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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 602: Universal Holidays & Velocicoaster photo report posted!

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I like how they build a roller coaster in the same time it took them to built new lockers for Harry Potter.   

On Sunday I ventured out to the Universal Orlando Resort for a chance to see the new holiday offerings at the two parks. This year is a little different thanks to COVID-19, but Universal has still man

^Agreed. I think the newer Intamin lapbars are actually the best steel coaster restraint currently being produced. When comparing overhead lapbars on Taron and Blue Fire, I found the Intamin ones to b

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I was driving home from work today when I spotted it from the road and had to go to IOA to see it for myself. Let me just say that as a huge Harry Potter fan, today was absolutely amazing. What was just a few days ago very vague is now very clear. Hogwarts Castle is in the middle of Orlando Florida!

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^I'm pretty sure the number to text, and info about an iPhone app is in the HHN Map you get upon entering the event.


I hope you have express passes already purchased if you're heading over for a Saturday night!

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Just got back and I am very pleased with this year. I did thursday night and I was planning to do fri but I did everything, including some repeats and all shows in one night, without a express pass...


Im not long on reviews so im gonna say what I liked in a very short summary...


First house I went in was silver screams. Cool facade and very well done house. I wish the phantom had more of a presence at the house but from what they had was good. The thing section made you appreciate the thing house a whole lot more. Never saw shaun of the dead so cant really comment on that. The medieval dead section, well first time thru all I saw were chains and ash but the second time thru i saw some demon looking thing, still kinda lacking. Never saw bloody valentine so cant really comment on that. The strangers...what an awesome set piece! It was soo elaborate and huge! I have never seen the movie but I can just get a feel of it from the set alone.


Second house was Chucky. I was stoked about chucky and it was my most inticipated house. I got scared quite a bit and it was a non stop action house. Those monkeys almost made me shit my clothes!


Saw...well saw was tru to the movie. it didnt deviate from it at all. Its kinda hard to scare someone just saying "help me help me" but I did get 2 scares in the room with "john"


Cleaver...well its this years psychoscapary but not as good. Seeing all those mask kinda got boring but the ending was pretty good.


Spawning...I have to say that was my least favorite house. It didnt feel like I was in a sewer other than the section with the eggs.


Franky...Those things are huge! The scientist told me "I see your heart is weak, but thats ok I can still use it" as I cover my ears from the sounds lol. Very detailed house but lots of it missed.


Wolfman...Pretty nice house. Makes me wanna see the movie because it seems to have alot going on in it and if its anything like the movie im down for checking it out.


Last but not least dracula. I got the most scares out of this house! From the crazy brides, to dracula himself and as he was turning I got non stop scares...and soaked!


Overall I liked the houses and the scarezones were pretty cool also. I also took the unmasking the horror tour and it was really cool being able to take your time thru the houses with lights on and take all the pictures you want!

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The reason it's not open for HHN is because they never installed nets under the ride, and that's where the queues are for the haunted houses. It's pretty much in line with all the other oversight associated with this coaster.

If that is true why do people walk under the ride while it is going for the TNA wrestling tapings? Granted, it is only 5-6 times a month they walk under it, but still.

and lets not forget the crowd surfer and the fly out of the firehouse...no nets.


Anyway I finally got to ride it several times and out of the about 5 rides I got only one wasnt jackhammering/shuffling at the bottoms of the drops and the trebel clef. While its a fun ride it does seem to rattle you a bit

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Wow.. where in the world did THAT thing come from?! haha.. Thats massive!!


That's what she said.


Beat me too it.


And I do have to second, that came out of nowhere! It looks amazing!

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Well I just rode Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit this past weekend 2x & found it enjoyable. I enjoyed the airtime on the first drop and the onride audio. I selected Limp Bizkit for the first ride and the Crystal Method for the second. I liked blacking out on the double take loop while sitting in the back seat. A part from that it was just a fun layout, not to thrilling, not to tame. It is not a top 10 coaster in my opinion but it is something new and fun.

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I really want to make the trip. I'm thinking about flying down from Indianapolis to Orlando and staying in a cheap hotel. Seems like thursday nights are the time to go!


As of now, I don't have anyone to make the trip with me, but hopefully I can find someone!



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sorry had to...


I cannot wait for this...every update I get more and more excited...and ya, even if it's a bunch of stores and one new ride, isn't it about being in the world?


