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Photo Trip Report: Waldameer (Saturday 5/26/2007)

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We hit 4 different parks this past weekend, and Waldameer was certainly a pleasant surprise. The park is densely foliated, which makes for an attractive but difficult to photograph park. The ride collection was balanced and fun. Sadly, there are no true stand out rides that make the park worthy of many out of town visitors. Ravine Flyer II looks like the perfect solution to this problem. I'm very happy that this awesome little park is getting the 4th Gravity Group installation. I'm sure it will turn out well.


Anyway, here are the pictures.


This is exactly what this place needs!


10 spots of airtime? Please, oh please use buzzbars on the train(s).


This sign is better than any lame caption I could compose.


Weird on-ride photo of Comet. This ride looks like it should have some airtime, but it does not.


I liked this frog until I noticed he prefers Pepsi.


My what big teeth you have, grandma.


A campy Bill Tracey walk through fun house.




Inside the Whacky Shack.


A hilarious old Bill Tracey dark ride.


Can't sleep. Clown will eat me.


Waldameer is very photogenic.


Liz molests a clown!


So much nicer than the crummy looking sign out front.


And this is about as close to a lift hill shot as you can get with this coaster.


I could have tried for a better action shot, but was more interested in enjoying my very limited time.


These are the cars for the Maurer spinning coaster. They're way more comfortable than garden variety wild mouse cars.


How's it going, wrebbit?


This is what CP fanboys do to you when you tell them Millennium Force is overrated.


The Comet is not the most exciting ride, but the kids seem to like it.


We skipped the cute little train because we only had two hours in the park.


This is the turn around for the Comet, Waldameer's little Schmeck woodie.


Ok, doesn't look like much so far.

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Ravine Flyer look really great! In a state like PA, you need a ride like that to make yourself known.


BTW, I really loved that last picture of Comet. Its so beautifly natural, and yet, so visually thrilling! It really isn't like any coaster picture I've ever seen.

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^That's when it crosses over a road.


Yeah, I wonder if it's going to be more like a tunnel than an open bridge. They have to build it so that it doesn't distract the drivers who go under it, which to me means they need to hide the train.

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Nice TR.


I'm hoping to finally hit Waldameer this summer.


Thanks. We lucked into a dead evening, which of course makes it better.


Be aware that the park sometimes closes early. They were supposed to close at 10 PM on Saturday, but when we arrived at 6:30 PM they told us they were only open until 8:30 PM. This wouldn't have been good had we arrived at 8:00 PM like we originally planned.

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I am looking to hit Waldameer this summer but I have to ask How fat guy friendly is Steel Dragon?


I don't know because I'm pretty thin. My guess is that it's not too bad for that, but you might try calling the park and asking. It's a pretty fun little coaster, way better than your average spinning mouse.


I do know that you might have problems with Comet's Jr. woodie train.

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