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PTR: Six Flags St. Louis

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On Saturday May 5th, 2007 I went on a trip to Six Flags St. Louis with a group from my school so I was with several friends all day so I didn't want to carry a camera so the few photos I do have are from my phone.


Also I think some changes have actually been made at the park in making it somewhat more family oriented.


Now on to the trip report:


We arrived to the parking lot at about 10:40. I saw a sign that said it was $15 to park I don't know whether that was for buses or cars but either way that is really expensive to just park and have to walk in. Luckily it didn't look like the park would be jammed packed because the back side of the lot closest to the road did not have a single car in it.


When we got to the turnstile the girl front of me had a season pass and the lady took it, scanned it and greeted her by name. This actually surprised me because I didn't think that the park would even take the time to look at it. Granted that's not much but it looked as if they were really starting to care about people.


I will just post things in the order we did them:


River King Mine Train 6/10 - Not really much to say about it, since it is more geared towards the under 12 crowd. It would be a great first coaster though for anyone that hasn't rode one yet.


Tidal Wave 9/10 - No theming at all but it does get you really wet which is great when it's warm and you are getting ready to wait more than an hour for a coaster.


Riverview Racer? 7/10 - Is this the right name for the swings? Basically your typical swings. It could use a paint job.


Tony Hawk's Big Spin 8/10 - It was my first time to be on a roller coaster of it's type and it was nice ride. It really wasn't worth the hour and a half wait for the one minute fifty second ride. Really the only way I would re ride it is if it had only a twenty to thirty minute wait but it was worth it for a first time in my opinion.


Xcalibur 8/10 - From the looks of it I thought the ride was going to be awesome. But it really goes very slow, only goes over one time and takes forever to load. We were seated for probably five minutes before the ride even took of and the line itself was only ten. It would definitely be a much better ride if it was sped up, made about three complete rotations, and went faster during the loading process.


Lunch 6/10 - I don't remember the name of the place but I ordered a chicken basket basically that came with three chicken strips, fries, slaw, and a biscuit for $7.99. First off the lady in front of us got very little fries and she had asked for more so they gave them to her. I ordered the overpriced food and a large soda which was over priced at $3.99. Then one of my friends orders the same thing as I did and when she got hers they gave her three tiny little bit sized pieces and she asked the lady for more because that wasn't worth $7.99 and the lady put about five more bit sized pieces on. Then the other two friends I was with ordered. I got to the counter to pay and I asked the man if they had any lids and he said no. I thought to my self that is dumbest thing I have ever heard I paid four bucks for a drink and can't even get a lid. You would think taking in that much money on a drink that cost them around five cents they could afford the lid to keep people from spilling them but o well. Once we sat down to eat we realized one of my friends was over charged for the wrong drink and they gave her a new one. My food was ok but Dairy Queen has a far better chicken basket. Then one of my friends had fried chicken and said that it was nasty because it was so dry. This I think is the biggest place Six Flags needs to improve on is there food service it stinks, food not that great, tries to cheat you on the food you order, and doesn't have lids.


Screamin' Eagle 9/10 - For being 31 years old this year this ride is still really good. I also thought that it wasn't as rough as it was several years ago but maybe I'm just more used to coasters now.


The Boss 10/10 - I really enjoyed the boss, it used the terrain very well, held speed good, and the turns and drops were very well done.


Highland Fling 7/10 - It is an ok ride it basically just sits you in a car and spins you upside down a few times. It had a fairly short line but I think was because the ride didn't run very long. It was not nearly as long as it was several years ago when I was there but it was on a weekday then and the park was mostly emptied due to a recent rain, so I understood the reason for it being shorter.


Mr. Freeze 9/10 - The coaster itself is good it is in direr need of a pain job because it look like crap but still a thrilling ride. They were running both sides and the line was moving incredibly well because of it which is a little odd for Six Flags. Down sides to it the station of the "Coolest coaster on earth" is boiling hot they have two three door ways basically where air comes in and absolutely none of the huge air vents had air coming through them. Which made the station in the first place miserable with the sun heating it up, tons of people packed inside, and then once we get to the loading platform the ride stop 15-20 minutes while we stand there not knowing what is wrong dripping with sweet. Finally once we actually to ride it we couldn't wait to get out of the station.



We then went to go ride the Batman but it was temporarily closed.


Ninja 5/10 - The ride itself good. And this time unlike the last time I went it wasn't rough because I'm much taller and my head doesn't hit the over head restraint. What made the ride bad was is we got stopped on the brakes right before the station and got to sit there for five minutes waiting for the other train that had accidentally gotten the emergency button pushed on it while in the station which took them a while to get it to where it was able to go. I was hoping that we would get to walk on the cat walk to go back into the station but no such luck they got it working again, darn, I guess I will have to wait for another time to get to walk on the cat walks.


