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Thorpe Park 28/5 PTR

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A lovely bank holiday for us in Blighty, which in an oh-so-natural way, decided to rain. Yet I was not deterred to not go to Thorpe, so I did...


A now a moan, the park opened at 9:30 in the morning... Guess how many rides were open, less than 5 major ones...Not even Inferno, Colossus, Stealth, Rush, Slammer, I could go on. Most opened over 30 minutes after the park opening, and Colossus didn't open the whole time I was there, so it was a major downer and bad omens I thought at first...


Also, Detonator's music has of course changed, and does now not work with the ride, mainly as it was sooooo quiet it could barely be heard, so naturally a protest is needed to allow this to return, as well as the numerous now missing single rider queues...


But enough, picture time...


Fin. Thanks for reading my first proper PTR...


Chris says hi, and dude to Ryan...


Here's lunch, £5.75 for this chicken, which was quite nice, especially after staff discounts...


I love how imposing these things are, and how enjoyable a ride it is...


Thorpe have been doing a lot of land-filling this year in preparation for feature new stuff, this is by Colossu(ck)s and Samurai, the other main part is a long line in the lake near Stealth.


Sadly for Derek, only one vertical loop was operating today...


Funny English persons on Rush...


We also have a nice big swing...


Yep, bright orange, and with annoying 'Surfer Dude' annoucements...


Oh no...


The Fish of new colouring...


And again...


Coaster goes WHOOSH...


Stealth, actually working. I also almost got a roll-back, one train was launching much slower than the other and therefore crawled over the top hat...


Det seats.... Lovely


X:/, it was the only coaster bar Inferno open at the time...


Detonator is another great ride at the park, yet the new music simply sucks...


Hey Derek.


Stuck on the hill... THROUGH THE TREES!!!


B&M goodness had to wait over 30 minutes, but my baby is still the best thing there...


The view into the park, in the car, hence the dodginess.

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That was a nice report, shame not much was open at first.

I really like Thorpe park but found NI to be really dissapointing and not too forcefull. Much prefer its older brother!

Our weather sucked in Cornwall all weekend too!!

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Nice report, how busy was the park today with the very wet weather?


Can't see Detonator's music change back, hear it using the theme from Heide-Park drop tower (Scream). Thorpe been changing all there music even Inferno got some added tune in the station I must say its actually quite nice.


As for rides not opening on time, common thing now days Thorpe’s rides reliability sucks arse. as for missing SRQ don't get me on that, More visits to Alton for there’s now.

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Not very, minimal queues of around 10 minutes per ride once they all opened, Rush had BOTH arms running though for the majority of the day, which was shocking.... But it did have the queue extension open earlier, but was empty when I go to it...


They didn't play Inferno's new track when leaving/arriving, so that was annoying, but back row first train on a wet track isn't THAT bad...

And though Det's top speakers now work, they're VERY quiet, and the one at the bottom is half silent as well, I struggled to hear even the 'hold on tight' recording... Tis bad...


Shame I didn't get to go on Guest Services though and give another pop at SRQ and reliablity...


And apparently Stealth did break down today, just not when I was there

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