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Kennedy Space Center: Shuttle Launch Ride, anyone try it?

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It was supposed to be open on Friday, but I have no time to go and see it...wondered if anyone was planning to go check it out.


The pics from screamscape.com make it look quite good and it looks like they put some money into it.

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Hola, well my internship for this summer is working at NASA, not exactly at the Visitors Complex, but the "EXPERIENCE" not ride is really good, not like Mission Space but it is sweet, the Pre-Show is really good, and it is more of a real life experience than anything else.


It has 4 simulators, each one carries 40 people, you go in the payload and the cool thing is that it goes 90° up and like 45° down, the end is the best part when they open the roof and you see and feel like if you were on space.


The VIP opening ceremony was really cool, full of astronauts, I meet the Vice President of Boeing, and MaheinSteam Roller played and it was just sweet,


You all should try it, but keep in mind that it is not a ride it is an EXPERIENCE, lol


See you later

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lol, yeah I think thats it like 60° but I lost my sense of stability so I thought I was in a real thing, lol


And I am not joking I call it a RIDe, but my managers get angry and tell me to call it an EXPERIENCE; lol



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i actually rode this "experience" the second day it came out

over all i wasn't really impressed

its just a whole lo of vibrations

and unlike mission space thier is no g forces

if your looking for a thriller dont ride

but if you want an "experience" make sure to


ps. like she said the ending when the roof lifts is very cool and also the preshow is amazing!

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I rode it today and here is what i thought:

My mom and i finally got into the complex and went straight for the ride. she had her purse so we had to pay a quarter to put it into a locker, and luckily you get it back later. anyway. we walked up and down the quene, and got stopped right before the entrance to the preshow. this took about six minutes of waiting, until we finally entered into the pre show room. i thought it was awesome with all the effects. anyway, when we got on the ride, we got front row. i thought the ride was kinda lame because of the great build up. there was no g forces and the most intense moment was when you got into space. all in all it was okay...

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