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Everland Discussion Thread

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  • 3 weeks later...

Everland just announced new theme for Halloween: Blood City




Theme Story:

In 2007, Virus infected Zombies took over city, putting whole city in chaos and panic.

Special Force has been dispatched to take control, but no one survived.

Korean Government immediately put Everland in quarantine, not allowing anyone from entering there.


It's been 10 years after the incident, and It's almost Halloween.

We've just received a distress signal moments ago in the quarantined area.

Mr. Hunter, who lost the wife (she was a doctor who worked about virus) 10 years ago, decided to make a investigation team to venture inside this Blood City. He put you on his team, and prepare to discover secrets and survive.


Attractions include:

1. Horror Amazon Express: Ride a river rapids ride full of zombies and deranged animals.

2. Horror T-Express: This is only way out. Hang on!!

3. Horror Safari: Investigation Team has just fled to Safari to avoid Zombies. Is this safari is safe enough??

4. Horror Maze: According to investigation team, this zombie virus was made by side effects of vaccine made by Dr.K.

5. Secret Mission: Investigation team stated that they are still hostages locked up in abandoned lab of Dr.K. Save the hostages, escape and tell the world how monster Dr.K. is. If you do, you will be rewarded with a trip to England.


These attractions are still being investigated. Update coming soon:

1. Horror VR: Expected to be Horror Maze VR.

2. Crazy Zombie Hunting: It could be a zombie stage show.

3. Zombie make-up: Zombie make-up returns this year. Get a scary zombie make-up and try to terrorize everyone in Everland!

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  • 3 weeks later...

-For the first time, in August 30, one brilliant visitor managed to pass all three levels and managed to win a trip to England.


Remember that Secret Mission that I stated before?? It was paid attraction that you play to escape.




Secret Mission: Investigation team stated that they are still hostages locked up in abandoned lab of Dr.K. Save the hostages, escape and tell the world how monster Dr.K. is. If you do, you will be rewarded with a trip to England.


There are three levels you must pass and escape.

If you pass first level, you will be rewarded with Q-Pass (Ignoring Stand-by Waiting Line) for T-Express or Amazon Express. (I recommend T-Express).

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Check out some videos from Blood City.

I visited Everland like 5-6 times for Halloween.


Zombie Make up for this year


I enjoyed Horror T Express, Horror Safari (Costs Extra, limited), Horror Amazon Express, and Crazy Zombie Hunt.

For this year's Halloween, Everland used some hologram technology, provided by Panasonic.


1. Horror T Express



Watch hologram video of zombies trying to brake-in to T Express station.

This T Express train is only way out of Blood City.

Be careful of any zombies that could be waiting when you're exiting T Express.


2. Crazy Zombie Hunt (Performance)







Be sure to get your spot early as possible, or you will be forced to see from way behind.


3. Horror Amazon Express







We've got a news of strange creatures appearing in Amazon Express, with the news of some missing people.


4. Horror Safari (This attraction requires ticket with extra cost. It runs out quickly, so buy a ticket once you arrive at Everland.)







You're the one of survivors who fled to Safari, located to the east of Blood City.

You're riding a bus that will take you to the sanctuary.

Be careful that some zombies made into Safari.



My Everland outfit for Halloween


I themed myself as a ZPD officer for this year's Halloween, again. (Safari is located in Zootopia section in Everland)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I know this is the time of the year when I usually upload a year's worth of photos in a huge 90 photo TR but honestly this year I didn't really take any. A couple of reasons but mainly 1) the park hasn't changed much in 7 years give or take the lost valley and panda animal exhibitions, nearly all the new rides have been re-skins or re-used buildings that were already there so most of my photos were just repeating and 2) both my trips I had my 17 month-year-old son with me who, now he can walk, has taken an interest in rides. And although a lot have no minimum height with an adult (I once saw a baby strapped to the parents on the rapids) we avoid anything too fast or that has a divide since he is still too young to grasp the concept of safety (no matter how many times he points at the dragon) so I end up spending most of my time on the children's rides that my wife can't stomach (aka the rotating airplane mini magic carpet style ride for hours) and don't want him bored for an hour while I'm in line for T express. Although from next year I might stop going on days with 50% discount and do a yearly trip with the fast pass package.


