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Which do you prefer?


What's your preference?  

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  1. 1. What's your preference?

    • McDonalds
    • Burger King

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Burger King tastes like real burgers and they use salad, while MD's burgers taste like "Rubber". If I go to MD's I only have a kids meal.


But the King of Burgers is a local "Burger Van" on one of the roads near my house, fresh everything inc salad. they are so lovely.


Wendy's took my money when I visited the "Windy City", their triples are something else.. mmmm

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McDonalds...it can be mm mm good.. sometimes.


Burger King...is what not tastes right.


I chose McDonalds, becasue i was tol to choose something that i had never had before, so I chose the crispy club, and it was REALLY good!


Also MD's fries taste good becasue they have loads of salt, where as Burger Kings Fries are very average, and that holder that they put them in to fit in car holders does NOT work!


If you could pick any fast food in the world, i would choose RUNZA which is nebraskas version of a fast food joint. The food is way diff. than anything else, and its really good. They have the most locations in Lincoln(43 and counting)


These pics are of the famous RUNZA SANDWICH


Its basically ground beef, fresh bun, and some cabbage

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I prefer MacDonald’s, just because I prefer what is on their menu, I love big Mac’s and their milkshakes are nice.


Berger king is rubbish in the UK but it is nice in America. MacDonald’s still wins though imo.

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If I had to choose one, I'd say BK over Mickey Ds. I know I'm in the minority in this but I actually like BK's breakfast better. As a rule I don't eat fast food hamburgers with the exception of whataburger (excellent burgers) and another chain out of DC called Five Guys Burgers and fries. Best burgers I've ever had and props to anyone who knows who they are.

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^ sure ya can Mcdonald's Breakfast Burritos.


Ugh, the last time I ate one of those I got freaking food poisoning, which resulted in wasting a whole day of vacation vomiting and wishing I was dead.


-Amanda "Burger King wins since I'm not eating McDonald's anymore, at least not out here" V.

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McDonalds for me, but I eat Subway as much as I can over McDonalds. Better for you.


...Um, not really. I unfortunately work at Subway, and after a year, I've actually gained weight from eating at least 1 6 inch every day.


Also, it's not much different from the burger joints as we get all our meat prepackaged, presliced, and previously frozen. Even the bread comes frozen in sticks. We also have breakfast (some stores don't) and yes, the egg comes frozen, already conveniently placed in "omelet" form.


So... I will agree with whoever said that it doesn't matter what you eat, it's how much you exercise and your metabolism.

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