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B&M Dive Machine for Chimelong Paradise

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Note: I do apologise for the fragmented nature of this post. I am editing as i research the coaster so i post as i find.




This is the latest news update in China. unfortunatly the picture doesnt show alot. but someone with a mind better suited to the fishbowl effect might be able to figure it out.


Also found this pic from this blog


(however its pretty big so had to (url] it



and there are a few more on this forum





Theres one here too



one more pic of what appears to be the final helix


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That helix looks pretty crazy, but only because it looks like there isn't are just barely is clearence for the trains, so end seat riders on the side closest the ground will be insanely closs to both the ground and the supports.

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I am not saying there is not a watersplash feature, I am saying that showing this picture of an absolutely drenched Midway is not proof that there is a water splash feature. There was obviously a rainstorm right before this picture was taken.


The guy like three above me are you honestly suggesting that the water from the area you circled can get the midway wet up by the gentlemen in the picture?


As a teacher the level of reading comprehension on this site frightens me.

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it looks to me as though the train will dive down the second drop and into a turn to the right, similar to Sheikra's turn after the 2nd drop, and then into the splash area which is directly under the mcbr in this case. Basically really similar to Sheikra. Then it makes a slight bunny hop a little to the left (kinda like the bunny hop after Griffon's second immelmann) and then into the final helix and brake run. Just my theory. Refer to the pix (sorry if the text is hard to read!):



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Looks like the ride is coming along nicely, altough I don't see a spot for a watersplash feature. Maybe it doesn't have one or we just didn't see it yet? Anyway, this looks like it is going to be a crowd pleaser!

From the looks, there will be a water splash.



He was joking...

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The world’s tallest diving roller coaster is still under construction in Chimelong Paradise which is located in Panyu, Guangzhou, China. This diving roller coaster is called the king of roller coasters because of all the extreme factors of this amazing roller coaster.


The diving coaster was produced by Bolliger&Mabillard, the best roller coaster production company in the world. With an investment of over 200 million RMB, this is the only Diving Coaster in Asia; with over 80 meters in height and over 1000 meters in length, this is the tallest diving coaster in the world; with a top speed of 120km/hour, and almost 90 degree vertical diving experience, this is the world’s best diving coaster ever!


According to Chimelong Paradise, tourists will be able to experience this diving coaster during the coming Spring Festival. And a series of events has already been prepared for the opening of this king roller coaster.



Source: Chimelong Paradise


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