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Six Flags Kansas-Big Update May 27th-Mystery Mine Is Here

What should i rename the Mystery Mine to?  

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  1. 1. What should i rename the Mystery Mine to?

    • The Wild One
    • Nightmare
    • Sidewinder
    • Renegade
    • Don't rename it.

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This is my first park called ''Six Flags Kansas''.

Hope you like it.


This is V2-Vertical Velocity.


This is the carousel.


The wooden coaster is called Timber Wolf and the giant frisbee is called Sledgehammer.


That's the logo for Timber Wolf.


This is a signature shot.


I would love some comments.

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Hey again.

Here's a new update with the new ride Mystery Mine.

It's not the real version.

Sledgehammer has also been removed.


Yup, that's Mystery Mine.


This will soon be the indoor part.


It looks awesome, right.


That's the station.


Everyone love Timber Wolf.


Hands up!


Hope you liked it.

Comments welcome.

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Nice coaster you have build there. I guess the first drop is a bit Maverick inspired - right?

But I think you should try to make it look more like a mine. Instead of using timber frame buildings, you should use the western theming. It will suit the name much better.

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