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What is your favorite Stand Up coaster?

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Between King Cobra, Vortex (Carowinds), and Mantis....



Mantis dominates. I love this coaster. Great forces in the front, along with the perfect setting over half water half land.


Vortex is second. It's a small little stand up, but the corkscrew packs a punch. Fun ride!


King Cobra is last. It's a Togo....headbanging, from what I rememberd on the helix and trick track.

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Is Riddlers still the tallest and fastest standup coaster in the world.


Yes it is. For more than 9 years now.


Because why stand up? It is just a gimmick and really doesn't add fun to the ride.


Gimmick or not, I still think there are benefits of riding in a standing position. It's a more vunerable feeling position than sitting down and accentuates all the forces where they are positive or negative. (For those who've experienced airtime on a stand-up, you know what I'm talking about!)


Imagine if these rides were made floorless sitdowns that would make them all more enjoyable in my opinion.


They'd be less enjoyable. Stand-ups were designed around a different heartline than other looping coasters because of the standing position -- so most elements are drawn out longer or modified slightly to accomodate for the higher heartline. Going from a stand-up refitted with regular sit-down type trains would change the ride for the worse (less intense, much more boring).

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Since I've only been on Mantis, I'm going to have to say...Mantis! (you would have never guessed, right )


Stand-ups are fun. You just need to learn how to ride them correctly.

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I don't understand why people don't just love these rides. I've loved every one I've been on, and I think they are more exciting then floorless coasters(Griff/Shi aside). I think they are lost art *cough*suspended*cough*, and I never though it would have ended with Scorcher. Each one was fantastic for its own reasons.


BTW, am I the only one who's ridden PGA's Vortex? It's like a shorter, overly-contorted version of Scorcher. Seeing as it's my first stand-up, It has some sentimental value.

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I've only been on 4 Stand-up coasters. But I will rank them.


1. Mantis

2. Iron Wolf

3. Chang

4. King Kobra


It's obvious why King Kobra is number 4. Why would somebody make a head rest that is metal?


Anyway, I love how forceful stand-up coasters can be. The inversions are allright, but what really makes a stand-up work in my opinion is the turns and twists. This is the reason why I really like Mantis and Iron Wolf. I think it is really cool.


Though I think the only coaster I have ever blacked out on was Iron Wolf. Maybe Shock Wave at SFGAm but I don't remember.

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I have been on three Stand Ups


1) Shockwave PKD

2) Shockwave GADV

3) Mantis


Of the three I give the nods to the Shockwave at PKD. I do not mind "Togo Roughness" and felt that the forces applied on the PKD version were much more eventful than those on Mantis and Shockwave(GADV). I really enjoyed the helix at PKD and the bunny hops. I do wish that the bicycle seat were a bit more padded. Hopefully the installation remains.

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I have only been on two, King Cobra and Chang, could have ridden Mantis, but didn't because Chang is bigger. Would have to say Chang for now til I ride another...

...are you serious? Does that even make SENSE? Jesus!!!


Riddlers rocks but someday when I dont live with my parents maybe I will try to make a trip to Cear Point even thoughI dont know what state its in. I think it was Ohio but I am not sure.

It's in Ohio. Sandusky, to be exact.


I've been on...

-- SkyRider [PCW]

-- Shockwave [PKI]

-- Iron Wolf [sFGAm]

-- Mantits [CP]

-- Chang [sFKK]

-- Green piece of ass [La Ronde] edit: Oh, it's called Cobra


Chang was my favourite... followed by Mantis, Cobra, SkyRider, Iron Wolf and Shockwave. Yeah. Chang and Mantis are the only ones worth a re-ride, and Chang I thought was far superior to Mantis.

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Ive only been on:

Riddler's Revenge

Vortex (GA)


Vortex feels like it's gotten extremely rougher than the last time I rode it...so it pretty much hurts like hell.


I have to go with Riddler's...of course.

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