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Universal Orlando Resort (USO, IOA) Discussion Thread

P. 602: Universal Holidays & Velocicoaster photo report posted!

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I like how they build a roller coaster in the same time it took them to built new lockers for Harry Potter.   

On Sunday I ventured out to the Universal Orlando Resort for a chance to see the new holiday offerings at the two parks. This year is a little different thanks to COVID-19, but Universal has still man

^Agreed. I think the newer Intamin lapbars are actually the best steel coaster restraint currently being produced. When comparing overhead lapbars on Taron and Blue Fire, I found the Intamin ones to b

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And now you see why the rings are important...they are multi purpose. I heard they have a mister spray system in them to cool you down as you ascend the lift...

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You all have me dying here... Every single comment is funnier than the last! I am not only tuning in to find out if it opens, but to see who comes up with the next "precious" joke!


The lift is cool. I really enjoy lifts that do not make you wait! Nothing worse than a slow tick... it really gets to me. El Toro was my first and only fast lift hill. I cannot wait to get to the next!


Florida, here I come! Countdown T-minus 8 days....

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All the painting is done, fences are done, inside of the station is complete. They were testing all last night as well, cars running full speed around 11pm. Small bit of landscaping and theming left todo that also includes...the RINGS. (They're NOT up yet)

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Beyonce song, good one! lol.


That commercial is the funniest thing I have seen in ages. I love seeing that one. Just as good as the metal heads head banging with the headphones on!


Yeah, without picture proof, you shouldn't (and hopefully you are not) joke around about that one. That one person will find you and hunt you down!

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Everything on Screamscape is just what was written in the Universal Team Newsletter, very interesting but nothing really new to people who have been following this thread.

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went today and no new updates except LCD TVs were being put up in the queue and the entrance by Blue Man Group was getting its finishing touches. Saw crew members with brightly colored red yellow and black splattered shirts by jaws learning the ropes on how to run a ride. Thats about it though for today.

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Today I had the chance to run over to Universal after work, meeting up with my friend Jake from the East Coast trip. Sure enough, Rockit's work continues, but I was fortunate enough to see one full test run, and I've even got pictures! This is a pretty photo-intensive update, so be forewarned.


Awaiting the Freestyle Music overlay...


Goodnight Universal!


This curvacious beast finishes its run directly after this pictured section.


Tilted edginess in honor of my edgy partner in crime, Bryan.


Does a photo like this even need a watermark when you know I'm the kind of person to post it?


And so the train returns to the station, awaiting further tweaks and test results (if there are any).


I didn't see the ride let up for one moment during its cycle...


This thing really flies through the brake runs.


Thank you TNA!


And back down we go...




It's testing!


Notice anything strange with this photo?


Coasters don't typically pop out of my skull, but in the rare instances they do, I have my camera ready to document this phenomena.


Jake walks away from Domowood, grinning from ear to ear.


Fail no more.


I found the cameras in the firehouse!


Now all we have to do is find Carmen Sandiago and Waldo...


A darker take on my typical "sun shots," I bring you, "sunset shots!"


But Domo has got dibs on the first proposal!


I think I've found an Alton-esque proposal spot in Orlando!



Dark, yet beautiful.


Thanks to TNA Wrestling, the production studios entrance was open, allowing us to get photos like this.


The worker decided to kiss the water dummy before it rode off into the sunset.


Universal, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


The "queue arches" are no "queue covers." Who would've guessed?


Nothing new here. Move along.


And no. There are no rings. Fin.




I think I'll get used to seeing this eventually.


Not a bad touch, if you ask me.


New stickers have been applied to the station/queue's sides to further connect the ride to its theme.


A construction-free, grassy view of the Citywalk portion of the ride.


I already feel like I'm in line for The Simpsons Ride.


At least the queue isn't entirely outside. Some shade, some music videos and a few fans can make the queuing experience so much better!


Is this the fabled seperate ticket entry location for Rip, Ride, Rockit that we've all been hearing about?


The stairway seems to be configured much like Men in Black with three lines, allowing for potential single rider or Express Pass entry.


Into the den of the rockers you go!


After riding Mr. Freeze earlier this week, seeing a mechanical belt like this one definitely excites me...



The walls around the Blue Man Group side of the station have finally come down to reveal a unique queue.

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Two videos not posted yet.


The part near City Walk.


Through the fire facade.


Looks like it actually flies through the course and the MCBR's don't affect the ride much.




^Try page 166 about half way down

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It was nice to hang out with you for a little bit tonight Adam...cya in July! It was pretty sweet that we got to go under the loop and see a train cycle from that close up.


I'll have a full trip report of my florida trip when I get home but I uploaded like 30 pics of the 600+ I took at Universal/IOA today really quickly. They can be found here (includes the views from under the loop):



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Everything on Screamscape is just what was written in the Universal Team Newsletter, very interesting but nothing really new to people who have been following this thread.


yea, well piers, some people don't get that, myself included. so anything that seems necessary to put on this thread myself and other people will.

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Does the reposting of some info really hurt anyone? People discuss the rings so much that some info ends up getting buried


Awesome pics Adam! Thanks for the update.

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