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Photo TR: Six Flags St. Louis

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Please excuse picture size and quality, they are low quality stills taken from the video I shot (which can be found on page 2).


This is the second time I went with T-NADO (an anti-drugs club at my school) to a theme park. This time it was SFStL and we had a great time.


I woke up at 6:00am and got ready to hop on the bus at 7:30.


The two hour bus ride to SFStL wasn't so bad. We got to stop at an Elissa friendly restaurant on the way there!


We got to the park at 10:15 but didn't get in until 11:00. Since we had so many people (61), we had to wait in the 45 minute guest relations line to get our tickets! While I was waiting outside the gates I noticed that B:TR was running GREAT operations! Way to go Six Flags!


When we finally got in, my friends and I headed straight for Mr. Freeze. We waited about 5 minutes before we had gotten into the station building. They were only running one side but right when we had gotten to the split they opened the other. We quickly went into the open side (avoiding at least 15-20 more minutes) and I got next in line for the front seat. However, right when we got there the ride broke down. We decided to stay and got on the ride after waiting only 15 minutes.


The launch wasn't as strong as I remembered, but I still had a great ride.


Man, does this thing ROAR!

Ice can only travel so far in the heat before it needs some love from the ice fairy. [/sad attempt at a funny caption]


I LOVE the hangtime on the backwards run through the top hat.


I happened to notice that Freeze has some new trains. One train was completely new (and sexy) and the other one just had a new front car.


Forwards or backwards? The world may never know.


Next it was time to head over to the Boss.


The Boss was running the best I have ever seen it. It was smooth, fast, and had tons of air!


I am BOSS, gimmie some candy!


The MCBR was barley on.


Boss made it back into my #1 woody spot after Saturday's ride.


Would this be a photo TR by me if there wasn't a picture of brakes?


Next we headed over to S:ToP. The sign said it was only a 45 minute wait, but after you made it through the main switchbacks there was a giant hidden extra section that made our wait top out at 1.5 hours. Still a great ride, but definitely NOT worth the longest wait of the day.


The only thing the extended line was good for was taking pictures of Eagle.


After S:ToP we looked for a place to eat. Everywhere had a line (and I was hungry) so we ended up eating at Calico Sal's Famous Fried Chicken. It was pretty good, but not worth the $14 I paid for it.


After checking in, I got a hold of Jim (jimths08) and headed over to Eagle. Jim and I chatted about coaster nerdy stuff for the 15 minute wait, then went our separate ways after riding. It was pretty cool getting to talk to another "coaster nerd" like me.


Eagle was running decent, but it still isn't what it used to be.


After putting it off due to the wait, we decided to go ahead and wait in the one hour line for THBS. I was disappointed with the theming on SFStL's version in person. SFFT's version has a great queue line with all sorts of theming. SFStL's version was just a bunch of switchbacks covered with a giant canopy (probably part of the old show building). The entrance was cool, but the theming just wasn't what I was expecting. However, I did have a lot of fun on the ride itself, ranking it above its sister at WOF.


The first drop is a lot of fun, and wheels make a cool squeaking sound on the mouse turns.


This version is a lot quieter than WOF's version.


The helices were pretty dang forceful too!


Don't forget the airtime! You get some here....


...and some here!


The only rough spot on the ride is just before you hit the ramp (which IMO looked pretty lame). In my video you can see that guy get jerked at this point.


Next we head over to Batman just to learn that it broke down and will be down for one hour. So we decided to head over to Ninja (which was a walk-on).


AAAAAH! Headbanging!


Clink clink clink clink CLINK!


Nothing beats the airtime on the first drop in the back seat.


Hi Derek.


The trees are just starting to bloom.


One of the best parts of the ride.


Body, meet restraint.


OMG a six foot drop! *wets pants*


This shot is sad for two reasons:

1. This is the only good part of River King Mine Train...

2. Ninja needs a paint job so bad that the rails are red!


After Ninja we headed back to Batman just to hear that the downtime had gone from one hour to an estimated 3-4 hours. I guess we wont be riding Batman today....


After our sad realization we headed over to Freeze again for another ride. We only waited about 20 minutes as it had just broken down (apparently the wait was an hour before the breakdown).


Another great ride on Freeze was what we would end the day with. We only had about 15 more minutes in the park when we say Batman was back up. I managed to get some footage of it, but unfortunately the wait was already 30 minutes by the time we got there.


Maybe some other time.


I didn't really miss Batman's forces, as Mr. Freeze had already done me right.


Patriot's zero-g is better.


Got your Kleenex Derek?


Such a great ride.


Flatspins are BANANAS! B. A. N. A. N. A. S.


Footchoppers please! (This looks A LOT closer on the ride!)



Thanks for reading and check back soon for a link to my video.

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^Boss just happened to be running absolutely AWESOME the day I went. Normally it's really rough and not so great, but it was running flawless on Saturday around 12:30. As for Ninja, there is only one spot where it has always headbanged, which is right at the spot with the picture captioned "AAAAAH headbanging!" The rest of the ride is great!

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Boss was running good because it rained all week.

Ride it when structure is dried out and it is horrible.





I never have a problem with the Boss! its a mean coaster, rough as hell, you just have to brace yourself when riding it..


been on it 12 times this year already, and every time was as much fun as the rest!

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Boss in the last car of the train will usually treat you pretty well. Last two seats specifically. I like Boss a lot and I will agree that (with few exception) anywhere else in the train is a pain.


I hope to make this trip for the umpteenth time sometime real soon, good to see some pics!

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I'm with you on the Flyers. There's no doubt The Boss is a rougher woodie out there, but IMO that's what it's meant to be.


STILL, I must say some Millennium Flyers would make my life a lot better.


Clay "PTC, buzz bars, still my favorite" Lamanske

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you just have to brace yourself when riding it..


Wow .. what a glowing endorsement!


I just booked a small trip that will take me to Six Flags St. Louis on June 5th (a Tuesday), and I can't wait. No-one seems to talk about this park much, so I really appreciate your pictures; they certainly did a good job wetting my appetite!



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Sorry for the wait people, Ive been having a lot of trouble uploading my video to YouTube, but I finally got it up today. You can see the video


I am currently attempting to get a downloadable version up, so stay tuned for that.




-Justin Seabaugh

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