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Photo TR BGE/ Griffon Soars!!

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We just got back from Williamsburg last night (11 hour drive!). We hit the park Monday from opening to close. It was a perfect day in every way - warm, sunny, everything operating great, and nice light crowds. Griffon was a one-train wait when we rode, although it was down at least a handful of times that we saw. All the other coasters were pretty much walk-ons (DarKastle was deserted - no one in the queue, no one on the ride - when I went on).


Great photos OP, by the way!

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Yes they do Assign rows so good luck on getting the front!!


In this situation I sometimes politely ask if I can have a specific row. The ops usually go for it in my experience.



Yes, probally if you ask, they might let you... BGE has a very good lineup of friendly staff. At universal my cousin and I asked the ride attendent if we could get front row of revenge of the mummy, they said yes wait for the next train; same thing with ET

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Dang...sheikra didn't have lines like that when it first open lol...I think I can wait until next year to tackle this monster...or later in the season


Yea, I think I'll wait till September myself. ...and then Dollywood in October.

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Some New pics I snapped yesterday.

They have extended the que area all the way back along the new Bistro patio (Still No Shade!!! )


She has broken in nicely in the last week and a half. I can really feel stronger air and the antirollbacks pop now on the bunny hop before the splash so it has definitely picked up a little speed.


I finished a music video which can be found here



Enjoy, JEFF











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Yea man, thanks for the update as usual! Crowds have been pretty heavy on the weekends from what I've heard, but I need to get back over there again soon. Glad you picked a good day to get those shots and video (while I was sitting at stupid work ).

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