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german top spin

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^ Yes, German carnies always run their rides at maximum power. Even the Schwarzkopf Polyps in Germany have airtime


^^ He keeps moving the arms up and down. Every time the gondola comes down, the arms pull it up hard enough to flip it over once more.

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The one at SFDK flips like twice and then it's over lol


Oh I know, Voodoo is SOOO boring. D*mn US safety restrictions tone down rides. Not a top spin, but this also resulted in Thriller being toned down from it's out of control original version to the crap formerly known as Zonga at SFDK.

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Now, why can't the U.S. have something like that?


I love Top Spins, but this would probably make me hate them.

beacause someone will be sue happy and sue them for hurting their neck flipping to many times


I know; That's why I winked.


It really is a pity.

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That top spin cycle was brutal, I had been on a pretty sick cycle at the new York state Fair on Strate's Shows top spin but damnnnn that's just wrong!


^ That ride is a Hi-Roller, I rode one at the Brockton Fair and it was pretty good... not as intense as it looks though!

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The reason why it can spin that much is because it's a Top Spin 2, or known as a Top Spin "Junior". It's a smaller version of the standard Top Spin and doesn't use the water boxes to weigh down the ride that the standard Top Spin has. I believe this version only holds 28 people while the standard holds 40 people. It's more lightweight, and that's why it is more agile than the standard Top Spin. It can execute flips more easily and keep flipping without much movement on the arms.


I remember watching a movie clip of a Top Spin in action and marveled at how easily it could flip without much effort.

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I think the one shown only seats twenty four; i tried counting the seats with the video paused. I was gonna say I've got a bit of experience with them things, and that is very fricken impressive. I like it alot! I dont think many people can handle that kinda ride though. That and getting insurane to cover a ride like that....

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HOLY COW!!! Thats freakin' awesome! I love Huss rides, and as far as riding top spins, there the best, I mean especially the feeling of those flips. Unfortunately the one in Linnanmäki only does around 6 per ride, thats why I normally ride 15 times or so while in the park, with the lines as short as they were on sunday, I mean pretty much no line at all... That top spin would be heaven for me, and I'm not kidding either! I gotta get myself to oktoberfest someday. =D


P.S. The top spin is probably the 2nd best ride in the park, after Vuoristorata, the crazy scenic railway with ejector airtime and a brakeman.

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