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Which do you prefer?


What's your preference?  

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  1. 1. What's your preference?

    • McDonalds
    • Burger King

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^ Wrong. I eat fast food almost every day, and have for years. I'm 21 and I'm 150 lbs at 6 foot 1. Doctors say I'm in almost perfect shape. Blame something else.


A 21-year-old in perfect health? Who would have thought?


I'm going to have to go with McDonald's. Their fries are a lot better than BK's, and BK tends to put far too much mayo on their burgers.

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I would choose McDonalds because I haven't eaten BK since I was three.


I like McDonalds chiken nuggets but I hardley eat at fast food restraunts.

I know how bad it CANbe for you. I only eat fast food if thats the only thing every one wants.

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I really don't like any of those two, or any other fast food restaurant, that stuff's bad for you.


There is a fun saying that goes: A little crap washes out the system...


/Edward "Lite skit i magen rensar ut systemet" Göteborgaren

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As a kid, I used to love BK- but after they switched the meat for their burgers and whatever the heck the did to their fries- I'll say Mickey D's. Their taste (whatever you call it) has at least been consistent.


I will concede that BK's breakfast sausage sandwich is tasty---and I used to just love their Chicken International "Italian" Sandwich.


I WILL NOT go to BK for burgers-disgusting. Let's skip the middle man and just let me throw them whole in the toilet.

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I prefer Macdonalds




- McChicken (way better then long chicken from BK)

- Better Milkshakes


main reason: Mckroket!!


a kroket is a dutch snack (you should try it out when your here, just like a Frikandel)


1 thing I hate about both: French Fries! just give me normal dutch fries, with normal dutch mayonaise

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I had to go with McDonalds. I prefer the burgers and chicken sandwiches at Burger King. Burger King also has frozen Cokes and mozzarella sticks. But McDonalds has good salads, the burgers are decent, they have better dessert choices, I like their chicken nuggets better, their fruit and yogurt parfaits are great and their biscuits are awesome. It was a tough call, but McDs edges out Burger King by just a hair.



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I'm split because I like McDonald's for thier breakfast and fries(they have THE best tasting fries), But I overall like Burger King cause of thier burgers(cant beat their whopper or chicken sandwiches). Hell if I really have to choose, it'll be Rallys or Checkers (it's cheaper than both of them and they have good spicy chicken sandwiches)


But since Rallys/Checkers aint on the topic, I'll stick with Burger King...

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^ Exactly. I exercise every night, and I have a medium paced metabolism. With the fast food I eat, it balances out. Blaming people who eat fast food for being fat is uninformed. It depends on metabolism, other eating habits (I love vegetables too), exercise, and your somatotype (endomorph, ectomorph).


Then think of how awesome you would look and what good shape you would be in if you ate real food instead of trash?


Abstained from voting. Fast food is disgusting.

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