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Phrases or Things that make you Cringe!

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People who say that caffeine will kill me. I'm a 5 DR. Pepper a day kind of person, and I don't care whatever the caffeine does to me, I LIKE IT!!!


People who say Diet Coke Kills, F U


People who say that tattos, and writing on yourself with a pen gives you skin cancer...


F U ALL!!!

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Bullitens on myspace/facebook/email that say:


"R3P0ST DIZZ IN 200 SECENZ 0R A DOGG W1LL AP33R B1 UR B3D AND K1LL U @ 3 1N THA M0RN1N!!!11!!!""


What's also annoying are the boys and girls on any social website (Myspace/Facebook/etc) post everything an assassin would possibly need to find out where they live, when they are at what time, etc.


What pisses me off is when they say "its good for keeping in touch with ppl!

Yeah? The only real "touch" you'll need is writing to them or going to their house. Or email.

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Here's one that just popped up in the BGW Discussion Thread: "I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but . . ."


If you "hate it," then why are you doing it?

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I used to cringe at people who preferred texting over calling someone, but now that I got my first smartphone (iPhone 5s) I now hypocritically prefer texting over calling someone, unless it is a relative.


If you are looking for a video to cringe at, then here you have it.



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I know there's more, but these are the two that immediately pop into my head and are the phrases I hate the most.


"You only live once, AKA YOLO" - I know there's been a ton of backlash to the phrase and people are sick of it. I DESPISED it from the very moment it was coined. It's always been just a phrase for stupid doucebags to justify them acting like an idiot.


"Man Up" - There are so many better ways to tell people to deal with a bad situation. I cringe everytime I hear someone say this.

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