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What is your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?...


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A good cookies and cream will usually win out, with mint chocolate chip coming in a close second, and cookie dough coming in third.

Once my mom made some homemade vanilla ice cream, then added in some pulverized Oreos. We thought it would just be swirly, but it actually turned all the ice cream black! It looked like tar, but was the best ice cream I've ever had!



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Cake Batter? (never heard or seen that one before.. )



I love most-all flavors, but the ones that really stand-out are as follows:


1. Mint chocolate chip

2. Cheesecake Flavor

3. Peanut Butter!!!!

4. Cookies 'N Cream

5. Haupia (a local/Hawaiian Flavor-MMM good).

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Yay, ice cream!


"Caveman Chocolate" at Toft's, in Sandusky

"Winter White Chocolate" at Baskin Robbins

"Truffle In Paradise" at Baskin Robbins


Not really a flavor, of course, but as far as I'm concerned, Denny's only exists for their Banana Split!

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Well, since I'm Vegan and don't eat ice cream I still have a favorite from my "evil" years.


I like... Turkey Hills: Vanilla w/Peanut Butter Swirl.


Of all the things I miss the most of it would be that ice cream and the McDonalds bacon egg and cheese biscuit. In fact, if I was ever on death row... that's exactly what I would order. Mmmmm... I'm hungry.

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