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I use a lipstick camera for POV's and for my regular handycam I have some special straps that I have developed so that it becomes a permanent fixture of my hand.



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^ I don't know about anyone else who got footage, but we are meeting with the PR dept this week to film on the ride.


--Robb "We went through the proper channels." Alvey

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I noticed that people were talking POV of Sheikra. Did you ask and they let you or did you have to get permission from the park manager?

Personally I ask the ride ops everywhere I go. My cam is secured around my arm and they are nice enough, some are, to give you the go head some times.


Only park I had a problem w/ is PKD one of the ops told me I can take my camera on but I cant record. I was thinking to myself whats the difference!! But I didnt want to risk anything so I didnt record, and this was riochet!

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Heh, I got busted in '04 for taking photos. They stop the ride, say "No flash photography, please" on the loudspeakers, and started it again. Everyone was staring at me. This time around in '05, I took two safely, and one on Mummy. I rule.

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It depends on the park, the ride and the ride op.


For example, this past weekend at SFMW I could take the camera on Roar and Cobra, but not the kiddie coaster.


At PGA I had absolutely no problems on any of the rides we rode, same at Bonfante.

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