Batman - The Ride 9/10 - Once we got off the Ninja we saw a train get sent out so we headed to get into line. We got on the third train after it had been re-opened which was great since earlier the line was over an hour long. The Batman is a very smooth ride you barely even feel like your own a coaster. I wore Nike slides that day so I had to take them off to ride which made it even better because it looked like several times my feet were going to hit the supports. Also when this ride re-opened I applaud Six Flags staff because several people started jumping over the rails to get ahead and to save a couple of steps and they actually told them to stop and stayed there to watch the line.


Superman - Tower of Power 10/10 - This was my first big drop tower and it didn't disappoint. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes of waiting in line to ride but I enjoyed it. The tower is situated in the back of the park on the hill and provides great views of the park, you can pretty much see the entire place depending on what side you get.


Water Street Cab Company 7/10 - The bumper cars were ok. The ones a the state fair go faster. And a couple of things that could be improved on them is to get a divider in the middle so people will travel in one direction and have a bar that came down over you lap instead of the shoulder belts that they have because those can really cut into your neck when you hit someone.


Then I just grabbed a quick bit to eat to take on the way home.




Overall comments on the park:

Negatives about the park:


* The food in the park is in desperate need from what I experienced. The need to provide lids. The price need to be taken down some. The quality also could use some improvement if your are going to have to pay that much.

* Less time in line. They need to make some changes to make it to where there is less time spent in line they could do this by: having more space between the ride so you can't just go from one to the other that way it would take more time to get to a que line which would mean less people in it. Add more shops the more shops that they have they more people are going to shop and the more people that won't be spending there time in the ques. More theaters if they added one or two theaters that held 1,000 - 2,000 people it would get a lot of people of the pathways and que lines but they would have to be quality shows so they would be filled.

* Profanity, is still a big problem in the que lines, walk ways, restaurants and on rides. I heard the f bomb at least four or five time on the swings alone.

* Nasty looking que line. The Superman Tower of Power has a nice looking first part to there q-line but once you go through that it opens up to a asphalt area with movable pols with rope through them. Plus around you is a crappy looking fence a employee only building with stairs coming down into the que and gates at both ends that lead to roads. Basically when they built this make shift q it was a access road because it leads from the dumpsters behind Papa Johns (that are in full view) to underneath the screamin' eagle and on back behind it.


Positives about the park:


* No smoking policy. This policy has actually worked pretty good I think for the most part people follow the rule and only smoke in the designated areas. And when they don't the host actually get on to the people. While waiting in line for Superman Tower of Power a lady told people on two different occasions to stop smoking and they did. The other people in the line was very happy about it to because the lady in front of us that had two little kids thanked they lady as she walk back by.

* Clean to my surprise a park only thirty minutes outside of St. Louis was actually very well kept cleanliness wise.


Both positive and negative:


* Friendliness if you talked to the host they seemed very nice and friendly but not a single person went out of there way to ask if we were having a good day or anything along the lines of talking to us with us having to talk to them first.




Overall ratings

Friendliness (on there own) - N/A didn't interact with us at all.

Friendliness (when you talked first) - 10/10

Ride selection - 8/10

Coasters - 10/10

Cleanliness - 10/10

Overall - 9.5/10


The A on the door was definitely for the cleanliness of the restaurant not the food.


The "coolest coaster on earth" didn't have such a cool que area.


At the brakes waiting to go into the station.


Up, up, and away!

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They were only using that "makeshift queue" on SToP because the line was so long. Normally you don't go back into that area. I agree that the staff were a lot more friendly this year. Glad to hear you had fun. Nice TR!

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yeah I was kind of wondering about that insulting thing too... and in case your wondering which statement in particular...its this one...



* Clean to my surprise a park only thirty minutes outside of St. Louis was actually very well kept cleanliness wise.

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That doesn't seem that insulting to me^ If somebody said that about SFoG or Carowinds I don't think that I would think twice.. Anyway, nice trip report!


He didn't say it about the park. He said it about the city. I've lived in ST. Louis my whole - I love it - that's just uncalled for.

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The reason I said it was because there is some parts of St. Louis (ones that we went through to get there) that were run down and looked very trashy. And I honestly was surprised it was that clean being so close to such a major city. It's not that I'm saying St. Louis in general is a trashy place but you have to admit there is some very dumpy parts to the city.

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