One minor quibble, the queue return tickets to stop line jumping seem mostly for show. We constantly saw while in the Safari World Reservation line ( the reservation area had a random 9:56am posted opening and ran out within 8 minutes instead of staggered fast pass they allocate a bus every hour or two to be just for queue pass people so be on time for that pass!) one person in the line, point to a group of up to 5 - grandparents, wife, and kids, be given a queue return to go park the stroller while those 5 jumped in and he would come back to join them.


I also don't have pictures of the closed ferris wheel VR since there was only a small information board and a small pathway next to the memorial sign I've posted in previous TR's.


We ended up here on one of the busiest days with my wife's family. Those are the ticket booths at the front with the entrance in the distance with the area so crowded the line into the park was running past them. Thankfully the ticket booth for foreigners was open. I always find it funny that foreigners get 50% discount over chuseok since the park used to be dead while Koreans went to pay respects to their ancestors and family but it can now be one of the busiest days of the year. For all the massive crowds I think the park did a really good job containing them with lines never going above 2 hours which isn't too bad when i've seen longer lines on some weekends.


The ride to replace Pororo 3D. Despite the sign, it isn't just this cartoon show they play. It rotates between 3 different kids cartoons, one an hour on rotation.


Like a lot of things in Everland, it's a ticketed reservation ride.


Since all my last TR was the boy panda while the girl was sleeping, here is the girl panda in the other half of the exhibit.



The red panda was also out today.


I mentioned in this thread that Everland was the target of some animal rights groups. There solution was to cover the exhibit and limit looking in through peep holes.


Looking through one of the holes.


Single rider has now been removed from all rides and their signs in Everland including T Express so plan accordingly. I've never found the lines too long on a sunday for the flat rides so if you plan your day right it shouldn't be too big a deal.


Rio 4D has left the, still strangely named, Space Tours simulator and has been replaced by happy family 4D.


GYro VR has been built into the existing Sky Cruise gondola station.


It's another ticketed reservation but this one is an upcharge.






And this one is set up between Hurricane and Championship Rodeo. It's also a ticketed reservation and also an upcharge.







Can you guess where I'm standing


Hint: abcd (was) EF (now) G (no longer going to be) H



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  • 2 months later...

여보! So I'm planning a very last minute trip to South Korea from December 28th to January 3rd. I'm thinking of going to Everland on that Friday, the 29th. This may be a stupid question, but will T-Express still be running at this time of the year? I know it's December but it doesn't say whether the ride is open or not on the website and that gives me some hope...

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^It does usually have a winter rehab but it was running today. According to the app, it was running today 10:30-6:30. It does normally go down for a winter rehab for a while which would be coming up soon but they normally advertise a little ahead of time on the site news and I see nothing so far. It is weather dependent on wind and cold but it's been up during most of this cold snap. It also helps your dates are when a lot of schools are off on vacation so the rehab is likely to begin sometime mid-January after the new year rush at this point. If the Korean site updates, i'll post here for you.


Also if you go before the 1st you can go 50% off if you go to the group ticket office, I know you aren't a resident but they are normally quite kind on foreign visitors and the discounts tend to turn out translated differently from the Korean, we always ask just in case when we've had guests from home and gone in. They put my wife through when she was with me even when she said she was a Korean: http://www.everland.com/web/everland/now/news/1217280_10436.html


Alternatively, if your main concern is T Express and you don't care about a discount, by booking online you can get a free q pass for it or pump for the pricier 4 pass deal and skip the safari lines as well: http://everland.eticket.placem.co.kr/everland/product/input.html

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Thanks so much for the quick and detailed response!

