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PHOTO TR: 2007 Cedar Point Annual Trip

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Just got back from Cedar Point last night, and had awesome weather the past few days in Sandusky. I've been to Cedar Point in mid-May the last seven years and have to say this was the ONLY time we've had sunny skies the entire trip. Most of the time it’s cloudy and/or raining 80% of the time. This year it started off a little cold on Sunday, but climbed up to about 75 degrees on Tuesday when we left in the afternoon.


After hearing that Maverick would be closed, I almost postponed the trip, but decided that lighter crowds and no Maverick was probably still better than huge crowds and Maverick running. At this point I'm still happy with the decision - and might try to get back to the park at the end of the season... so we'll see.


As for the trip itself... My fiancée Erin and I left on Sunday morning, and met up with a couple friends at Lighthouse Point in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I came down with a cold the night before we left, and fought with a sinus infection almost the entire time. I also didn’t get any sleep the first night because my friends found a bachelorette party a few cabins down from ours, and attempted to turn our place into a miniature frat house. This would have been cool and everything, had I not been with my girlfriend, sick, and sober all at the same time – but when all I needed was rest, it didn’t help the situation at all. Either way it didn’t stop me from having a good time in the park. The next night, Erin and I went over to Hotel Breakers and got our own room for the rest of the trip- so after getting much better rest the 2nd night, I was able to enjoy everything a lot more.


We managed to get on just about all the rides multiple times over the span of 3 days, but only one ride on Dragster (thankfully in the front) because it had a significant amount of downtime. I couldn’t tell what the issues were, but it was down for a large portion of the afternoon on both Monday and Tuesday. I also got to see some of the track being installed on Maverick.


So, here are some pictures to highlight the rest of the trip. I also got some great video, and may be able to make a music vid soon… depends on how much free time I have. Also, I’m linking these from another site now, so hopefully they will display correctly. Let me know...




No Intamin track being transported on the interstate, instead... the DC Metro??


Have to represent the hometown hero, Griffon


Twister is such a cool ride, especially in the back seat


Close up of the twisted greatness


More twister



Raptor was running spectacular with just a slight pinch on the midcourse brakes. I wish other Inverts would fly through those like Raptor does


Climbing the lift


Into the brakes


It's the tallest and fastest Blue Streak in the world!


My all time favorite flat ride


Maxair's wait time was twice as long as Wicked Twister's the entire time


Iron Dragon has a great setting, but still wishes it could compete with Big Bad Wolf


Hey, I've seen one of those before. In Williamsburg I believe


Gemini was only running one side the whole time, but they alternated sides each day.


The cheesy but fun Paddlewheel Excursion


And some ducks that were fighting...? er, mating?


Intamins break


I managed to get 2 pictures of Dragster before it broke down the first day. The next day I got 2 more and then it broke. The 3rd day I got 3 pictures before it shut down. I'm thinking there was a trend.


More Dragster


Not my favorite coaster in the park, but definitely a great experience in the front.


Now for my favorite part of the trip. Behold, The Force


Heading down the home stretch


Flying through the island


Can't leave out the sunset pictures


I love this one with the bird flying across the middle.



... and Gemini was once the tallest coaster in the world



The same night at Lighthouse point on the dock




Now for some sad and pathetic Maverick photos


You can get a good view of it from the dock at lighthouse point. Can you tell it's one of my favorite places?


The track had just arrived the night before and we got to watch them do some welding


A close up of the surgery


Hopefully it will be up and running soon.


So long from Cedar Point. I'll be back.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Great pictures. I was there Saturday through Monday.


Gemini was running both sides on Sunday, although they weren't really racing at all.


Dragster I didn't really notice much downtime with the exception of a 15 minute breakdown when I was waiting for the front seat. Although we weren't really over there much to see if it was running or not.


Blue Streak I thought was running as good as I can remember in years.

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Gemini was running both sides on Sunday, although they weren't really racing at all.


Odd...they were racing on Sunday when I was in that area of the park.


I'm sure they attempt to race them any time both sides are running together. It's so much better when they do. I actually didn't make it near Gemini on Sunday, but I know they were running one side each on Mon and Tues.

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Gemini was running both sides on Sunday, although they weren't really racing at all.


Odd...they were racing on Sunday when I was in that area of the park.


That's not what I meant.


They were running both sides, but one train was typically so far ahead that it wasn't racing at all.

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Did I spot a reverse pov video system on Raptor? Was it working?


Yup, it was working. Looked pretty good.


Didn't feel like spending the $20 for a DVD though.


Those are small cameras on the trains, but you can hardly call it a "POV." Thanks to the internet I found out beforehand that the $20 gets you about 90% stock footage and offride footage of the ride. The rest of it is just small clips of your actual ride edited in, so I didn't even bother trying to get one.

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^Actually it is 90% stock footage of rides at Valleyfair and Dorney Park and a few others. It's was a huge mistake. They wanted a 20-30 minute DVD, when I think everyone wants a 2-3 minute DVD of their ride and THAT'S IT.

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