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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 602: Universal Holidays & Velocicoaster photo report posted!

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I like how they build a roller coaster in the same time it took them to built new lockers for Harry Potter.   

On Sunday I ventured out to the Universal Orlando Resort for a chance to see the new holiday offerings at the two parks. This year is a little different thanks to COVID-19, but Universal has still man

^Agreed. I think the newer Intamin lapbars are actually the best steel coaster restraint currently being produced. When comparing overhead lapbars on Taron and Blue Fire, I found the Intamin ones to b

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Wow, I was very surprised to see that it looks like Universal Orlando is getting Transformers! Looks like work is progressing quickly. I have not yet ridden the Hollywood version but I hear it's amazing, how lucky are we to have two of these types of rides at neighboring parks? Long live the dark ride!



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Just saw a post on Facebook. Looks like Universal may have finally received the Golden Ticket for Best Ticket that it deserved! Not sure which one yet, but this has been a long time coming.


EDIT: Looks like it was Forbidden Journey. Great to hear!

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I think sometimes the Golden Ticket awards celebrate the newest attractions and technology rather than get into what is actually the best experience.


I do think Spider-man is better as well, and I haven't even been on it since the update.

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I had the chance on Friday to check out the latest happenings at the Universal Orlando Resort including the adding of thematic elements for Halloween Horror Nights 22, as well as the rapidly growing Jaws replacement and some other miscellaneous items throughout the park.


Over in New York's Sting Alley several graveyard pieces have been added.


Can any Horror Nights experts provide us with a backstory for Jonathan Hawthorne?


It is like the graveyard sprung up from the ground!


Amity stands for progress!


The frame for what is rumored to be a Gringotts themed coaster has gone up in just over a week and should continue to be built at a brisk pace.


Amity stands for dirt!


The ride building is pretty huge... Comparable to one of the studios, I believe.


Universal's expansion has actually given up retail and food & beverage space in favor of creating a larger waterfront opposite its new land.


The new waterfront draws inspiration from the Thames Embankment in London.


Despite being trimmed down significantly, you can see the old wall lines from Amity's shops and food options that once were.


More of the graveyard can be found on the other side of the park.



These set pieces have a fair share of creative nods to Horror Nights and Universal Studios' past.


Might we see the Caretaker actually present at the event? I'd imagine not, but it would be neat to see him guarding the graveyard grounds.


A tribute to the recently demolished Hercules & Xena building...


Any idea who this is?


Over at The Simpsons Ride, the front of the Krustyland facades are being reworked to allow for the installation of actual midway games at the front of the queue.


Plenty of work still to be done.



The new games will only annex a small portion of the ride's massive queue.


This will be a very different view in a few years.


It was really hard to appreciate just how much land Jaws took up until it was removed.


Expect to see a lion with a ring in its mouth installed at each of these indents in the columns.


There's simply no sign of slowing...


Relocated once again thanks to the construction on the plot of the former Xena building, the Back to the Future Delorean and train have now been given a home in the Central Park section of Universal Studios.


And the location is really a great one. I'm really glad they preserved these iconic pieces of film history and kept them in the park for guests to see!


More Halloween Horror Nights decor popping up.


Doc Brown!


I'm probably one of the few... But I really love that Universal has kept Doc Brown as a roaming character in the park, despite the significantly decreased presence of Back to the Future in the park after the ride closed in 2007.


One of the shops in the park recently underwent a slight transformation to allow it to sell Oakley, RayBan and Gucci accessories.


More props from Horror Nights were put off to the side due to Rock the Universe, but these will soon be placed in the park following the end of the event.



More details!


So there's more to this Hawthorne story...



So Jonathan Hawthorne has several tombs?


Over at the Hard Rock Cafe, the pink cadillac has been replaced with a new guitar that lights up at night.


It is reportedly designed to be a scale replica of the first item to join the Hard Rock vault, a guitar donated by Eric Clapton.


