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Photo Tour of Charlotte, NC (Downtown)

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Someone over on another site did this and I thought it was a cool idea.


I walked around on my lunch break one day and took a bunch of shots of downtown.


These are all South of "The Square" (center of Downtown). I'll be taking the shots North of the Square sometime soon.


Charlotte has a very modern downtown for a Southern city, most of our buildings that were older have long been torn down.


Enjoy these... if you like architecture and such.


Grande Disco with Bank of America Corp. Center in back.


That's all for now...more pics to come.


Bank of America Corporate Center. Also seen in Shallow Hal.


Ritz-Carlton Charlotte under construction. Get ready for those $300 a night rooms!


EpiCenter under construction. It will feature a 53 story condo building, a movie theater and a bunch of other stuff.


If you saw the trailer for Shallow Hal (Jack Black movie) then this clock was in the trailer. Most of the movie was filmed in Charlotte.


Convention Center with Westin Hotel in background.


Convention Center.


Fountains at The Green.


Charlotte is one of the last Southern cities to get a MLK Jr street.


The Westin Hotel. Kinda unusual look for Charlotte.


1 Wachovia. Or as we called it "The Jukebox".


Latta Arcade. Apparantly there used to be a farm here owned by Mr. Latta. This is an older indoor shopping/lunch place.


This was the facade of an old florist that they used in a new building called "The Green" Notice the cool old Spanish Mission look.


Another remodel job. 2 Wachovia...I think.


Several buildings downtown were converted or remodeled recently. This used to be an office building, but now is condos.


Wachovia's original headquarters in Charlotte. It kinda has that 70s look to it...since it was built in the 70s.


3 Wachovia. One of the newer buildings.


We'll start with where I work...the Bank of America Plaza (background). Foreground is what used to be an old Home Federal Bank building, but will soon be "The Trust" ($1,000,000 condos).


Oops...I forgot one. This is the Charlote Plaza...or as we call it "Darth Vader" (because it's black and silver).

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