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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 602: Universal Holidays & Velocicoaster photo report posted!

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I like how they build a roller coaster in the same time it took them to built new lockers for Harry Potter.   

On Sunday I ventured out to the Universal Orlando Resort for a chance to see the new holiday offerings at the two parks. This year is a little different thanks to COVID-19, but Universal has still man

^Agreed. I think the newer Intamin lapbars are actually the best steel coaster restraint currently being produced. When comparing overhead lapbars on Taron and Blue Fire, I found the Intamin ones to b

Posted Images

I dropped by Universal today to get some more pics of the construction of Harry Potter. Enough of the chat on to the pics


  • Dirt, Dirt, and yes dirt being MOVED!!!!


  • A little bit of plumbing and drainage work.

  • Gosh no wonder its taking so long GET BACK TO WORK!

  • Construction POV

  • I will finish this off with a view of Hagrids Hut getting some theme work done.


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Rockit Shots!!! These photos were taken today 2/11/2009

  • They were using this jig check clearance for the trains and future riders.

  • From what I overheard these guys were waiting for another jig to check clearance for the trains undercarrage going through the trenches.

  • I think these trains are a little bigger than I thought judging by the size of that jig

  • During the morning nothing was going around the lift, but before I started to venture out the crane was operating on and around the lift.

  • This station is gonna be huge!

  • There is structure going up next to neutron.

  • Sexy Station OH YEAH

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Did anyone else get a survey request about winning the tickets? I thought it was really strange. They first started asking basic questions about visiting Orlando but then the questions veered off into a different area.

Basically asking if you cheated by registering under different addresses and stuff like that. Did you find out about the contest on a website/blog and which one it was? TPR was not listed as one of the choices. Did you click on a link to get to the sweepstakes or enter the web page manually? Maybe I'm thinking into it too much but I thought it was really odd.

They offered the chance for more tickets if you completed the survey. Is it possible the whole thing did not go as planned.

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That drop off the final MCBR (...drop tuning, I think...?) is just sexy. I really hope I can get down to Florida in the next few years to get to all the parks down there.


And that stage looks great so far. It really will be a lot of fun to see a show there.

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I got it yesterday afternoon. I guess I'm the only one on here that got one? Maybe it was targeted toward a certain demographic/area?

I think that they were trying to figure out if the ad was worth the price based on the questions they were asking.

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^I got it as well. It was interesting how they asked those questions and then said something like, "Did you enter for someone else? Not that it was illegal to do so and even if it was, this survey is anonymous."


It was wierd.

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Well the folks at Universal know about TPR and many companies now employ people to scour the web to track how their name is being mentioned.


It wouldn't be too difficult for someone to find this thread so Universal already knows people are entering for others, using multiple e-mail addresses or linking without typing in the URL.

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After thinking about all the questions, I believe what happened is that they are being hit with complaints from people that emailed as soon as it showed but didn't get anything. I suspect that they are shocked at how fast word spread. The list of theme park related web sites in the survey was pretty darn long so the word was out way before the game even started. They asked if I actually saw the ad. (I didn't) It must suck to pay all that money to get your ad seen and then you are giving away most of the tickets to people who never saw the ad and the people who did see it got nothing.

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I didn't get a survey. Perhaps they are, in fact lurking around on sites and saw my numerous comments on how I plan on bringing my whole family, and don't want me to change my mind? Nah, I'm thinking into it too much.

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Some more pics from today February 12th.


They were not working at all on the coaster. I think they were more concerned with getting the stage ready for two shows this weekend. Hopefully the tower will start to rise soon!!



Love the grass and pavement. Wonder if it will survive the hordes of people in this area for shows.




The stage looks great


The station


Track to nowhere! Looks like a Sansei shuttle loop!


LOVE this drop...but I am not sure which way the train is traveling at this point of the ride.




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Great update! The coaster looks so full of turns its going to be fantastic.


The picture of the drop right after the 3rd MCBR is coming towards the viewer.


I know the MCBR after the noninverting loop, the building crash through turn and the preceeding MCBR are built, but has anything been built from the station to the first MCBR? What about from the 2nd mid course to the 3rd?

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