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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 604: Mardi Gras 2021: International Flavors of Carnaval announced

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^I was told by a pretty reliable source that the coaster replacing the Dragons was going to be this type of coaster. I made sure to ask him for the manufacturer and coaster type just to be sure. He says they are making the official announcement on Memorial Day so I guess we'll just have to wait and see if he's as reliable as I believe that he is. I just received this 'leak' maybe an hour ago.

We don't even need to wait to see if he's reliable


The coaster is already appearing in plain sight and it is not a Mack inverted coaster. I would rather believe my own eyes than an unreliable anonymous source repeating a months-old rumour. Sorry!


Image: Orlando Park Stop


Image: Theme Park Crazy

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I like how they build a roller coaster in the same time it took them to built new lockers for Harry Potter.   

On Sunday I ventured out to the Universal Orlando Resort for a chance to see the new holiday offerings at the two parks. This year is a little different thanks to COVID-19, but Universal has still man

The Universal Orlando Resort has put out a press release announcing this year's modified Mardi Gras event, Mardi Gras 2021: International Flavors of Carnaval.  Universal Orlando Resort cele

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For the past two days TPR was part of the media event for the newest attraction at Universal Orlando - Fast & Furious Supercharged! In addition to this new ride, we also got to experience Voodoo Doughnuts and see a preview of Aventura Hotel which is opening this August. We've got a TON of pictures to show you, and hopefully you were following along as we live tweeted all the fun, but here is what the attraction is all about...


Universal Orlando guests can step into the blockbuster franchise and straight into the heart of the Fast & Furious films right alongside the Fast & Furious crew – including Dom, Letty, Hobbs, Tej, Roman and Mia – all played by the series’ superstars.


During the experience, guests will:

- join up with the Fast crew as they feel what it’s like to step into their favorite Fast & Furious film;

- immerse themselves in an authentic recreation of the Fast & Furious crew’s warehouse headquarters – filled with actual props, iconic scenes, authentic details and supercharged vehicles from the films;

-ride with the family and crew as the films’ soundtracks pump, vehicles flip, rockets fire – and the action builds;

- and check out more than a dozen of the supercharged cars from the films – including some of the ones driven by their favorite characters.


Fast & Furious – Supercharged is the next attraction at Universal Studios to feature the new Virtual Line system. Guests can select a time to ride via the Official Universal Orlando Resort Mobile App or at kiosks located near the attraction entrance, and then enjoy other experiences throughout the park until it’s their ride time. Guests can also access a special mobile experience for Fast & Furious – Supercharged on the Official Universal Orlando Resort Mobile App while inside the attraction, including messages from Mia and the rest of the family, character bios, quizzes and more.


This attraction is NOW OPEN in the San Fransisco section of Universal Studios Orlando. Check out the photos below to see what it is all about!


We are checked in at the beautiful Cabana Bay Beach Resort and ready for some fun!


Our first stop is the newly opened VooDoo Doughnuts!


OMG! So many yummy choices! They all are calorie free, right?


We chose the EVIL DOUGHNUT! I wonder why... ;)


The opening ceremony was awesome - and their mascot was brought to life for the first time!


Love the theming inside of the store, tons of fun details.


We then headed to Sapphire Falls Resort to see a preview of the new Aventura Hotel, opening this August!


Believe it or not, this hotel is going to be priced similarly to Cabana Bay!


OMG! This rooftop bar will be the hottest place at Universal.


And this view at night.. WOW.


Time to try some of the food from the resort. These were AWESOME!


And home made gnocchi might be my #1 favorite new thing.


Time to finish off the night at this familiar place...


... to see the visually stunning new nighttime show, The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle.


And with that note, night #1 is in the books! What a finish!

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Day #2


We are back for night #2 and our first stop is the backstage event space where we will learn more about the creation of the ride!


The Universal Studios Creative executives told us all about the design process and the changes from the Hollywood version.


Then we headed over to the San Francisco area of the studios for a BBQ and the grand opening celebration!