I just did a bit more research on the q-passes and I saw a website selling q passes for 10,000 won each. So if I can get the foreign resident discount ticket for 28,000 and 4 passes for 40,000 that should cost less than the special 4 pass deal! And according to the site selling the q-passes, it looks like T Express will be down for rehab starting January 1st!


Hope this is legit: https://www.funtastickorea.com/en/prod/everland-q-pass-fast-pass


By the way, of the Safari Tour, the Lost Valley, and the Panda World, which would you recommend most?

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I have no reason to doubt that rehab but I’m also not 100% sure it’s final. I’ve never known it to run until then end of March. I honestly don’t know about q passes. I’ve been days that were packed that should have been dead and vis versa. I will say don’t bother with a Panda world pass. I’ve always just walked in it never gets a line.

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  • 2 weeks later...

^^ Not sure if you went today but Everland have confirmed that T Express will close January 2nd after the New Years Day public holiday rush but all the rides are listed to re-open in February not March: http://www.everland.com/web/everland/now/news/1217362_10436.html


Everland also announced the permanent closure of the hologram theater and the helicycles: http://www.everland.com/web/everland/now/news/1217364_10436.html

Little bit ironic that the helicycles got a permanent closure announcement considering a couple years ago it was only opened on the busiest days for crowds and the last 2 years or so just sat rusting away with a permanent spot on the closed for the day sign while still being listed on the park maps.

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  • 1 month later...

T Express will reopen on the 14th with a new event called Roller Coaster Week that runs from umm.... February 14th to March 13th.



I do like the image they've picked since it's a nice callback to the old characters when T Express was new (this was the only T Express merchandise I could find when I went before I realized I'd end up living in Korea.)



One of the events announced is a meet up with Jeong Jun Ha, a famous TV celebrity who has done a few eating challenges, both at Everland and recently at Magic Mountain during a trip to L.A. for the show.







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  • 3 months later...

Two small minor updates:


1: The online ticketing has become more flexible on queue passes. Before you could either get just the one or had to get the expensive 5 set. Now you can choose from 1-5 depending on how much you want to spend (the panda exhibit almost never has a line). However, you have to specify which ride and can only check each one once (booking for a group would mean either booking each person separate or having the same passes) and each ride is limited to 50 tickets a day.


2: The app now has an English option and a thing called 'Lennie's Chance'. You can earn and use points on time slots for fast passes or reservation only attractions with the most popular rides like T-Express and Lost Valley at 5 points other rides at 4-3 and reservation rides/shows at 1 point. Full disclaimer, my last visit was before this was implemented so i don't know if Lennie's Chance is actually chance based when you use points or a guaranteed pass. I'm also not sure if you can still go to the counters for reservation rides instead of spending points. Foreigners can only log-in with temporary membership for 7 days and are a little more limited.





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  • 2 months later...



Everland have replaced their Mystery Mansion with Shooting Ghost. Gone are the round all facing 4 people cars and physical sets that reacted to the guns replaced with forward facing cars and screens.





In other news the polar bear that got Everland in trouble with animal rights people, that I mentioned previously will be shipped to a reserve in the U.K.

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  • 2 months later...

Everland's polar bear, the one that caused issues with animal rights groups I mentioned on my last few posts here has passed away.



The only remaining polar bear in South Korea, which had lived in a zoo south of Seoul for more than two decades, has died ahead of his relocation to a wildlife park in Britain later this year, zoo officials said Thursday.


The bear, named Tongki, died around 6:00 p.m. Wednesday at the zoo of the Everland amusement park in Yongin, south of Seoul.


The zoo asked an expert at Seoul National University's the veterinary school to conduct an autopsy on Tongki that lasted until the early hours of Thursday. The expert said the polar bear is believed to have died of old age.

Tongki died in the amusement park at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.


In June, the zoo said it would relocate the 24-year-old Tongki to Britain's Yorkshire Wildlife Park in November as it looked for ways to provide the aged bear with a better living environment after other polar bears at the zoo died.


Animal activists had called for better living conditions for Tongki.


