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Photo TR BGE/ Griffon Soars!!

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Well, I Went to BGE today just to ride Griffon with the GP and I got to the gate at 9:50 and power walked back to Griffon and to my surprise there was already a 40min wait for Griffon (Wow!).

Now MANY people were VERY pissed with the new bag policy and security at the ride and they had every right to be! Imagine getting in line by the Skyride entrance, waiting in line for 15-20min. till you get to the front entrance to be told you must put that in a locker, fine, These people would go pay $1 (outrageous and this tells me this is just a $$ making scam, rant for another day) They would accept the fact that they lost about 15 places in line and go back to the front entrance "sorry you have to go to the end of the line" WTF!! So you just waited a half an hour to put your crap in a locker.


There was almost a fight between this guy and the security guy and even the people in line were behind the guest and yelling at the guard. needless to say within the hour they were at the front of the line letting people know.


I will give the Griffon crew this, They were SMOKIN FAST! in the morning but kinda cooled off in the afternoon. I got in line for my 2nd ride of the day at about 2 and it was down but they just started cycling empty trains. They cycled empty trains for over 30 mins!!!!! and there is NO shade in the overflow que and there is no "solid" roof on the covered Que houses which is so stupid, So I got a tan. The ride is great and a big crowd pleaser but I hope all this mess will be fixed after the hoopla dies down.


Can't wait for the new coaster in 2015!


Enjoy the pics, JEFF


also added a video of the floor retrating since it is nothing like the other floorless coasters.



















I got very lucky on this skyride trip


Can you blame them, its been over 8 years since there was a new coaster =)






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Beautiful pics! Griffon looks totally amazing. What a splash it makes! Everybody on the train looks happy. BGE continues to be one of the prettiest parks around with the most photogenic coasters. I never get tired of looking at shots of the "Rhine".

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Very nice pics once again, Jeff. I knew there was a reason for me waiting to ride Griffon. I think I'll wait till September when the kids are back in school and the crowds die down. Nothing like going on a Friday in September anyway.

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Hah, that floor looks so funny since it's so wide I could never imagine how they'd get the floor to come up, but wow, they actually did it. It really looks like a machine with all those parts moving around at the same time greeting passengers as they get on.

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wow those pics were really good, I especially liked the ones that were close up so you could see everyone on the rides' faces. There was one string of pics where there was a little kid on the outside right seat in a yellow shirt, , he looked like he was having a mental breakdown! (or he was just scared $hitless...)

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Would've been there myself sometime last weekend, but I had to go out of town. Oh, the irony of it all!


Great pics, Jeff--were they handing our free water bottles, like they did when DarKastle opened?

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Great photos, and Griffin is one of the most photogenic coasters , and Expedition Geforce is the only steel coaster that looks better. While I'm not sure that this was worth an eight year wait, especially for BGE, it is great that the park has another world class coaster in its lineup.

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