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Homemade Dole Whip!

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For those who don't know..


You now can order Dole Whip mix. I got it and it works!

All you need is:

-Dole Whip Mix


-Ice Cream OR Soft Serve Machine


http://uec-hawaii.com/products2.html (3rd item down)


Order The Dole Whip Mix for $32 (thats WITH shipping)

Order two 4LB bags and shipping is FREE on the 2nd bag!





EVEN BETTER, the 4LB Bag makes around 72 tasty Dole Whips!


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Top Posters In This Topic

Put me in the camp that doesn't get the whole dole whip fanjaya thing, to me it just tastes exactly like the pineapple sherbert ice cream my Grandma used to get for every party. Can buy the crap at any supermarket, maybe for those that never had it it's a big deal, but really nothing unique or groundbreaking to deserve such a fuss over (and yes I had one while waiting for the Tiki Room, still tasted like cheap pineapple sherbert to me).

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^Not really


I agree with you Speedracer to a point.


Yea the Disney dole whip isn't all that. It's ok. But ya, it just tastes like regular ol pineapple sherbet. But I also understand Jahans view on it. It is the whole charm behind getting it at Disney is what makes it so special.

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