Over in the Lost Continent a new wall has been put up, closing off the Frozen Desert and the palm reader's tent.


It is rumored that this space will be needed to allow for the slight expansion of Hogsmeade to include an actual train station for the Hogwarts Express, which is rumored to link both parks when the Amity expansion is complete.


Treasures of Poseidon is being slightly reworked to allow for the addition of The Pearl Factory to its retail space.


That's all folks!

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Thanks for the update! It really is almost shocking how quickly they are pushing the expansion along. Thanks also for posting some of the details from the HHN theming - I wonder if there will be a "Collective" level backstory this year.

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It is pretty cool how fast there building everything. It's like they have the money now so why sit on it and just build like crazy. One of these years, I will make a trip to HHN.

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^The adage of "you have to spend money to make money" is especially true in the theme park industry. I am glad Comcast sees the value of the theme parks!

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The Horror Nights theming reminds me of some of the set elements that were built for the Avengers movie.


So I'm assuming the fake train engine will be going away and that space used for a real train station? Will be interesting how smooth going from one park to the other via the train when this is done. I imagine it will just have some attendants and turnstiles like the entrance to the park does.


Maybe this could turn out to be an example for building a monorail station in place of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire building, but I doubt it.

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some updates



Spring 2013 - Project 971 / Simpsons - (9/10/12) According to Screamscape sources, we can expect to see the International Food Festival food court eatery next to The Qwik-E-Mart closed in the next few weeks in order to undergo a major transformation to become Simpsons themed. Rumor has it that we will see the addition of a true Krusty Burger and Moe’s Tavern appear here in time for late Spring 2013. I can only assume that we will see Universal take what they learned about adding custom food and beverage items from the Wizarding World and bring some tasty edible Simpsons items to life. Who else is up for a Flaming Moe?

Backing up this rumor is the confirmation from ParkScope back in late August that Universal filed a building permit for “Building 72” that would result in some partial demolition and area development. According to the permits, Universal has dubbed this as Project 971. Between the new themed restaurants and the Simpson themed midway games project, all blended in with the existing Simpsons ride and Kwik-E-Mart, Universal is going to have a rather nice little piece of Springfield.



Wish I lived in FLA, so I could get a Flaming Moe or Krusty Burger

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Wow, there is a TON of active construction going on at the Studios, I'm not a huge fan of that park to begin with but at this point I don't really see a reason to visit again until sometime in 2014 when EVERYTHING is completed.

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^ So it'll be JUST like Harry Potter.....great atmosphere, bad ride. Sounds about right.


I really wouldn't consider Forbidden Journey to be a bad ride. Sure it's not quite as cohesive as Spiderman, but it's still one of the coolest darkrides I've ever ridden. The Kuka Robotic Arm system alone makes it one of a kind.

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I remember going to Nick Studios back in 1995. I got to see the Allegra's Window set (which apparantly used to be Clarissa's old home) and the Hidden Temple set. In 1998, my brothers went to see the Figure it Out set.


Who remembers:

Nick Arcade

Guts (Do you have it?), they even made a SNES game based on it

Clarissa explains it all

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Roundhouse (my brother liked it)

Weinerville (a weird show)

What Would You Do?, featuring the infamous Pie Coaster (was it made by Vekoma or Arrow?)

Double Dare / Family Double Dare

U to U (you could even connect to it on Prodigy)

Solute Your Shorts

Hey Dude

Wild and Crazy Kids

"This show was recorded in front of a live studio audience at Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida"

i remember all of those shows

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^ So it'll be JUST like Harry Potter.....great atmosphere, bad ride. Sounds about right.


And you'll be able to enjoy Coke products because there's no obnoxious creator involved with an ego the size of the sun moaning about how it would "break the immersion"...



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^I wonder if Coke makes the butterbeer syrup?


Even if you're not a fan of all these projects, you have to be excited that Comcast is willing to spend so much on a business everyone thought they would neglect! All of these projects cannot be cheap...

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