Born in 1995 at a zoo in the southeastern city of Masan, Tongki moved to the Everland zoo two years later. Considering a bear's life span is 25-30 years, Tongki was about 70-80 in human years. It had been living alone in the zoo since 2015 after all the other polar bears died. (Yonhap)



The home page currently is running a memorial picture as the main image and greyed out logos.



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  • 1 month later...

It’ll be down for it’s yearly rehab the month of January so go before the second. They normally do it then since it can be too cold to operate. I’d have to check the weather limits on the korean site when I’m home.


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  • 4 weeks later...

^Did you get your ride in? The park was pretty busy on the 31st but rides were open until 1 am and the heavy crowds may have worked in your favor since T Express opened, the other days during the cold snap here it was closed on weather standby.

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We made it to the park on 01/01, we didn't get to the park until midday due to being up late for new years. T express had just opened when we arrive and only had a 30 minute wait. It was awesome, think that it is my favourite wooden coaster. We got 4 rides on t express, it was wierd being so cold while riding a roller-coaster.


We really enjoyed the pandas and the safari too.

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  • 2 months later...

The land where Eagle's Fortress once stood, then was announced as a hotel back in 2015 and then I think the garden announcement was 2017 is Finally going to open this weekend.





I was at the park recently. Normally I avoid the parks on days I know will be busy (Spring on a dust-free day, not too hot, not too cold) but I have a 3-year old who likes the zoo there so it's not a big deal for us. He's also decided he doesn't like rides anymore so we figured we go anyway and it'd give me a proper chance to try out the app on a moderately busy day since I normally either don't use it, or use it on dead days.


So now I drive in Korea i've discovered this lovely road that loops around Everland and the water park. Driving from the left hand side at the bottom of the grey, the GPS and buses go down the bottom towards a roundabout but since that always has traffic lines for 10 mins I've been adding the 2km and looping around since the road goes above Everland, around the water-park and speedway with beautiful views. However parking isn't so fun to get out of since Everland follows the Korean rules of fill every space, then one lane of the road, then any additional space as long as you leav a gap with milometers to spare to squeeze a car through.


The tiger area has had a revamp, before it had a moat and the tigers were quite far off. Now they have a lot more space and can come up close.


My son spent literally hours here at the new exhibit.


The wall to the right is a feeding area, the keepers come at scheduled times and meat is put through with tongs.


The polar bear exhibit is now a construction site after the death of Tonki.


A final look at the new tiger area.


Lost Valley, one of the parks signature attractions has gone down for a 3 month rehab. Whether we will see new exhibits added or just a touch-up is unknown.


Shooting Ghost opened in Mysery Mansion's building. It's the same layout but with new forward facing cars and screens added over old prop areas. Sorry Larry I wasn't going to wait 50 minutes for what is 3 U-turns to get pictures.


So I incorrectly assumed before that you could win easily on Lenny's Chance. Unfortunately I lost when I tried for T-Express and got this. The English isn't correct since I just lost and wasn't late...


... as the time slot was still available. I know this because my wife offered up her points since Lost Valley was closed we didn't need to spend them to get my son on the Safari Ride... I lost again sadly.


I should explain how the app works because I made some stupid mistakes. When you scan your ticket you get 1 point when you scan your ticket and gain 1 point every 30 minutes after that. You can only hold a maximum of 5 points. The slots open up at different times so people who enter the park later can play. Clicking the greyed out time-slots show what time they are available.


Checking those times are crucial for planning out your day. I lost at T-Express which meant I kept my 5 points (the max) so I wasn't accumulating more. I then realized if I spent points too late I wouldn't have enough when the T Express tickets next came up at 4PM to even try so I couldn't spend points now but also couldn't accumulate them. Not the apps fault, it's mine for poor planning.


A brief de-tour while I was snapping the app when I noticed the safari ride buses now had their own transformer toys.


The 10 years SBNO ferris wheel had also had a repaint.