What is in every F&F movie? CORONA!


"Tuna on White Bread, No Crust" is what Paul Walker's character ordered in the first movie... iconic!


These pies on a stick were so much fun!


HUGE crowd for the opening event!


The party begins with the amazing Academy of Villains dancing to music from the F&F movies. AWESOME!


Wait... what is that? Why are those cars down the street?


Holy Crap! A Car chase right in front of us!


OMG! They are headed straight to that building!


And straight through it. WOW!


Vin Diesel and some of the other stars come on stage for the grand opening ceremony!


They don't have the key to the gate, but they can blow it up!


Family - together again!


I'm gonna fan boy out for a minute... seeing Academy of Villans up close and personal when its not Horror Nights? Yes Please!


The queue is AWESOME! So many references to the movies. If you are a fan, you will love it!


I could spend a ton of time in here.. I almost wish there was a line!


Awesome! You can get so close to all these props and vehicles.


There are also two pre-shows. The first is the breakroom which sets up the story.


Then the war room, where you get a live feed explaining what you are about to do!


Time to board the party bus! No photos or videos allowed... of course.. ;)


What a fun event and a great night. Thanks Universal... we will be back!

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Aren't all rides at Universal pretty much the same these days? Put on some glasses, sit in a thing, watch some stuff on a screen. I still love Universal, but this seems to be the trend and it's a little sad.

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It has been lately, but won't be into the future. Going back to more physical "experiences", like they used to... No 3D glasses and that type of stuff, thankfully.

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Time to board the party bus! No photos or videos allowed... of course..


So, what happens on the Fast & Furious Party Bus stays on the Fast & Furious Party Bus.

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The view from the top of Aventura

Love the roof top terrace, but I'm scared the party bus looks a bit similar to the skull island jeep is this a similar ride?

Yes, same ride system and I believe same layout too?

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Time to board the party bus! No photos or videos allowed... of course..


So, what happens on the Fast & Furious Party Bus stays on the Fast & Furious Party Bus.


The first rule of the Fast & Furious Party Bus is we do not speak of the Fast & Furious Party Bus.

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Hi thanks for the report. It looks like it was a cool opening. I have read mixed reviews on this attraction and more of them are negative. We are heading down the end of June and I will try it just because it is new. I won't expect to much just try and have fun with it.


It was cool to see they had some of the cast there. I would have enjoyed that.

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Aren't all rides at Universal pretty much the same these days? Put on some glasses, sit in a thing, watch some stuff on a screen. I still love Universal, but this seems to be the trend and it's a little sad.


Hi a lot of people agree with this, especially on all the other forums I am on. I kind of felt that way too the last year or so. Universal is still one of my favorite theme parks to visit.

However, with all the new information coming out with the new HP coaster in IOA I think they are on a different track now. I hope this is the start of new ride types coming in the future.

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Yes, trust me, exciting things on the horizon! The days of 3D glasses are over for the foreseeable future.


I hope your right. Though I'd imagine that if/when they ever replace Earthquake on the Studio Tour in Hollywood that they likely would try and port something similar to Orlando (similar to what they did with Kong and FatF). Hopefully that won't be for a while because it's nice having the practical effect heavy Earthquake on the Hollywood tour...

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Yes, trust me, exciting things on the horizon! The days of 3D glasses are over for the foreseeable future.

All I know is that whatever "family coaster" is replacing Dueling Dragons better be a worthy replacement! That new ride has a pretty high bar to live up to!

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Yes, trust me, exciting things on the horizon! The days of 3D glasses are over for the foreseeable future.

All I know is that whatever "family coaster" is replacing Dueling Dragons better be a worthy replacement! That new ride has a pretty high bar to live up to!


Amen to that!

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Uhhh....it was, 2 pages ago.


The Universal Orlando Resort has announced the next themed maze coming to Halloween Horror Nights this year... Dead Exposure: Patient Zero!


