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Disney Crowds?

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If you want to go this weekend... forget it.


It's gay days this weekend and that park and all the hotels are gonna be packed. Chances are unless you go really early, the Magic Kingdom will be at capacity with a crowd of red shirts saturday. Your parents will probably be covering your eyes from all goings on as well.


I'm going this weekend but if I go to any amusement parks, it will be Universal tomorrow to kill time before my room is ready. I've already got my tickets to all the major parties at MGM and Typhoon lagoon... they start after they close the parks to guests... and those are 21+ to attend.



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I'm thinking of going to Disney World this weekend for my birthday and for the start of star wars weekends ( ) , but I'm afraid summer crowds are already there..

Has anyone been to Disney recently?

What have the lines been like?


Ok I work at Epcot so yeah... I have been to disney recently... like 30 minutes ago! Personally I really don't suggest going. I mean Disney parks are great, but there are so many freaking people. OMG PLUS today was the first day of the gay weekend... so unless you are gay, I suggest not going... but thats just me. OH OH OH I can tell you that the wait for Soarin' was about 250 minutes today... so yeah... I don't know if that helps, but I told you anyways


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Well...I've never been to Disney World, but as if it's "Star Wars Weekend" I think I'd probably suggest going another day.


But yeah...it's hopefully it won't be too crowded if you decide going this weekend.


Happy birthday




EDIT: SO apparently it's gay weekend...so I don't know if you wanna go!

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^^ Do they increase the wait time more than the actual wait time on purpose? When we went over Spring Break, on Soarin, it said the wait was 120 minutes, but we only waited about an hour. I want to say it happened a couple other times, but I can't remember which rides.


I was thinking it was a form of crowd control or something, but it could've been a mistake.

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I go to Disney pretty frequently and have to say the times when crowds are low are few and far between.So for example if you want to ride a particular ride just be smart about it and grab a FP when the park opens cause even on

days when it's not insanely crowded, rides like Soarin and Everest always end up with 60-90 minute waits!!I have the seasonal pass which blocks me out of the most busiest times of the year like Summer and 2 weeks in Christmas and 2 weeks in Spring Break,but it still seems almost any other time I go it's still plenty crowded!!

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Ok, so, I ended up going and it was crowded but we managed...

The longest wait was for Tower of Terror, probably close to an hour..

For the more popular rides like Rockin' and Everest, we just rode singles...

We still got fast passes for Kali River Rapids and Space Mountain, so really all of our wait times were managable


Star wars weekends was really a disappointment to me...Maybe just because I was there at a bad time, but I felt like there was barely any Star Wars theming...

And as for the gay days, I think it just added to the fun

My friends and I had an amazing time (considering it was my friends first time to Disney )

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