Our now every visit stop-by of the Panda exhibit for my son. Small side-note, for the first time I can remember you weren't forced to watch the pre-show and could go straight through to the exhibit. I really will never get tired of how open this exhibit is compared to some of the others i've seen.


Remember how I said I was saving my points for the last couple hours? Well some people must have lucked out because the tickets were gone in under 60 seconds of opening. I was the idiot who closed the app instead of having it in the background and by the time I had loaded they were gone.


I always tell people to go on a Sunday over a week-day and they look at me crazy. This was the Monday after while school is in session. There are dead days on weekdays too of course but it's always a roll of the dice.


Speaking of lines, there must be some very patient parents because I don't think I could wait 50 mins with my son for a ride only he could do.

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As I said in my TR, Lost Valley had been down for a long rehab for what is the parks signature attraction which could indicate a change. The park has just announced Wild Road, a new road that will be a part of the ride: http://www.everland.com/web/everland/now/news/1219105_10436.html




The Plum Blossom Garden that has taken up Eagle's Fortress' spot and the area once marked for the hotel has opened.


Everland, the nation's largest theme park, has been dubbed the "first amusement park" for many things.



The theme park located in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, introduced a rose festival in 1985, a tulip festival in 1992, "Caribbean Bay" water park in 1996 and the wooden roller coaster T-Express in 2008 - all firsts in the history of the nation's amusement park industry.


And now Everland has one more to add to its list of firsts as it has come up with the plum blossom trail that is the first of its kind in Seoul and its surrounding area. It is a part of its move to introduce the concept of "eco-park" also for the first time in Korea.


"The plum blossom trail is scheduled to be open on March 29 through May 6," Jeong Byung-suk, executive vice president at Samsung C&T Resort Business Division, said in a press conference, Tuesday. The resort division operates Everland.


"The trail spans over 33,000 square meters and there are 700 plum trees from 11 different types collected from all over the country," he said, adding that it is an easy walk of 1 kilometer suitable for any age.


The opening of the trail carries extra weight as it is the final piece of Everland's puzzle for its spring flower festival lineup that already has tulips, cherry blossoms and roses.


Everland's plum blossom trail shows off 700 trees of 11 different kinds. / Courtesy of Everland


According to Everland, the trail is not just a place to see the flowers.


When visitors take the narrow path zigzagging up the hill through blossoms, they will be first welcomed by 30 different bonsai trees, followed by bamboo groves, 10,000 pine, cherry and willow trees, 240,000 flowers - including muscari, daffodilsand canola flowers ― and a full moon-shaped rest area.


The top of the hill, 210 meters above the sea level, commands an unbroken yet unheard-of view of Everland.


Everland launched the project to build the plum blossom trail in 2016.


So far, growing plum blossoms in Seoul and its surrounding areas has been a tall order given that they are vulnerable to cold weather.


However, taking advantage of its wealth of know-how on plants adopted from "Jayeon Nongwon" (the former name of Everland that means farmland) it has sourced plum trees from all over the country.


Plus, it put together a taskforce of plant specialists and benchmarked places famous for plum trees in Japan and China.


"All employees concentrated their efforts on unveiling the first plum blossom-themed garden in the capital area," another Everland official said.


"We hope many people will visit the garden and enjoy fragrant blossoms this spring."


To celebrate its opening, Everland will also run a weekday docent program, through which plant specialists will introduce the trail and tell various stories about plants from March 29 to April 19.


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Don't forget, that Gyro VR and Robot VR has changed the ride film.

(Both requires riders to purchase a new ticket: only credit/debit card is accepted. Use Kiosk next to ride to buy a ticket and reserve a time.)


1. Robot VR: Homecoming


In the future, there is a big aquarium called 'Aqua Dream.'

In here, the most popular thing is 'robot fish', a highly intelligent, high-technological robot built in this aquarium.

One day, a new fish called 'Discus' appears and offers robot fish to explore the ocean and the outside world.

To everyone's surprise, robot fish accepts an offer and the pair start their wonderful journey...