Awesome pics, can't wait to see more.

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sorry had to...


I cannot wait for this...every update I get more and more excited...and ya, even if it's a bunch of stores and one new ride, isn't it about being in the world?


Awesome pics, can't wait to see more.


LOL! And yes I totally agree with what you have said. I think it will feel amazing to pretend that your in some kind of different world!

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Here is my initial review for Halloween Horror Nights 19. Mild spoilers ahead. You have been warned.


I have been to HHN the last eight years in a row. It is my favorite time of year and I look forward to it starting in about June or July once the screamscape rumors begin to come in. I will start off by saying I didn't enjoy this years as much as last years. Out of the ones I have been to, so far I will rank it #5. But before anyone thinks I am disappointed my feelings towards the event change drastically before its over so take it with a grain of salt. I also have not done all the houses, missed a scarezone and haven't seen Bill and Ted yet either. I will rate everything on a scale of 1 to 5. Five being the highest.


We will start off with scarezones or lack there of. The streets this year are just terrible. While not as bad as HHN 16 and the Carnival of Carnage, its lightyears behind last year which I thought had the best streets in all my years going. So lets begin shall we.


Containment-OMG whats with the inflatable portal, I felt like I was walking through a section of the discovery zone. Score 1


Apocalyse City of Cannibals-ok this one was bad but it had so much competition from previous years. I didn't understand the point of the victims who walked around not scaring just chilling. Score 2


Horrorwood DrIvE IN-I really enjoyed the concept but it just wasn't scary at all. This is an area that really could of used more FOG. Score 2


Cirque Du Freak-The actors themselves really tried to tie it together and give there all so I applaud them for this. But it was just so small, I mean I don't think I could drive in a circle with a Honda civic small. Score 2


Lights Camera Hacktion-Thank god for the Chainsaw drill team, and its about time they got there own scare zone outside of Disasters entrance plaza. By leaps and bounds the best of the worst. I really enjoyed this one. I will say that the victims/stage hands were blah at best though. Score 4



Now onto the houses. I thought this year had a great variety of houses. I thought that the sets were for the most part incredible. My one main problem with some of the houses this year are not the houses themselves but the scareacters who dwell within them. This event revolves around scares not acting a part with no means of a scare.



The Wolfman-The set itself was incredible. I really felt like I was in the woods during parts of this house. I won't say to much negative since I have only been once and it seemed like all the actors went for the girls in front of me so I missed just about all the scares. This house has potential but until I see it. Score 3


Leave it to Cleaver-For the love of god turn on the AC. I know it doesn't have AC so ignore that. I really enjoyed the sets and thought it to be a complete house. I did not however enjoy the roles of the scareactors in this house. I didn't have a single person attempt to scare me the whole way through. It had the least impressive sets and blah actors. I did enjoy the ending with Meaty Meatz and the chainsaw though. Score 2


Saw-If you enjoy the movies like I do then this is a must do. Its definetly more entertaining than scary but the actors in the traps were incredible. Hats off to the razor face guy, the best by a long shot. The ending with the pigmasks in 360 degrees was very cool as well. The house was awesome just not scary. Score 3


Frankenstein-Those monsters were huge. The costumes here I thought were the best of the event. I got a few good scares in here from the monsters. But not a single one from the Doctors. This is where I just wondered what are you doing? They didn't even try. I thought the house should of focused more on the monsters and laid off all the docs who just yelled get out or he's gonna kill you. The set was over the top though and just incredible. Another house with huge potential. Score 3


Dracula-If you were a fan of castle vampyr(who wasn't) then there is no way you can miss this house. The entrance was just amazing!!! As soon as you walk in the house becomes fully immersive. The brides were great, the sets just awesome. The house fully delivered in the scare department as well. My only knock was only seeing the count once and it was brief cause he go the people in front of me. Other than that second best house of the event and in to my top ten instantly. Score 5


Silver Screams-the best house of the night. It has the total package. Great sets, storyline, and the best actors of the night. The entrance is amazing. I walked in and saw the sign lit up and all of a sudden the sign turns down and instantly looks old and decrepit. Once in, I really thought I was in an old style movie theater. The thing was great and I miss that house by the way. Best set for me was the Strangers. It just creep-ed me out bad. The ushers also did an excellent job of HIDING and SCARING. Something the actors in other houses should try to do. An instant classic and another house in my personal top ten. Score 5


I look forward to seeing how the event will progress. I fully expect the Wolf man and Saw to get better. I will update my house ratings further into the event. Just in case anyone wanted to know here is my rankings for the first night I went.


