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Oakwood Lake Manteca Waterslides

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I moved this thread here because the other one was not getting any replies. Does anyone have any pictures of the now defunct Oakwood Lake Manteca Waterslides? I have been unable to find any - even on google. Pictures of the slides/attractions, as well as general park photos would be very much appreciated.

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Unfortunately not many images to be found, unlike coasters, waterslides aren't too exciting to photograph. One that may interest you though:


Were bought and relocated to Boom Bay at GA:


Images borowed from these sites:




Was such a fun place as a kid, only waterpark on the West Coast you could camp at, made a nice weekend getaway.

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^ That blue Spiral Slide looks like the former Wipeout Slides (there were two mirrored slides) at Seabreeze. I really miss those slides, they were INSANE! I don't know why they would replace it with a tame (Tube Version) Cannon Bowl.

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Heheh, I remember that annoying ad:

Manteca waterslides, slipping away and taking a dive, world's greatest, come and ride, Manteca water slides. Ah, I've never been there, and I always thought it would shut down despite the "world's greatest" part.

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Hands down one of the best water parks to ever close, I was pissed when I learned that they shut down. Their slides were one of a kind even if the park looked a little run down.


The park was situated like this. There were what they called the nine original slides (fairly large enclosed single person slides) in a fenced in area inside the park. You had to wait in line to get into this area, once inside you were given a foam rubber mat and had free run of the place for 30min with virtually no lines to wait in. The slides were on a hill and had terrain layouts, meaning that they almost never left the ground, but they did go underground. In about half of the slides there were sections that went pitch black and left you with no Idea were you were going.


Oh and did I mention that you had to go down lying on your mat head first?


I really miss that place.


Other than the nine original slides, there were other water rides spread about the place. There were some inner tube slides that had light mounted in the slide wall, which made the slide almost like a disco floor.


There were some inner tube speed slides as well a a kiddie section of the park. There was also a fairly large body speed slide located by the entrance situated on top of a old bungie jump tower.


But perhaps my favorite ride located outside of the of the nine original slides was their innertube rapids ride which could take twenty minutes (if your were careful) to get from the top of the hill to the bottom because of all the odd corners and whirlpools to get stuck in. You could also have a hell of a fun time trying to race a friend down to the bottom.


Sadly I only have memories of the place, no pictures. When you are going to a water park and are under 20 you don't really think of bringing a waterproof camera. I'll try to look through some old albums, but mostly it will be pictures of me taken by my mom, no actual pictures of what the place looked like.

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I'm bringing back this topic because I was just talking with my dad about this park today since he went there in 1977.


Sadly, I have not found any more pictures than satellite photos from after the closure of the park. It's depressing to look at the view from today which shows the entire location of the park now under water from Oakwood Lake.



darklingscribe- Do you think you could label on the first picture where all these attractions were to give a good idea of the layout of the park? Anything would be appreciated.




EDIT: Some aerial photos from when the park was open.


Without a trace in 2007.


I'm guessing this photo is from sometime in early 2005 during mid stages of the park's demolition.

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^ Yeah I saw those half buried slide tubes. Such a sad sight.


I didn't have my camera handy, but driving by there was when I realized that Manteca Waterslides was gone forever and that I had missed my chance to go there.



Also, does anyone know the names of any of the slides there?

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I found some more pictures of the water park.




These must be the mat slides my dad told me about.




I got the pictures from here.



While I'm at it, here are the pictures of the slides as they appear today as mentioned by you CHROMEDOME.




And a very sad sight.









I have not given up my quest to find more pictures of this place.

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Found one more picture. I'm guessing this is one of the main original slides. Can anyone provide any detail on location in park, more information about the layout of the park (where the splashdown pools and entrances were for each of the individual slides like this one)?


Were the "disco slides" light up the whole slide? Provide more information about those slides too?



Many thanks to whoever can help the waterpark enthusiast me learn more about this once world famous waterpark.




Image source: http://www.truesummit.com/photo_gallery.htm


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Wow, great topic and incredible input! Kudos to darklingscribe, I wish I had happened upon this thread earlier. To Goliath: loving those additional pics! That last pic is precious...nothing more bittersweet than a park in the throes of disrepair.


Concurrently...I've always wanted to start a thread concerning the demise of La Ronde's old waterpark...but I'm 'fraid it might get locked. I can't find anything through the TPR search-engine...

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Thanks alot!


Looking at those pictures of the original slides, it looks like a very confusing and unique layout to that area. Could you maybe draw a diagram of where the entrance to this area was, as well as the splash down pools were located (I know there are at least 4) with the slides and where you get in at the top of the hill? Nothing fancy, but along the lines of this picture of what I have speculated some of the layout to be based on pictures.


Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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