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Pepsi Max Big one Construction photos from 1994

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Hey everyone, these are some construction photos from 1994 of The Pepsi Max Big One located in Blackpool, UK. There's not many photos of this around but i thought it might be good to show some seen as it was the a major achievement for Blackpool, even if it is an Arrow lol. If anyone else has some photos, i'd love to see them. keep posting











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Wow, I never realized how big the support pieces were, and the first photo does a good job of showing the size. The rest of the photos were interesting, and I love these old photo TRs.(even though this is not a TR)

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Great pictures, but I've got a question that I've had for years: does anyone know why some of the supports are dark blue while others are light brown? Is this just a random thing or is there a reason for it? I've always had that in the back of my head, haha.

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Nice photo's of the construction, some parts of the structure were so large, BPB used part of the airport to put together the supports.


I don't mind riding the PMBO but the layout is wrong, it needed hills which it does not have and the fin brake brefore the helix is quite severe it makes the train nearly stop.


Best Bits are: 1st Drop and the tunnel before the brakes.


1 ride at night is enough for me for "Pepsi Max"


"Grand Nash", "BD", "Rollercoaster", "Wild Mouse" and "Ghost Train gets my votes to ride more often.

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I travelled up to Blackpool from near London all myself back in 1994 when I was 15 to ride this thing. I was so excitied and nervous the whole way up (mainly that the ride would be closed due to high winds). It wasn't and I rode it two or three times and loved it!!

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You know, it would have been nice to get credit for these photos, seeing as they're from my website.


I've got no problem with people using them, but it took a lot of effort to get these (as you say, pictures of the Big One under construction are rare). I got them by writing to a newspaper in Blackpool, and a resident, Shirley Milner-Smith, got in touch with me and kindly sent me the photos. I scanned them in, cleaned them up and put them on my site with quite a few articles in 2004 celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Big One and Drayton Manor's Shockwave as well as the centenary of Sir Hiram Maxim's Flying Machines.


It's nice to see interest in them, but a little credit for the effort wouldn't have gone amiss.

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^^ I remember reading that from you website, it was really interesting. I really like the infomation on your website and you have fantastic reviews on them (one of my favorites to read infact).


Good luck with it!

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