1.Silver Screams




5.Wolf man

6.Leave it to Cleaver.

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From the press release:


Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango, stars of the hit SyFy Channel series, “Ghost Hunters,” will be at Halloween Horror Nights to experience the nation’s premier Halloween event and sign autographs for guests at Universal Studios on Thursday, October 8.


Gonsalves and Tango are both members of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and star in the reality show that follows the group of real-life paranormal researchers as they investigate hauntings across the nation. Both will sign autographs for fans at Halloween Horror Nights in Battery Park in the New York area of Universal Studios, as well as experience the event first-hand.



This would be the only reason I would want to go to HHN. I absolutely love Ghost Hunters! Steve and Tango are my favorite. Would love to meet them.


Although I do love reading all the TRs from HHN. The theatrical aspect of it fascinates me, I just don't like being scared! I'm a big 'fraidy cat.

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^Neither do I, but I had an absolute blast.


...All right, since some people are piggybacking their TR's onto this thread, I'll join the bandwagon I suppose. Enjoy watching me pop my HHN cherry.


...Yeah, that about sums it up. Once again my sincere apologies to your strained eyes/depleted bandwidth.


Damn you, bright screen.


I am a unique photographer. Just like everyone else.


Took me 'till just now to realize that "Beltzer" signature down at the right. Now I can't stop replaying "Oklahoma" in my head.


Thanks, eHarmony!


"...And I'm tellin' ya, man, she had legs that went all the way up to HERE."


"You know, ma'am, you really shouldn't smoke, because smoking kills... and I know a faster way." --This guy


"Purple haze, all in my eyes... don't know if it's day or night..."




Remember what I said under the second picture of the TR? Yeah.


War of the Living Dead was likely my favourite midway walkthrough, though Cirque du Freak was also very good (but small in size).


I still want Universal... hell, ANYONE... to actually construct this ride.


Silver Screams was very well-done. The Phantom was pretty awesome with all the big organs frightening people (*cough*) but the Shaun of the Dead barroom scene with Don't Stop Me Now playing subtly in the background was hilarious.




"Hmmm... time to get a better pose."


"Mr. Fusion: It can't make you coffee, but it'll blow your f****n' mind."


If you read my last TR, you'd know that I was sorely disappointed to see the Delorean undergoing "temporal displacement" on my last visit. Glad to see it back. Only thing that could've made it better was a zombified Doc Brown. (So, really, Christopher Lloyd.)


...WAY sexier.




I think Phillip Seymour Hoffman got back into his role as Dusty from Twister a little too seriously. (Suppose it IS a state college, though...)


Ghost riders!


Not exactly a unique angle, seeing as I could probably just take this from the normal midway side and flip it.


Now I have a craving for spaghetti. (Should I get my sauce from Delgrosso's, or Meetz Meats?)


*checks* Yep. Still messed up.


Maurer-Sohne upskirt for all you coaster pervs.


The drop looks a lot steeper here than it actually feels.


Few more pictures of a closed (but testing) HRRRRRRRRRR.


In line for Wolfman, which went under HRRRRRRR. We did every house except the Spawning (no interest) and SAW (90 minutes) and of those houses the average wait time was 15-20 minutes, and much less for the rides (MIB, Jaws, Simpsons, Mummy) which were all walk-ons. I can't honestly rate each house; they were all spectacular IMO, and each one had its own special morbid charm. I did really like the actors on harnesses in Wolfman and (I think) Dracula, though.


The guy in the foreground was apparently a Yankees fan, which is much scarier than any of the actors hidden in the fog.




"What is, what the intelligent portion of the public did not do to 'Pluto Nash'?"


...At least THIS spelling was intentional. (Keep readin'.) To preface this evening... normally I hate being scared, but because of a combination of incredible detail on Universal's part and very good PR c/o TPR, I desperately wanted to go this year. Lo and behold, my Premier Pass came with a free non-peak night ticket to the event. I surprised even myself on how much of a freakin' BLAST I had here. Even when I was startled pretty good by the scare-actors, I was laughing deliriously.


Technically the first thing I did that day was shameless candy-whoring over at SeaWorld at around 4 p.m., then with a quick stop at Olive Garden we headed over to HHN.

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