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Best Halloween Event?

What is the scariest event?  

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  1. 1. What is the scariest event?

    • Knotts Scary Farms
    • Fear Fest-(KI, KD, Etc. . .)
    • Halloweekends-CP
    • Halloween Horror Nights (USF or USH)
    • Valleyscare
    • Halloweekends-WOF
    • Howfluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and gooO-Scream (BGE or BGA)

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Hello. I know it's a bit early, but I'm a halloween nut, and I love halloween events. . . even though I've only been to one amusement park one. I'm wondering what one's you guys think are the best, mainly based on scariness. Oh and if you're going to tell why, please say the scariest house/scare zone there. Thanks!

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Most definitely Horror Nights at Knotts.

It is the original, and the actors are always so into it.

It is a bit of a smaller budget than other ones, namely Universal Studios, but I always have more fun at Knotts.

Universal was good, but it seemed that it had a few kinks it HAD to work out.


My favorite house is always the Asylum, with Feary Tales a clsoe 2nd. The Gauntlet is my favorite scare zone.

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I guess because I like Vampires.


They were there.

Most people like Ghost Town, they have Chainsaws, and EXCELLENT actors, but I really don't get why chainsaws and demented cowboys are scary, so it doesn't scare me.

I just personally like the Gauntlet.

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I would have to say Knott's Scary Farm. I've been to 4 of the Halloween events listed up there (Knott's, KD, CP, and USH) and I'd have to say that Knott's has always scared the crap out of me. Yes it is low budget compared to Universal but I always seem to have more fun at Knott's. The best time to go to Knott's is the beginning part of the Haunt because the actors seem like they are way more into it then later on in the month.


Best maze ever is still that 13 Dead End Manor, or whatever it's called, WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED! Have a friend guide you through the maze with your eyes closed and the actors always come up and scare the living pee pee out of you. Fun times...is it Halloween yet?

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Being that I've only experienced one out of the list, I'm gonna have to go with Halloween Haunt. It is freakin awesome and the actors are just so into it. My favorite maze was Red Beard's Revenge because the night we were there, the actors were awesome! The best scare zone was The Gauntlet because construction walls were up, cramming everyone into a very small space. Sliders would just run right through the group of people, scaring everyone. It was great.


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I've been going to HHN for 13 years straight (& counting), in that time, its gone a bit "down hill" in that its not as "scary" as it once was. What used to be almost adult exclusive has turned into the most crowded night you can EVER be at Universal with a lot of immature kids. Still, over the last 2-3 years (particularly since leaving behind Island os Adventure), they've improved MUCH.


Still HOS at BG is a class act. Groovy sets, scare actors who care to scare and nights where U & your party can literally walk the scare zones ALONE!


Maybe I'm a bit biased since I also worked for them last year.

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I'd go with Universal Florida first, Knott's a close second, BGA third, BGE fourth, then KD last. (But note that the last two do not require a separate ticket, so they're not as big as the other events. Howl-o-Scream at BGE is much better than Feafest at KD, though.)

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While HAUNT at KBF will always be the "king" of Halloween, WOF's Halloweekends is quickly becoming THE halloween event in the Midwest. They are adding 2 more unique haunts this year and one sounds like it will be insane -- completely original idea. You know that WOF's event is good when the CF HQ sends other parks to WOF to get ideas on how to improve their events.


Also WOF is home to the BEST Asylum in the chain according to Kinzel

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HalloWeekends at Cedar Point gets my vote, I like Werewolf Canyon the best. I love the scare zones, especially the Fright Zone.


ValleyScare was also pretty nicely done, it makes me wonder how much Valleyfair can add and improve to their event, adding a couple haunts to an already loaded list of things to do is quite good. I wish they will add Werewolf Canyon to our event. I like the Pirates of Crimson Isle, it was long and had lots things going on and was hard to see where you were going. Also the Asylum was great because of the grotesque scenes in it ha ha. Blood Creek Cemetery was okay.

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