operator" guy on the "Frightful Falls" log flume)


And Free Soft Drinks (it was 85 degrees when we went- I figure we saved fifty bucks in drinks alone that day).


If you haven't been to Holiday World- Go!

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A couple things to enlighten you about HW.


On the train, those scenery pieces that you go around is what is left of a ride that was originally in the park. I forget if it was a boat ride or a walk around ride.


The flowers you see around the park, they were grown and taken care of by a 96 year old who has worked at the park since 1954!


You didn't miss out on much on the rapids, it is a pretty much standard rapids with not allot of soakage unless you are on the back and you boat is slow when you pass under the water fall that turns off first then back on.


A local who only rode it 46 times? Thats not allot. I heard someone rode Voyage over 250 times last year. I think I have done it 8 times this year, but I don't really try to marathon it and I have only been there 3 times.


Did you try the Plymouth Rock Cafe? IT is so awesome. For only 6.99 (6.34 with season pass) you get a whole plate full of food. Good food too, not like the papa john's pizza stuff that is way over priced at six flags.

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Great PTR, love HW, like to see pics of the whole park and not just the coasters.I only live 10 minutes from Six Flags KY Kingdom, but will drive an hour to go to Holiday World. HW is a better park with all the freebies, better food (much cheaper), better rides and much cleaner than SFKK. The Voyage is off the hook, fast paced and exciting. Glad you liked our little park in southern IN.

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In response to the comments left after the TR (can someone inform me how to quote multiple postings?):



I enjoyed Voyage (obviously) best followed by Legend. I wasn't that impressed by Raven, and I rode it in every possible location of the train.


The staff was awesome. I love how they collect everyone's loose articles prior to the train arriving at the station. It really cuts down on loading and departure time. SF should take note.


The free drinks are great, especially for someone like me who only drinks water.



The kid I rode Voyage with was only about 13 so I can't blame him for not getting 250 Voyage rides in last year - he probably only gets there when he can drag the rest of his family along.


I didn't eat at Plymouth Rock Cafe, although I did go inside to check it out. It looked good but was way too much food for me - a hot dog or nachos does me just fine.



Thanks for watching the videos and for the compliment. For some reason my computer doesn't agree with TPR's server. I would much rather post them here so you could see them clearly. I'm trying to work with Robb to get that sorted out.



I went to SFKK the day after HW (photo TR coming tomorrow) and, yes, the hour drive to HW from Louisville is well worth it! These pictures are included to show how nice the park and its surroundings really are (and also how light the crowds were).




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