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Theme Park Review's "Everything's $10" Sale!

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That's right! You read that correctly!


For the month of May, all Theme Park Review DVDs and T-Shirts are just $10 each! This is the best price we've ever offered on our stuff! Order as many DVDs as you like - just 10 bucks a pop!



So if you need to complete your collection of TPR DVDs or want to check them out for the first time, do it now! Order here:



Thanks again to everyone for your support!




ps. and don't forget. Just like the signature says below, proceeds on ordering a TPR T-Shirt will go to the "get Jahan laid" fund!

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I plan to buy all the DVD's $125 is a nice price for 12 DVD's.

Especially when you consider those 12 DVDs actually get you 29 discs worth of theme park and roller coaster randomness!



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Wow that's a really good deal!


Maybe Robb + Elissa need some extra green to fund a shiny new Minivan to Chauffeur KidTums around in!


I just mailed off my check for my new T-shirt today, now I'll need to look through the DVD selections.

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^ That is what it means!


Also, and I added this onto the order page, I want to be clear that everyone knows it's $10 per DVD SET not $10 per disc! I had peope email me and ask "So are 3 disc sets $30?"


So yeah - $10 per DVD Set!


Hope that makes sense!



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