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What is your favorite Stand Up coaster?

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I've been on 2 Stand Ups.

Riddlers @ SFMM

Vortex @ Great America

Out of those Two, Riddlers is better by far.

It's smooth, forceful, has a little airtime and is definitely rerideable.

Vortex just needs a good retracking because it could be a really good ride.

But right now, Its the roughest ride in Great America.

I'll get to ride Mantis this summer, So I'll see how that is.

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My favorite stand-ups are the American/Canadian TOGOs. Not only are they fun and traditional, but they are also packed full of airtime!


More stand up coasters need to be built...

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Out of 4....


1. King Cobra at KI. One of my alltime favorite coasters. I don't care about the bad TOGO rep, this thing is packed with airtime, flowing elements, and fun!


2. Chang at SFKK. I consider this SFKK's star attraction, and B&M's King Cobra. Fun ride with a great flow of elements.


3. Vortex at Carowinds. Short but fun


4. Mantis at CP. Ouch? One of the only rides I actually DISLIKE at CP, along with Mean Streak and Draggin Iron.

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Georgia Scorcher because of the quick transistions from right to left. (SFOG).

Shockwave at King's Domnion is short, simple, sexy and sweet.

Mantis hurts to much and is a bit rough. And Vortex at Carowinds is to short and not much fun. It is also old. The only thing good about is the curved drop.

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I have ridden Iron Wolf, Mantis, Georgia Scorcher, and Riddler's Revenge


Scorcher is boring in my opinion, Iron Wolf is BLEH


Mantis is ok, too much head banging for my liking


Riddler's is #1 for me because it is smooth, yet intense

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Out of Mantis, King Cobra, Shockwave(KD), and Vortex (Carowinds) I think that the Togo's are the better of the brand. The amount of air in the back "seat" going down the first drop is amazing and unerving at the same time. They offer a little more freedom since you are not crowded 4 across and the elements seem to flow a lot better with the longer train. As far as the Togo headbanging is concerned, I think the B&M's have more of the bouncing and banging to them.

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Georgia Schorcher is my favorite. It was the last stand-up to ever be built, so it's probably the smoothest.


There aren't really any stand ups that I don't like. Riddler pulled too many +Gs for me, but I liked Mantis, Chang, King Cobra, and Vortex (GA).


I didn't realize how many stand ups i've been on until just now...


I never rode Shockwave/Batman: The Ride, and the other Togos are destined to close, so I probably won't get a chance to ride them either. I look forward to riding Carowinds Vortex, which I hear is smooth, but not necessarily Iron Wolf. It's notoriously bumpy; So is La Ronde's Cobra(or so I hear). Intiman supposedly never made good stand-ups.


Wow I'm supprised to see Georgia Scorcher as a favorite. I always thought the ride lacked excitment. It was so close to the ground most of the time, i felt like I was just running up and down the side of that hill it is built on. But then again people would probably say something like that to me about my favorite too. Mantis pulls way to many G's in all the wrong places to me. I only ride once every trip to Cedar Point which are always atleast 3 days., because my Legs go numb from after the inclined loop throught the end of the ride, down the stairs, and about halfway back to the Scenic Train. I always liked the lack of precision design on the togo standers, being my favorite is Shockwave at PKD (oops Kings Dominion). I like how it was built as if it was a sit down coaster with less regaurds to having as little negitive g's as possible like the modern standers. that feeling of your feet coming off the floor after the loop at the crest of the second hill is the best feeling (besides the dive loop) on a stand up coaster ever to me! And i love watching the 2 little hills right before the break run catch new rides off gaurd as they scream because they think there feet is coming off the floor. Its so simple but yet packs a punch without the real bad leg numbing. And the togo standers sound better, like a bunch of heavy steal rolling stock, to me. And i like the 2X4 car seating, with nor front block or back block on the cars so non riders can see every ones legs. Not to mention its the cars feel less stacked together and you get a better open view. The 1st drop in the last car is the best! feel like you would fly right out of the skimpy harness.

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Out of the three I have been on (Riddler's Revenge, Mantis, Vortex) I would rank them as follows.


1. Riddler's Revenge. A great ride, forceful with a little pop of air in one spot, this ride is what all stand ups should be.


2. Vortex. Nothing special, but it was my first stand up and didn't hurt me.


3. Mantis. Absolutely terrible. Beat my head around, hurt my legs like no other and the crew was bad as well.


I'd really like to ride Chang, it gets pretty good reviews.

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Am I allowed to nominate a sit-down woodie that brings you to your feet? In that case, Coaster at Playland!


But seriously, gaving ridden Shockwave at PKD, Iron Wolf, and Riddler's Revenge, I'm going to have to go with RR.


Although I must confess, I'm one of those people that doesn't really love stand-ups. It doesn't add much of a thrill for me, and you're so locked in that it's not like standing up provides an element of insecurity. Still, I'm all for diversity in parks and I like to see a stand-up coaster.

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Let me be the first to say that I am not a huge fan of standups because they seem a bit gimmicky to me. With that said, I think Riddler's Revenge at SFMM is the best of the four I have been on. (RR, Iron Wolf, Mantis, Georgia Scorcher). Iron Wolf and Mantis are just too rough and Georgia Scorcher is a little bleh.

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