2. Gyro VR: 1 inch VR


You discover a strange marble and you're shrunk to the size of 1 inch, like Antman.

What adventures and dangers await you?


3. News: 'Lost Valley: Wild Road' will open on April 8.


Lost Valley: Wild Road


'Lost Valley: Wild Road' theme story:

There is a rumor of animals suddenly vanished with the treasure that contains great power.

Lots of explorers and adventurers tried to find the animals and the treasure, but no one managed to find it...until now.

Moments ago, George T. Wild and his team of explorers have discovered a new road in Lost Valley, called 'Wild Road'.

What animals and adventures are hiding there? Only one way to find out...ride in an exploration vehicle!


Tip: Sadly, according to the news from my country, the vehicle will no longer go into the water.


4. Everland issues campaign to wait in the line properly.


Everland Waiting Line Campaign


Looks like there are still some people cutting in the waiting line.

Everland just issued a campaign to ask guests to wait in the line properly.


-If you're visiting with the group, all the group members who wish to ride must wait in the line together. Letting other group members to cut in the line later is counted as a line cutting.

-If you have to leave the line for the moment for any reason like buying food or using the restroom, let the guests in front and in the back know about it. Don't forget to notify this to the attendant at the entrance, too.

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Tip: Sadly, according to the news from my country, the vehicle will no longer go into the water.


I'm not 100% convinced on this. It wouldn't surprise me considering all the cost-cutting the park has had (paths, restaurants, and rides closed in areas and left SBNO, smaller parades, rides taking split shifts (one ride opens morning, one afternoon with a lunch hour of both closed), most new attractions either being upcharges like the VR rides you mentioned or gardens have replaced removed rides (Eagle's Fortress and Global Village) but nothing has been confirmed by the park and most reports about it are coming from this weekend.


First of all let me stress, even on the original Lost Valley, the water part is not very long. It's mostly there as a cool-factor that kids seemed to love that the bus was now a boat so it's not a big change. The new Lost Valley was open this weekend for a soft opening and they were stressing it was on a test run. The ride normally is 5 points on the app to get a q-pass but it was 2 only because the ride was pass only with no standby line and only running from 1-5.


So, at least from what I saw when you get to the old water part, there is a road next to it. The road has always been there but before it just seemed like an access road. Now the trees have gone and the bus runs along it and you can see the animals but they were all positioned perfectly now between the water and dry-road. Literally, the only thing I saw in this new area on the right side (so far from the water) was some antelope, some ostriches, and emu. Even the elephant was still way over on the water side. But here's the thing, even after all the construction, the wide water part was still there the road you came to still had a little divide as if the cars could choose, the water was flowing and life rings and buoys were all still laid out. Nothing has been blocked off.


I feel like if the water was permanently gone, it could have been filled in and used for bigger animal areas and removed than taking out some trees and putting in 2 types of animals. I don't know the reasoning the park decided to make the old un-used dry side road an area but the ride is one of the parks busiest. Then again before Lost Valley I remember the park adding a U-turn to the old safari ride and making a big-deal that it was now a 'Herbivore Safari' too so it wouldn't be the first time the park has done something like this. On the other sidee, perhaps using the dry road means the buses can make it around the course faster or need refueling less reducing the line-time or it will help in the winter but people I've heard from think it could go either way. It seems strange that they would re-fill the trough and keep the wide water road and make it nice again if it is gone for good..


The park was putting it out that this weekend was a testing period and I think they wanted to evaluate the effect the new path has on their numbers and flow. It makes sense then that all the buses would go along to see that new area but I think unless the park has officially confirmed it and I missed it, that it could be too early to know.


Honestly, the whole thing felt weird to me. It just seemed strange that they would build this new tiny area away from the water, meaning they want the cars to be there, but removing the unique point of the ride from the other safari ride, and then still leave the water and road in place where passengers can see it. I know some kids on our bus ride seemed disappointed and were too busy asking their moms why the boat car didn't go into the water to notice the new animals.

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