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Cedar Point Opening Day Photo TR

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So yeah me and my friend went down to Cedar Point for opening day and part of the day sunday. Overall it wasn't a bad visit, but it wasn't the greatest either. Ill just get straight to the pictures.


And i leave you with one last picture of the Entrance and the sign, thanks for reading!


Barrel roll




The stairs leading up to the station, I still want to know why theres two sides. Possibly a single rider line?


Another view


A shot of the queue from the photo booth/ gift shop, hopefully there will be more stuff in there when the ride opens.


Some final shots of Maverick, cause we all know you love them. Maverick's train through the trees.


My friend hadn't been on Mine Ride and it was a walk on so we decided to ride. We got off and headed straight to Skyhawk, I didn't get any pictures.


Dragster was good, though i don't understand why in the morning they only run 3 rows, it makes operations VERY slow.


Next day, we get in the park early and head straight for Dragster, only to wait through the whole hour while they try to get trains over, it was cold that morning.


And one last picture for the night, Dragster had been closed for a while by now, I wasn't sure what was wrong with it.


Nothing special... but still fun if the wait isn't bad.


My friend wanted to ride Wildcat, and i hadn't been on it in over a year so i agreed.


And my so called secret spot has been ruined


Right here, actually it was all ACErs back by the swings.


First drop, note the ACEr with the pink hair at the bottom.


Poster under the sign.


Maverick pictures, cause everyone loves them.


I told you I was upset, i just need a gallon of ice cream (joking).


I wanted to see how Maverick looked with the themeing added, and IMO it looks great, I can't wait for it to open, but I do admit I was upset about it being closeed.


See :D


Dont let the sky fool you, its really cold outside.

WARNING: Nerdy coaster shot coming up...


Millennium was fun as always.


Since Dragster was closed, we decided to wait for Millennium, and we ended up waiting about an hour for the front.


Raptor seemed to be running a little rough today, maybe it was just me.


Haha i laugh at these people, too bad there all going to crush us in a few minuets.


After getting our pass processed fairly painlessly we got in the park with the resort passes and headed straight for raptor. We waited about 20 minuets with 3 train operations...yeah it was busy.


Maybe not.


Before driving to the front gate for our season pass, we see Dragster testing, looks good so far...


See what i mean?


The real reason the ride was closed is because no one could take pictures of it.


Yay were here! Shouldn't they change that?

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Those were some great pictures.


When I went last summer, the first day Raptor ran pretty rough but the second day it ran smooth as can be. I guess it just depends what time of day, and temp. it is.


Millenium Force was closed when we went, so I didn't get a chance to ride it.

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The reason for TTD only loading three rows is because of the colder weather. Yes, they could launch the trains faster, but the hydraulic system would be pushed to hard and eventually lead to more problems. Loading only a couple rows in the morning and adding a row every half hour or so lets the ride warm up.


Another interesting thing is when the ride is closing for the night, they have to have a full train or else they can't launch it. It would go way to fast over the tower.

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Righteous photos brother (lol).

Maverick is super-uber-secksi and when I went last August there were only some track pieces up and now with all the decorations and water it is totally coaster dork eye candy (for now at least )

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I'm curious. Is there anything that's coming back such as the freeway system?




Will the Freeway Ride Reservation System be available this year?


Since Cedar Point has more rides than any other park, and is capable of accommodating more guests per hour than any other park in the world, it was decided that the Freeway system was not necessary. Elimination of Freeway also results in a level playing field where all guests are treated equally and no one receives special privileges.


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