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Photo TR: Guy and Derek at Dorney

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Yesterday Guy was in town hitting up Hershey for the first time while I worked. So when I was done working, I was going to join him, but he was already done at the park and ready to head to Dorney for a few hours since he can get in for free with his Knotts Pass. So instead, I met him there. As we arrived there was mass exodus from all the school kids jumping back on their buses to head home. So lucky us, the park wasn't too crowded. There was some confusion though over Guy's Knotts pass, as it didn't say "Maxx Pass" on it because it was still good from last year (June). After about 10 minutes, the right people finally called Knotts and confirmed he was allowed access (though we were worried that it may be cloudy in SoCal and Knotts would be closed and not answer the phone). Inside the park, they were handling things pretty well, security guards in every coaster queue to avoid linejumping overhyper children, and the crews were pretty efficient, never stacking the trains. Of course, our luck wasn't so good at the beginning of our visit, and every coaster we lined up for broke down just as we got there. Onto the pics:


and finally, we'll wait out the line for the Wild Mouse with the stupidest loading ever. Only 2 adults per vehicle, seriously, WTF?! Oh well, cha-ching for Guy.


Guy can shame himself and the Koepp name by obtaining his kiddie credit!


Besides some antics and talking to employees who think the same people who own Dorney also own Cedar Point, Hersheypark, and Great Adventure. Oh yeah, and the employees work 18 hour days


On to Camp Snoopy, what can we do here?


One of the oldest rides at Dorney that still exists and is loads of fun


One credit that Guy won't be getting anytime soon


I don't want to make any IMPULSE thoughts, but I'm totally going out on a limb here and saying Aquatrax!


And now, for the moment you've been on the edge of your seat for...MARKERS!! Down where the Skyscraper used to be are several of these


But dude, whats up with this?? Seatbelts on the Schwarzkopfs now too, Cedar Fair?!? LAME!


Two loops! mmmm....

and oh so forceful, fun, and smooth


Gotta love how Laser rarely has any line at all, even though it does worry me that they'll eventually remove the ride.


How's it going, Joe


and all the people in the train go "wheee!" and a few probably did almost go wee.


Thunderhawk is all "I may be smaller, but I give more violent airtime!"


Hooray, Thunderhawk reopened!


Still one of my favorite Morgan hypers


Well, luck changed then once we got to Steel Force. Very little wait, and no breakdowns


This may actually be the most trees in a row in any Cedar Fair park!


Pretty impressive that the 2nd train is running today, but right now neither are going.


Again, Steel Force was working, but Thunderhawk was closed because we were heading to Thunderhawk first for a ride


No Thunder Creek Mountain for us today. It may look nice and warm out, but it's only in the 60s and was pretty dreary for most of the day


I will say the ride is better than Hercules, and it's nice that it's got a unique layout, but it is pretty boring to me


Yup, still rattles a lot and is pretty forceless. Of course, Guy says it's his 2nd favorite floorless (I told you he was weird!)


Of course, as I said "I don't care about riding Hydra" it reopened, so we gave it a courtesy ride


Here's an opened ride, but it was only opened because we didn't intend to ride it


Hydra: The Broken didn't disappoint as we walked up to it


While the ride is randomly broken, that's a great time to clean the whole train (no, no one puked or anything, they actually cleaned the WHOLE train while waiting for maintenance)


Behind us you'll see an empty train, that's because we broke the ride with our presence


Here you can see the new cameras installed on the front row. Now you can purchase a video of you riding Talon as you exit the ride.


Being in the front of the park makes this a really popular ride on a busy day, the wait was actually down the stairs and using up the queue (which is a rarity) so I could get this shot of the flatspin


And here's the moneyshot for that guy who likes...oh wait, that's me! And this is the loop that started it all


Guy rode both B&M inverts in PA in the same day, and he really loved them both (yeah, he's weird)


Not 90 degrees!


Mmmm, vertical loopage


Guy really likes Dorney, so he decided to come back again since his visit last summer. He even got a few credits this time!

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Nice pictures, I agree 100% about the Wild Mouse loading rule. Combined with the seatbelts, it makes the capacity ridiculous. RCDB lists it at 900 an hour but according to some people on Dorney Online, it can only get 40% of that and that's at optimal capacity.


Nice to see Thunder Creek Mountain running, it was closed opening day and last Friday.

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Dorney is very good about having guards in line even to an extreme. I have seen guards in Talon's switchback part of the queue and the line isn't even out of the station. Same with Hydra. If they see line cutting, they won't hesitate to either send them to the back of the line or even kick them out. Maybe because some of the guards at Dorney carry guns, they are taken more seriously?

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I love Dorney


It's like a mini Cedar Point, with a Floorless instead of a stand-up. Speaking of which, Hydra is actually my favorite floorless. Granted it was my second one, but I liked it better than Marine World's Medusa. All of hydra's elements are unique as opposed to cookie-cutter, and that's a rarety among B&Ms. You MUST ride in the back seat, or else the ride is too tame. The first drop has nice floater time

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^ I agree, I can ride it alot more if it's less forceful, but maybe not completely forceless.


Take Batman: The Ride, I can ride it about once and then I gotta take a break. But with Sheikra, I could've ridden it over and over. I would rather take that over the intensity. Usually...

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Poor Guy - he called me this morning as I was supposed to meet him at Coney Island. He was at Rye Playland and they decided to not open up the park today due to weather conditions. I don't think it was so much the threat of rain but there have been tornados in the area of late.

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Two things:


1: Laser is leaving?!?!?! I thought that was just a rumor from last year and before!


2: Hydra isn't forceless in the back row. I agree the intensity could be higher, (which raising the lift 10 or 20 feet could probably help a lot, but sadly that won't happen) but it isn't that bad in the back seat. [/rant]


(Yes, my main pet peeves are when someone bashes Hydra or Hercules, which I am one of the few people that is a fan of both)


I don't get it, it looked like Steel Venom could fit there without taking out Laser, assuming that's where it is going to eventually go through.

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The log ride picture with the sun rays is cash money!


Talon looks really good to me, why isn't it?


I want to visit Pennsylvania for theme parks. The last time I was there we only went to see Independance Hall, and the Mint in Philly. Oh, we also went on some Amish tour where we brought some AMAZING bread from a shy little amish girl.

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1: Laser is leaving?!?!?! I thought that was just a rumor from last year and before!

It's just been rumored like you said. I think the refurbishments to the ride in the offseason (new chain for example) and the addition of seatbelts hopefully means they plan to keep the ride for a while. That's about the only good thing about the seatbelts as they really slow down loading and capacity is horrible on the ride with a 2 train wait almost 10 minutes.

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