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Photo TR: SFGAm 05-05-07

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Jenna packs some sammiches and we head out the do'.


We arrived no more than ten minutes after park opening.

Yes, these were the lines to get in at 10:08 that morning.


We headed straight for Bull where we ran into some peeps already gettin' thier thrill on.

That'd be Dan in the back row with his arms up.

Parker had already got his thrill on as well.


After our excellent ride, I distributed some Opening Day beads and we shlepped on over to Viper.


Dannie, Ali, Ally, That Other Guy, Dan, and Nick having an EXTREME time on Viper.


Parker. Rightious Super Dude or total ACEr. You decide.


We could not resist the call of the one they call "Receptacle" so we trecked on over.

And for those who still haven't seen it, this is Eagle's amazingly new mile long line.

This Guy was there, having a great time cleaning up some infectious human waste that someone decided to share.


You'd think once on the same ride is enough, but someone decided to share their breakfast on the red side as well. MMMmmmm! We got a good helping delivered right into our faces.

This is the "I got puke on me" face.

Getting puked on once wasn't enough, so we decided to go ride the now opened blue side.

blewsyde4evah, y'all


Dan: "Dude, I'm texting to you!" Parker: "lol omg!"


Immediatly follwing this picture, That Other Guy attempted to devour Parker. We knew it was time to get some eats.


We ate lunch. It was splendid.


Waiting for Ally to come back from some place, Parker and I hopped aboard the raceway.


How's this for teamwork? Parker steers while I pedal (and put it to the metal, might I add).

"Look, mah! No brains!"

Whoa snap! This person just came out of nowhere!

Parker, I don't want to alarm you, but there's a Trash Receptacle RIGHT THERE!

Oh God! It's following us! Ahhh! Ahhhhh!


Parker says this is a speaker...

Is he lying to me? Am I so gullabull? or even gullacalf? Moo.


After that insane near death experience with the Trash Receptacle, we knew it was time to Wiggle.

And That Other Some Guy was running the teacups (which are hard core, by the way)

"Mashed banana, mashed banana"

Jenna aboard the Big Red Car.

Same as last, only different person.


Some of the women folk wanted to go Bouncin' with Wags, so Parker got stuck with a purse.

Looks good on him. Matches his complection.






That Other Guy was another story. He could barely fit on this thing. The seats are so small... let's just say you'll have a "mashed banana" after riding this.

Not to mention, he broke the ride.

These planes rock.


Whoo! Wiggles!


Crazy folk.


Top Secret, Bradley P.


"Hey, errbody, Triple Play's open!"



"L" is for "Loser".


I wasn't aware... thanks for the reminder.


Parker uses the misters to their full potential.


Ohhhh, that's why it's so damn crowded here.


Six Flags has yet to paint these over at Ricochet that I saw last week as well. They look really out of place without the paint.



I'm sure we would all like some of her tasty treats.

These should be a warning label. "These beads not intedid for people with a mental age of 5 or lower."

Hmm... make that a mental age of 2.

Oh no, Parker... not you too!

Awesome picture, I think. Beside the fact that That Other Guy isn't looking and Dan somehow dissapeared from sight.


It's around five and some of the buses are starting to leave.


At food time, we noticed this very interesting chair out by Vu.


Since the crowds were letting up, we decided it was time to get our Cajun on.

The only time I'll ride it without Single Rider Line.


Messing with the focus.


That Guy gets some opening day beads.


*SNAP* "Uhh... Lundy, you can have your beads back now..."


It's the boy wonder!


Closing is about to come round, so we waited for the last train of the night on Bull.


Coolest thing ever, last train of the night. Some yokels up front started chanting for one more ride and their wish was actually granted. We got to ride the last train... twice.


Bull Lovin'.


Whelp, a very awesome day indeed. Wiggly. I look forward to my next visit, and it'll hopefully be on a day that I had actually slept the night before.


The End.

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