I'm excited to reveal the second haunted house coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2018. This fall, fear will infect you in a brand new house that lives within a world of a fan-favorite from our past: Dead Exposure: Patient Zero.



The original Dead Exposure house shook guests to their core. Easily one of the most terrifying houses we’ve ever had—you entered complete darkness with only bright flashes revealing the zombie horde surrounding you.


We’re bringing back that same terror. But this time, we’re dropping you in the middle of Paris in 1982. The city of lights has gone dark as chaos spreads, unchecked. Hordes of vicious, flesh-eating undead are swarming the streets.




The military is forcing those not affected into quarantine and a vaccination is being given. It’s the only chance to ward off the sickness but there are major side effects… blindness.


You’ll be lost in the darkness as the undead hunt you. An attack can come from anywhere. You don’t have to remember the original house, to understand this single truth: They will find you.


This is our first original house announced for this year’s event. We’ve got even more haunted houses and scare zones to announce for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. This year’s event will take place on select nights Sept. 14 through Nov. 3.


Bookmark the blog for updates and click here to grab the special Flex Ticket offer that gives you an extra free night of scares. You may want to hurry though, as this offer is only available until June 6.

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Im hearing some scuttlebutt about a new gravity group coaster going into Jurassic Park close to the old Triceratops Encounter site, any merit to this? Any activity in the area? I know many years ago there was a smaller wooden coaster in the plans for IoA. With white lightning and mine blower being big hits I do hope this is true.


Also seems like Orlando May be updating JPRA but NOT go for a Jurassic World overlay as seen in Hollywood which I’m also hoping is the case. I believe if they ever get the third park going perhaps we will see some Jurassic world additions there. I kind of like the thought of two varying river rides between Orlando and Hollywood. Fingers crossed.

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Universal has sent us a press release announcing that Trick ‘r Treat will be coming to Halloween Horror Bights at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood!





Beginning September 14, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood will bring Legendary Pictures’ cult Halloween classic Trick ‘r Treat to life in all-new Halloween Horror Nights mazes that dare guests to live by the rules or suffer the consequences.


Based on the critically-acclaimed and fan-favorite movie, directed by Michael Dougherty, the “Trick ‘r Treat” maze will transport guests to Warren Valley, Ohio on Halloween night to celebrate the holiday’s dark traditions. Recreating some of the anthology’s most iconic scenes, the disturbing new maze invites brave thrill-seekers to become entwined within the secrets of this sleepy suburban town.


Guests will experience some of the film’s most grisly scenes and encounter hauntingly familiar characters. They will meander through Mr. Kreeg’s infamous house, watch as college students viciously transform into bloodthirsty werewolves and dismember the town, as well as come face-to-face with Sam – the spirit of Halloween – who readies to punish those who break the holiday’s tradition.


Universal Studios’ “Halloween Horror Nights” is the ultimate Halloween event. For more than 25 years, guests from around the world have visited “Halloween Horror Nights” in Hollywood and Orlando to become victims inside their own horror film. Multiple movie-quality mazes based on iconic horror television shows, films and original stories come to life season after season. And, the streets of each coast’s event are transformed into highly-themed scare zones where menacing scare-actors lunge from every darkened corner.


Additional details about Universal Studios’ “Halloween Horror Nights” will be revealed soon. Select tickets and vacation packages for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights are on sale now. For more information about “Halloween Horror Nights” at either Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Orlando Resort, visit http://www.HalloweenHorrorNights.com.


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So hyped for HHN this year, holy crap. This and Stranger Things in the same event? I've never pre-ordered tickets for a Halloween event before, and this just might be the one to break that.

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Normally I don't put much stock in people's guesses as to what a new attraction is going to be before it's officially announced, but this seems to be spot on.



This person is claiming it to be an intiman ride. They also claim(And show) the layout by looking at a overhead view on the footers. It's also mentioned that it will have 3 indoor sections, and use the station and q line from dragons. Not saying this person is correct. But it's makes sense. It's worth checking out.

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