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Photo TR: Six Flags Great America Opening Day!

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I had a blast yesterday... never ended up running into any TPR guys. It was supposed to rain, but luckily we all stayed dry. The clouds broke up around 6:00 and offered some really nice views (and photos!). The lines weren't bad at the beginning of the day and near the end, but around afternoon, waits were a bit longer. But hey, twenty minutes for Raging Bull is fine with me! Before closing, Viper's station was EMPTY, so I got to ride 3 times in a row (I could've done more, but I, along with everyone else on the ride, started going crazy after round 2). Revolution and Triple Play were back open, but the Sky Trek Tower remains 3/4 of the way up the tower. We also walked past the new "Wiggles World", a kiddie area with brand new rides, play fountains, and a show where American Eagle's entrance used to be. A new entrance was made for American Eagle right next to Dare Devil Dive. Enjoy the pictures!


And that about does it... thanks for looking at the photos!


I hate blurry!


Mashed up colors #2


I guess 5 megapixels just doesn't cut it for this photo.


NEW for 2007 - Raging Bull plummets riders into burning fireball of doom!



The clouds break away!


Loss of blood supply to the eyes in 3, 2, yeah, I can't see.




Mashed Up Colors



Six Flags needs more Intamins!


A for Six Flag's effort towards themed rides.


Oh my gosh... it's... it's Wiggles!


Awesome photo attempt 1


Triple play is an awesome flat ride - think of Scrambler + Tagada


If you want some neat photos of Raging Bull, ride the train from the station next to Iron Wolf.


I know you've just been ITCHING for a 'through the trees' shot.



Don't fall out of the train now, pal.



The final twists and turns on Raging Bull pull some nice G's.




They honestly need to get rid of the trim brakes on the second hill.



B:TR is still the most intense coaster in the park.


I don't know why... we didn't really feel like riding Batman today. Oh well - we'll have many more chances this summer!


This is one of the best places to take a photo of V2!


Want some good french fries? Hit up "Andre's Fries" the only thing is that this meal cost almost $10. SFGAm got Johnny Rockets, Ben & Jerry's, Papa John's, and Cold Stone this year!




I love this ride...


After Viper and Raging Bull, we headed over to the Diablo Loco Mine - we were on in 5 minutes, but I just watched my dad and friend.


Heading into the Southwest Territory - this is basically what it looked like outside all day.

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I didnt know this park has 3 inverted coasters. It kinda seems redundant.


It's no different than CP having Wicked Twister, Iron Dragon, and Raptor or how about Kings Dominion having 4 coasters that launch.



some parks have multiple wooden coasters too!

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Cool pictures. Got any of the new restaurants? I'm going next friday with Fizx class then that Sunday with my tres amigos.


Sorry, no luck. However, I must warn you about Ben & Jerry's - a small smoothie is $6.00

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DUDE! You took a picture of US!!!!


how could you not notice us on a kiddy ride


Wow. I'm so smart.



Although I was thinking "Why are these guys taking pictures of Wiggles World?"

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The color scheme on that one particular V2 picture is very cool.


Three inverted coasters being redundant though one is a B&M (Batman at that), one is a very cool looking lawn gnome, the other an impulse...I mean, though all inverted, those are all very different coasters. I'm with you 100% on the trims on RB. I havn't been to the park for a minute, but they were gettin a bit much last time I rode it.


Good to see you had a good time. You kids are going to have to let us midwest people when you have another meet up. I'll have to try and make it out fo sho.


Clay "loves this midwest" Lamanske

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This makes me really want to go back to SFGam. It seems to be the type of park that the SF chain really wants to be. An expansive park with an average to above-average flats/water ride selection; more than one quality re-rideable coasters; good coaster selection; above average scenery ( i.e. SWTerritory); ...shows..and whatever...Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Foghorn Cleghorne, Yogi (Berra), Scooby, Scrappy, Scooby Dum, .. etc.


Sadly, they can't come close to reproducing this, one of the best parks in the 48 contiguous (Six Flags Nome excluded), in the rest of the chain.

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^Which is why they didn't sell it (Thank God!). When I was little, SFGAm really wasn't that great of a park - it wasn't kept up well, but now it has become much better and has improved a LOT!


Now all they need is another good coaster... it has been 4 years... Six Flags... if you're reading this... hint hint.

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