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Lottery Win and Spending It

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If you won a very large sum of money (talking Millions) on your Lottery or Bingo how would you spend it...?


Would you:


A) Talk to your fav park and provide some cash so they can buy a sig coaster or flat ride...?


B) Buy ur fav coaster and move it to your local Park if they agreed.


C) Buy a Park and pay off it's debits (like CLP), get all the rides back to their former glory or as-new status and add new ones each year..?


D) Pay off all of your friends n family debits, buy em cars, tv's and take them on a Worldwide holiday.


E) Ask a coaster company to re-build ur fav defunct coaster at a Park. e.g. Wildcat at Idora Park, The Bat at Kings Island or the Crystal Beach Cyclone.?


F) Hord all of your money and be a tight person and spend it on yourself.



I would sort myself out 1st, friends n family then do A and B, if any money left C as well.

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H) Pay off my student loans, make sure my family is alright, put a large portion in the bank, and take a little chunk and buy myself a seat in some feeder race series like Formula BMW or Skip Barber National Championship as I work my way up the racing ladder.

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Pay off all debts and student loans. Pay for graduate school (yes, I still want to be an architect!). Go to NYC. Disney World. And many of the parks I have missed. Buy season tickets to the Colts. Switch to HDTVs and get my whole family Mac computers. Buy a summer home in Sandusky, OH. Buy some new (yet modest cars) - I don't care to LOOK rich....

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First off, pay off all debts! Then I would get me a motorhome. I would then send my car off to a garage to have it totally redone on the inside and body. Then send it to a garage to have a 3.4 liter engine dropped in. Full Cat back exhaust. Redo the suspension and get a air ride kit. put some 20's on it. Then all of my family would get atleast 20k each. I would give 50k to a couple forums I visit. 75k to the owner of another website I visit to help with thier family. I would pay for a entire midwest trip for whoever wanted to go to ride the best darn woodies there is (HW's trio). 100k would go to make a wish, 100k to American Cancer Society, and 100k to another charity that deserves it. I would make it so CLP could stay open for the historical aspect of it for as long as I could. After that, I would get some cars. 08 Ford f -450 maxed out with a travel trailor, 07 Chevy Malibu Maxx SS, Corvette, and probably a BMW 325i. A nice home on a lake of somewhat medium size. A pontoon, a ski, and a fishing boat. What would be left would go into a savings account.




I would get some carsa dn things and then use the rest of the money to start a water park where I live.

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My dream has been to operate an amusement park. I would build a couple of awesome (classic) wooden coasters, install old flat rides, have a pretzel darkride, a bill tracy darkride, you know, the classic stuff. I would call the park "classicland"

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I would build myself a new house in the mountains. Then, I would take large, long trips to Europe and Japan. I mean, if I had that much money, what other way is there besides spending it on theme parks! Oh yeah, and I would save like a million to give to my family and help them, etc.


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I would buy a yacht and speedboat. I would also buy a nice house on the beach in a secluded area. Otherwise, I would just throw all the money in the bank and use it as I needed it. I would also help out firends/family financially when they needed it. Also, if at that point I still wasn't a published author, I would open my own publishing company and have my writings published.

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I would put it all in the bank. If it gets up to an amount around 12 million pounds (usual Loto amount) I defenitly would. If it gets up the same amount as Euro Millions got up to once which was 120 million I CERTAINLY would! Then the cash would grow and grow. I would pay off my debts (If I have any) and loans (If I have any) and then sit and wait for the money to grow some more and live life as I would normally for about 3 years. Then I would invest in a Theme park. Start off slowly and family friendly and then grow bigger and bigger until I can afford another park. Do the same on that park. Then I would start a chain and within about 30 years I would be a tycoon and stuff. Just a fantisy.

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  • 3 years later...

Have no idea.


But paying off huge bills and accounts always seem to be "The First Thing To Take Care Of" Dept. Which is great to be able to do, heh heh.


But - because I found this forum to post this random-related thing....


From my Oddest feeling Dept., the current big jackpot in a Canada-wide Lottery was over $50 Mil Cdn. last Friday's draw.


And there were two winning tickets. The first winner has been identified as a group win. But the second winner hasn't come forward, yet.


And... I haven't checked my tix, until (usual) tomorrow morning, when I go and buy next Friday's draw tix....


Hmmmm. Makes you think, "What if..."


I'm hoping, LOL.

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Pay off debts, bills, and accounts, immediately followed by option F. I think I'll buy a sizeable mansion somewhere in Germanic Europe. It seems like the only totally logical selection to me. However, it may be the most self centered way...


eh, I'll live!

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The only "Park Related" things I would do is this:


Rent out one of my local parks for a night for me and 50-100 of my closest friends. Disneyland would be the #1 choice, but I can't imagine how much that would cost so it would probably end up being SFMM or Knott's.


Take a worldwide trip, but this wouldn't be just to do parks. Disney around the world would for sure be included.

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Just because...


First off, build myself a house here in town. 3 bedrooms, 4 baths, 6 car garage (one of those hidden driveway lifts would be sweet!). Climate-controlled cellar, pool, and, to make things really fun in the summer, a rooftop terrace above the garage.


Cars to fill the garage: Audi RS5, Ferrari 612, Rolls Phantom ("I could drive but a boss get driven"), Aston Martin DB9


Ball out in Vegas. Do the fantasy suite thing. Get f'd up Hangover-style. Tip strippers with stacks. Live it up big.


Buy a couple key pieces of real estate: nothing crazy, but condos in San Diego, the Alps, and somewhere in the islands (Aruba would be ideal, since its out of hurricane danger)


Finally: retire, and spend much of life traveling and doing crazy crap. Of course, I'd have to invest a large sum of it to be able to sustain this lifestyle for the rest of my life


Oh yeah, buy Olympia Looping with Baarth sells it after this year

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1. Finish school

2. Pay off outrageous student debts

3. Build a house/cottage in Northern Ontario with an observatory

4. Build or buy a house with a very large backyard in the suburbs and build a the FlowRider model that comes with the concrete deck and lazy river in my backyard

5. Put what's left in the bank and live off the interest.

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