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Photo TR: Nicole does Darien Lake

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I dragged my friend Christine over to Darien Lake today so I could get my season pass and some Intamin goodness. The park was EMPTY, and the only thing we waited in line for was the Tin Lizzys (old fashioned cars).


I hadn't been to the park since 2005. The employees were very friendly (and not a cell phone in sight!), but for some reason every coaster now has a "staple every rider" policy. I got pinned so hard to my seat on Viper that I couldn't move at all, it was really painful. I don't understand what the point of stapling people in is.


Parking was only $7, but they made up for that with the food prices. Coke machines were $2.75, and we saw funnel cake for $6, among other things.


Yeah... we're on the ride.. on the PHONE! Woohoo!


Time for our first ride! The "ghetto boat" ride with no roof


Boomerang was also closed.


I saw some new wood in this turn, but that was it. There is probably more that is just not visible from the midway.


I haven't ridden this coaster since 2001, and I remember it being awful.


Predator was closed, because they are retracking portions of it. Maybe once it opens it will actually be rideable!


New park maps were all over. The park was very clean, and all the shops and restrooms looked like they had a fresh coat of paint.


Here's the park entrance, with its new logo. Pass processing went fast, although they spelled my first name wrong. How do you spell "Nicole" wrong, seriously!?


So we got to the park around 3:30 pm and... there were barely any cars there!


Yeah... have I mentioned it's Derek and my anniversary today?? I wish he was here to ride these coasters with me :(

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Once we rode the "ghetto boat" ride, we tried to decide which coaster to ride first. Christine hates big drops, so Ride of Steel was a bad choice. So I asked her, "Would you rather ride the coaster that goes upside down 5 times, or the coaster that goes upside down 5 times?"


Right by Brain Teaser are some really adorable kiddy bumper cars!


OMG, credit #163?? Ok, no.


Christine gives it the thumbs-up! Mind Eraser was actually running pretty smooth. We rode it 3 times throughout the day.


Um... yeah, hi... walk-on! Too bad it's a Vekoma.


Look at this long line... wow!


This shot would have been better with a train in it.


Thar she blows...


Christine is a bit unsure of this, as she had never ridden an "upside-down coaster".


We chose Mind Eraser first.

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After Mind Eraser, we headed over to Viper.


Too bad it really sucked. It was very vibraty and loud. I felt like I was in a trash can rolling down a hill. I gave it another courtesy ride later in the day, but it was terrible. Such a shame, as this was my hands-down favorite coaster for several years


This is painful.


Looks like another long line!


And here too! Just a concrete square is left where the Daily Planet van used to be.


Um... something's missing!


Time for some Intamin goodness... or not


And here's what kills me: the water park was OPEN! Who's bright idea was this?????


All the water rides, including Shipwreck Falls, were running, despite today's high temperature of 60


Well, this one's a walk-on a lot of the time anyway. We were the ONLY people on the train!


Oh no, another super long line. ;)


Ugh.. I miss Derek.


Viper was also running okay, but with the stapling problem. We also rode it three times.

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Random stuff around the park...


Sorry, Darien Lake, we're about ready to leave. I'll be back when Predator's open! (maybe!)


This is the water slide from Astroworld. The track pieces of Batman are still in storage across the street.


There is still some Six Flags merchandise to be had in the gift shops around the park.


Sorry, guys... ride's closed...


Why does everything remind me of Derek today? :(


Looney Tunes Seaport???


I was told to put my camera away after taking this picture, so I did :)


We decided to ride something I hadn't ridden since I was little: the Tin Lizzys!




I love the view from the far side of the lake.

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^ "Ride of Steel" definitely felt that way to me last year too. I remember it having more air than Millenium Force, but with overly large boring helixes and having alot of rough vibrations.


Thanks for the trip report! I can't believe management has the water park open so early. Pretty expensive to pay lifeguards to stand around going nothing all day long.

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Great photos Nicole! Good thing they cut the parking fee in half, I couldn't stomach paying $15 to park there.


I really hope Superman won't be doing its trashcan down the hill impression in a fortnight. I bet the park will be packed over Memorial Day as well.

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Nice PTR Nicole. Too bad that ROS was running like crap. It was running fine when we rode it last May in the early season. It's weird seeing all of the Superman references stripped off of the themeing. Kinda lame, as I really like the look of that one.

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Maybe you should come to SFA and ride their version of ROS, Nicole--looks like it's a clone of Darian Lake's, and it's been running pretty well this season.

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I'm guessing that Six Flags stopped taking care of the ride (and park) last year when they sold it. Perhaps the other train is being refurbed now, but Darien Lake didn't want the coaster closed until both trains were fully rehabbed, so they just did the worst train first and once that's back they'll switch them out. Hopefully they get both trains on soon though!


Great pictures, I actually like the look of the boomerang and SLC with all the water around them.

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Maybe they ARE rehabbing the trains, as the other one was missing. The Superman logo had been painted over on the front of the operating train...


While I'm on the subject of trains, I'll mention that Predator's black train was sitting on the transfer track outside its station. The red train was in pieces behind the fence. I'm not sure if this means they will soon be testing using the black train, or if they just have nowhere else to put it.

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I actually went during that $10 admission weekend.. I was glad to see that Ranger was actually working properly! In the past it only went in one direction, now it goes both ways. Now if they could fix the Mack Sea Storm ride- get it back to the way it is supposed to work. Hope they'll overhaul the Cornpop.. *ahem* Rodeo Roundup so that all the cars do 90 degree swings..

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