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This is pretty simple. Just tell us all what you like to snack on.


Here are some of my favorites:


I'm not a big candy muncher, but Starburst fruit chews are by far a favorite snack of mine. I also enjoy having some nerds or a Chunky every now and then.


Popcorn is a huge favorite of mine. I could munch on that stuff all day long. And I love Peanuts in the shell. They're as fun to break open as they are to eat. I don't eat a lot of chips, but there's this company called Martins which makes great Kettle Cooked chips.


I usually wash it down with a diet soda, but I'll have a nice Coca-Cola with it sometimes too. I prefer Coke over Pepsi because it has more of a bite to it that I enjoy. I like root beer too, especially Barq's root beer.

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I eat pretty much anything I can find, with a can of Sprite or Root Beer if I have some, if not a glass of water. I do particulary like Rice Krispy Treats with Nutella though.

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I do particulary like Rice Krispy Treats with Nutella though.


Oh... my god. I think I might need to go back to the grocery store. I can't believe I never thought of that myself.


My favorite snack is probably just about any fruit, particularly watermelon or pineapple, washed down with orange juice. The nectar of the gods.

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My favorite snack now is vanilla soy milk and strawberry nesquick. Not much of a snack huh? Well it is when you're latose intolerant. Strawberry milk used to be my favorite when I was younger but I could never have it.


My friend told me about the soy milk and I tried it. Yayy!!! And it doesn't derail me from my diet, which I'm back on now that I've had 2 weeks of amusement park food from the midwest trip.



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I enjoy Lay's Stax (especially BBQ), Goldfish, Munch 'Ems (even though I haven't had any in forever), Cheeto's, Doritoe's, and Pretzels.


I wash them down with Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, or the ocassional lemonade if it's after a marching band practice.

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